The program of preferential car loans for 2018: conditions, how to get

The program of preferential car loans in 2018 continues to exist and extended until 2020. Thus, the Government of the Russian Federation supports citizens in the purchase of cars, as well as the domestic auto industry, providing a discount on loans in banks. The program allows you to purchase a vehicle on favorable terms and significantly save on the interest rate.

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The essence of the program

To increase sales of passenger cars of domestic and foreign production, the government of the Russian Federation decided to introduce a program of concessional lending. It provides subsidized bank loan interest rates. Thus, it significantly reduces the cost of citizens to purchase a vehicle.

Important! The preferential program applies to the purchase of cars assembled in the Russian Federation.

The program was developed in 2009.She began to work actively in 2015 and is still active today. The amount of funding is 15 billion rubles. In its framework in 2018, the sale of 45 thousand cars.

Concessional lending provides a discount of 6.7%, as well as reducing the cost of the vehicle by 10% (under certain conditions). This means that the interest rate indicated by the bank will be reduced by 6.7% from the original.

Important! Initial interest rates may vary depending on the conditions of this particular bank. The financial institution also reserves the right to offer life and health insurance to the client, as well as additional services.

In some car dealerships and banks, the interest on the loan may not be reduced according to the terms of the Program, but the cost of the vehicle itself decreases, in proportion to the government benefit.

The program of preferential car loans

Lending terms

About how the program of preferential automobile loans will work is described in detail in the Rules for the Provision of Grants from the Budget to Credit Institutions in the 2017 edition. In Russia in 2018, subsidized loans are provided on the following conditions:

  • The program applies only to citizens of the Russian Federation, individuals;
  • concessional lending is carried out only new cars (no more than 1 year from the date of issue) from the salons of the official dealer network;
  • the price of the vehicle should not exceed 1.45 million rubles;
  • machine weight - up to 3.5 tons;
  • transaction currency - rubles;
  • the maximum term of the transaction is 36 months;
  • maximum loan amount - 920 thousand rubles;
  • at registration of the car, the price to the maximum loan amount, the initial installment is optional;
  • borrower's age - 21-65 years;
  • positive credit history of the borrower;
  • the absence of a loan agreement for the purchase of a car concluded in 2017;
  • the presence of permanent income, which is documented;
  • availability of registration in the region of the trade organization.

Important! Government compensation is possible only in the case of buying a vehicle on credit. When making a transaction for cash benefits are not provided.

Government subsidy applies only to urgent interest. Therefore, when you make a contract, you must take into account that some banks may include additional fees for using the account and other services.The final amount of the monthly payment and its components must be checked with the employee who draws up the transaction.

Making a soft loan for cars

"First car" and "Family car"

A 10% discount on the cost of the vehicle applies to preferential programs:

  • "Family car". Concessional lending is provided for families in which there are 2 or more minor children (for registration you will need to provide copies of birth certificates);
  • "The first car." Registration is possible on the condition that the citizen did not previously have a car. In confirmation provided the relevant document from the traffic police.

Machine list

In 2018, the list of car brands that can be purchased on preferential loans was expanded. However, the final possibility of registration of a specific vehicle must be clarified with the car dealer. Also, an employee of the salon will provide a list of banks with which they work.

The list of car brands:

  • VAZ (LADA).
  • UAZ.
  • ZAZ.
  • Boghan
  • Chevrolet.
  • Citroen.
  • Mazda.
  • Mitsubishi.
  • Nissan.
  • Daewoo.
  • Opel.
  • Peugeot.
  • Ford.
  • Renault.
  • Hyundai.
  • KIA.
  • Skoda.
  • Toyota.
  • Volkswagen.

car showroom


In order to get a loan for a car at the weekend, you must follow this algorithm:

  1. Select a vehicle from an authorized car brand representative.
  2. Specify the compliance of the machine with the required conditions (its price, equipment, etc.).
  3. Refine in the showroom the name of the banks that represent lending under the state program.
  4. The bank must submit an application for car loans at a reduced rate, as well as all the necessary documents.
  5. After a positive response from the bank in the showroom is a contract of sale.
  6. The bank transfers funds to the dealership account.
  7. The borrower registers the car in the traffic police.
  8. A pledge agreement is drawn up at the bank with the borrower, according to which the property remains pledged until all obligations to the bank are fully fulfilled.

Documents for registration of the contract:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • driver's license of the borrower (a car will be issued for him later);
  • certificate confirming the regular income and official employment in the last 3 months;
  • a copy of the employment contract and a book, certified by the institution and the head.

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