The plan of activities in the library in 2019

Books are a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom of nations. Reading, a person does not just develop spiritually and expands his horizons. In the process of reading, we introduce some kind of particle into each story, because each person reading a book plunges into the world created by his imagination, introducing the characters and the events described in a somewhat different way, which in fact is impossible when watching a movie.

Today you can often hear that with the development of technology, people have become less read and less likely to go to libraries. What should be the modern temple of literature in order to attract children and young people to reading? How to draw up a library work plan for 2019 and organize work with visitors, what will be the priority direction of development of public and school libraries? We will look for answers to these and other questions relevant for our time in this article.

Ideas for compiling a library work plan for 2019

Problems of modern libraries

How long have you been in the library? Most likely, more than half of the adult population will not even remember the exact year of the last visit to the local house of the book.And someone will say that it was while studying at school or university.

The decline in library attendance is due to a number of factors, including:

  • availability of information on the Internet;
  • ample opportunities in terms of acquiring books of various genres;
  • total transition to digital books;
  • the lack of funding for libraries, and as a result, the inability to offer the reader the most recent and relevant books;
  • decrease in the percentage of reading population.

If the first three points are a tribute to the time with which the libraries of the future must learn to live and work, then the last point is more and more disturbing, because the decline in interest in reading as such is a rather alarming signal indicating a decrease in the intellectual level in general.

Activities in school and public libraries in 2019

Library functions

The work of the library is aimed at the implementation of 7 main functions:

  • educational (to promote the formation of knowledge and reading culture);
  • educational (to bring up patriotism and respect for cultural heritage);
  • social (socialization of people and adaptation to the information space of the future through the provision of self-education and information);
  • informational and educational (introducing the reader to the world cultural heritage);
  • cultural (through the organization of cultural events);
  • service (providing information and assistance in resolving issues related to the search for specific information);
  • accumulation (accumulation, systematization and storage of books).

Accordingly, the work of the library should cover all its main functions.

Library functions in 2019

Work planning

In order to properly plan the work, management annually approves a long-term work plan, which should include a list of activities for 2019 to be held in the library, as well as actions aimed at attracting customers and improving the quality of service.

In 2019, the priority areas recognized are:

  • Ensuring the availability of information for different segments of the population.
  • Improving the work of regional and rural libraries.
  • Modern technical means for expanding the functionality of a modern library.
  • The search for new, more interesting methods of educating the masses, since it is difficult to attract the younger generation with traditional lectures and thematic evenings.

Unusual library format in Monterey

Each library has the opportunity to independently choose the direction that will be the main one in its activities, while not forgetting about the implementation of all basic functions. The choice depends on many factors:

  • type of library (regional, public, rural);
  • location (metropolis, small town or village);
  • age category of readers;
  • the fullness of the shelves and the frequency of updating the literature;
  • technical equipment.

In large libraries it is possible to plan work for each of the calves, taking into account their specificity and thematic focus.

The specifics of the school and children's libraries

The work plan of the school library deserves special attention in 2018–2019, since it is in childhood that the love of reading is formed and the culture of reading is laid.

Registration of the children's library

Most children's libraries work closely with educational institutions, offering students a wide range of interesting activities:

  • bibliographic lessons;
  • thematic discussions;
  • meetings with poets, writers, musicians and artists;
  • fascinating quests;
  • bibliographic board games;
  • lectures;
  • club of young readers or club of fairy tale lovers;
  • studios of interest .;
  • events for public holidays and important historical dates.

The school library’s work plan for the 2018-2019 school year can include:

  • circle work;
  • volunteer help “Give the book a second life” (repairing books);
  • providing advice to school teachers;
  • explanatory work with parents;
  • creating an online literature base;
  • the organization of jobs for students in the Internet;
  • actions: “Give a book to the school” or “Share your favorite book” (exchange shelf);
  • junior classes can take part in the competition of theatrical productions "my favorite book" (show an excerpt of the children's book);
  • for high school students it is possible to offer a competition of buy trailers (videos presenting the book).

In what format to submit the required work plan for the year depends on the requirements of local management. Most often this is a classic document, decorated on sheets of A-4 format. But, creative employees can present the project of the institution in the form of a slide presentation or a short video.

A report on the work done at the end of the year can also be a film from a photo and cutting video fragments of events held.

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The plan of activities in the library in 2019 42

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