The tax on barbecues in 2019 in Russia

Camping for Russians can significantly rise in price, if in 2019 there is a tax on barbecues and disposable dishes, which will pay its end users. Such an initiative of the government is aimed at improving the environmental situation in the country, as well as at reducing the use of plastic, which causes irreparable harm to the environment. This problem becomes especially relevant in the warm season, when citizens organize picnics in nature, relax by rivers and reservoirs, often leaving behind a mountain of garbage and non-food waste. But next year, such behavior can turn into a big financial loss for holidaymakers: the government wants to supplement the environmental fee with fines that will be issued to those citizens who, after picnics, leave trash and outstanding bonfires.

Garbage after the raid

Impact on manufacturers

Instead of monitoring compliance with the cleanliness and order in the forest-park zone and quickly identify travelers,who do not clean up trash on the banks of rivers and lakes, the government decided to take the simplest path, obliging the producers of disposable barbecues and dishes to pay an environmental fee, thereby increasing their tax deductions. It is easy to assume that this will be followed by a rise in prices for this type of product, which will affect consumer demand. But this is what the government is trying to achieve: after the introduction of an environmental fee, a reduction in plastic consumption is expected, as citizens will refuse such barbecues and dishes, preferring reusable products. Thus, the Russians must partially abandon the use of plastic, which even decomposes in landfills for more than 100 years.

Corresponding amendments have already been prepared to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. It is assumed that the environmental fee will have a strictly designated purpose and be used by municipalities to clean forest-park areas and maintain cleanliness. And consumers who like to relax in nature will have to pay for it, regardless of whether they keep clean or leave behind a mountain of garbage after picnics.

Note that the environmental fee will be paid only by manufacturers of disposable barbecues, which are very popular among Russians. Their distinguishing feature is that they are not intended for reuse and must be disposed of after cooking.

Disposable grill

Companies that produce such products in Russia are categorically against additional taxation, as they fear that this may affect their profitability.

The effectiveness of environmental collection

At first glance, the government’s actions are fully justified, given the state of the environment in Russia. As explained by the Ministry of Natural Resources, plastic gradually accumulates in the soil, and harmful substances released by it can fall into the groundwater, which is fraught with serious consequences. And even if the water consumed by a person will undergo several degrees of purification, animals of agricultural enterprises can drink it, which does not exclude the possibility that milk and meat appear harmful on the shelves of stores.

But the environmental fee is unlikely to be effective and in the end will not bring the desired result, as some experts warn.In their opinion, in order to force Russians to use reusable barbecues and dishes, the cost of such products must grow at least a hundred times. Only under this condition, vacationers will be forced to wash plates and cups and carry (brother for rent) to avoid large expenses.

On the other hand, why did the officials forget about plastic bottles and bags, which are often filled up with recreation areas, and they only charge producers of disposable barbecues and utensils? Such products also harm the environment, but even in 2019, their producers do not have to pay an environmental fee.

Garbage in the forest

Targeted use of funds received from additional taxation also raises many questions from experts. A good initiative may turn out to be empty if the regional authorities sabotage the process and do not direct the funds received to clean up the forest park areas, as is supposed by law.

According to experts, along with the introduction of a fine "for garbage" and environmental collection, the government should carry out systematic work to improve the culture of citizens, informing about the need to protect nature and not pollute it with household waste.Only an integrated approach will help solve the problem of unauthorized dumps in parks, forests, on the banks of rivers and lakes, when the overwhelming majority of garbage is plastic products that cause irreparable harm to the environment.

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