The Talos Principle 2 2019

All Serious Sam fans came to life in the middle of 2014, when the studio developer of this bestseller announced its new project, albeit in a completely unusual puzzle genre.

Its name became the quintessence of a strong philosophical subtext of the game, which formulates, in fact, the famous "Talos Principle": whatever beliefs the philosopher had, his life, in any case, was destined to rely on the physical shell.

General information about the game:

  • Genre —puzzle
  • Setting —ancient world (antiquity)
  • Developer — Croteam
  • Publisher / Localizer — Devolver digital
  • date of release —2019

The first part came out at the end of 2014 on the PC, and after about a year on the consoles. The Talos Principle had a great success with its audience, not least due to the original atmosphere and its peculiar philosophy.

And not so long ago, it was announced that its continuation was being prepared, which would probably be launched already in 2019. The creators of the oath promised in their announcement that all the shortcomings of the first part will sink into oblivion, and there will no longer be repetitive tasks of the same type, and the graphics will be much more presentable.

True, they now have to be greatly distracted by the almost simultaneously starting fourth part of their beloved Serious Sam, but we hope they will have time for both.

Plot line

the talos principle 2 2019 release date

The narration in the project plays a fundamental role, and the plot for it was developed by studio specialists together with the writer Tom Joubert, the famous creator of The Swapper and FTL, as well as Jonas Kirtazes, famous for the project Infinite Ocean.

In the body of the robot, according to their idea, having an almost human mind, it is necessary to solve a lot of puzzles, exploring the world around them.

Bronze knight Talos, who keeps Cretan treasures, will have to go through many obstacles and solve hundreds of mysteries, which are deeply mixed up with both history and the culture of civilization, as well as the specifics of our thinking.

What is the meaning of life? What is the basis of human essence? These and other questions are inquisitive and open to knowing all that is interesting and new, the player will be able to find his own answers in The Talos Principle 2.

Game world

the talos principle 2 2019 game

The world of Talos, in fact, consists of labyrinths, the passage of which and the search for special artifacts, as well as the solution of many puzzles and riddles lead from one location to another and, ultimately, to the final goal of the game.

It is an original fusion of modern innovative technologies and the heritage of ancient civilizations, hinting that the history of our world is continuous, and everything on this planet is interconnected.

Obviously, in the second part, the same basis will be taken as a basis, but a new story about our hero will be invented on its foundation. Like the way it was in the 2015 addendum “Path to Hell”.

Gameplay The Talos Principle 2 2019

the talos principle 2 in Russian

The game is designed for single-pass from the first person in the three-dimensional world. In addition to the above-mentioned puzzle solving and collecting the missing parts of the puzzles, here you can open new locations and levels, which you can get into by collecting a certain set of sigils.

Much attention is paid here to technical advances, in particular, to various weapons and traps, which as obstacles have to be overcome by the protagonist.

At the same time, part of the inventions can be used to your advantage, which introduces an element of surprise and interest into the game, and also makes the path of the hero more varied.

Very interesting are the animated video sequences and audio messages that can be received along the plot, which tell about the background of the world,as well as revealing a veil of secrecy over some secrets.

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Also in this way you can communicate in a peculiar way with other characters of the game And each action has its own hidden meaning, necessarily influencing one way or another on the further course of the game.

In general, here from the very beginning it is worthwhile to tune in to thoughtful and patient passage, to connect abilities to analytical thinking and logic.

And although all this relates to the global principles of the project, what exactly will happen in the second part is still kept in the strictest secret. Well, the position is logical, otherwise, what kind of puzzle would it be?

Graphics and music

talos principle ps4

In the first part, many noted simply brilliant musical accompaniment with its almost meditative and very melodic compositions in electronic, classical, ambient and even church styles with authentic use of certain instruments.

And, at least about what the soundtracks will be in the new part of the game, as long as there are no data, they are all eagerly awaiting, relying entirely on the delicate taste of the creators.

Well, Croteam in this sense is precisely the expert who is truly trusted, because his staff composer Damian Mravunac is really a talent to find.

It is expected that the game engine for the project will be used the same as in the first part - Serious Engine 4, but it will significantly modernize and enrich the new functionality, so the graphics should go to a completely different level, as the developers promise.

System Requirements and Platforms

the talos principle 2 part

The game is supported by OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android on PC, and also PS4. It will be distributed traditionally on optical discs and digital distribution.

Interestingly, the studio’s website contains a hint that the new part will be released simultaneously on virtual reality devices.

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