The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm!

The pancreas is the organ of the endocrine andthe human digestive system. Her work is so important for the body as a whole that sometimes it is called the key of life. The faster the pancreas wears, the faster a person dies. This vital organ is located in the region of the left hypochondrium under the stomach and participates simultaneously in two different functions of the body: hormonal and digestive.

When there is pain in the pancreas It is necessary, without delay, to turn togastroenterologist. This is due to the fact that all diseases associated with improper functioning of the gland are asymptomatic, and it starts to ache only when the inflammatory processes in it are in full swing and destructive processes in the tissues of the organ have begun.

The pancreas hurts when some of its parts do not cope with their functions. Often this is due to the fact that it ceases to produce in
the right amount of enzymes, which, falling intogastric juice, contribute to the over-eating of food. Increasing pain with worsening of the general condition may indicate the development of a serious disease associated with inadequate production of hormones, in particular insulin, which is necessary for the breakdown of sugar and glucose in the human body.

In any case, when the pancreas is sore,should pay attention to this and take action. Immediately need to revise the diet, because it is one of the main irritant factors for a malfunction in the pancreas. It should immediately be excluded from the diet for a while, sharp meals, alcohol and try to quit smoking. The pain in the pancreas can be accompanied by nausea, a decrease in appetite, and sometimes even an increase in temperature. Characteristic for inflammation of the body is that in a sitting position and with an inclination forward the pain decreases.

Pancreatitis is a type of inflammationpancreas, it is divided into acute and chronic. In the chronic form of the disease, a gradual decrease in the functions of the organ is observed. The pancreas hurts almost constantly, a person always feels pain in the left hypochondrium. Acute pancreatitis always develops rapidly, but there is more chance of a positive prognosis regarding restoration of the gland functions. According to statistics, more than 80% of people who have undergone the disease are fully restored. Often acute pancreatitis is due to excessive consumption of alcohol, it is sometimes associated with diseases of the biliary tract, and can develop against a backdrop of chronic diseases of the stomach or insufficient blood supply to the pancreas.

Undoubtedly, when the pancreas hurts,it is necessary to call a doctor and take urgent measures to stop the pain. Partly facilitate the state of a person with an acute attack cool compresses in the region of the left hypochondrium. You can try to take a couple of no-shp or papaverine tablets. A stronger analgesic effect will have an intramuscular injection of these drugs. And also when the pancreas hurts, it is necessary to try to find the position of the body, in which the pain sensations will be minimal.

The basis of treatment of the pancreas is threecomponents, which are aimed at restoring the functions of the body. It's cold, hunger and peace. These measures help suppress the development of pancreatic juice and create all the conditions for recovery. Simultaneously with it, when the pancreas is ill, the obligatory medicamental treatment appointed by the doctor is spent. Gentle mode should be kept for at least three days, and a diet and a healthy lifestyle, when a disease occurs, should be observed for at least six months. Only in this case it is possible to hope for a complete restoration of the functions of the pancreas.

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The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm The pancreas hurts ... Time to sound the alarm