The Meeting of the Lord 2018

The feast of the Presentation of the Lord refers to the New Testament history of Orthodoxy. The Christian church began to celebrate it in 544. The people of this holiday was considered the time of the first meeting between the winter and spring. "At the Candlemas, winter met in the spring," proverb says. How and when is the Orthodox Meeting of the Lord celebrated? How is this day tied to another big Christian holiday? What is the history of this holiday?


When is the holiday?

The meeting, which in translation from Old Church Slavonic means “meeting” is the Twentieth (one of the most important) holiday of the church calendar. There is another interpretation of this word - “joy”, the joy of meeting the elder Simeon the God-bearer with the baby Jesus, whom his parents once brought to the temple of God.

The Meeting of the Lord 2018

To determine the date of this holiday is very simple. For this you need a regular calendar. The confession of the Lord is always celebrated forty days after the celebration of the Nativity of Christ. In 2018, this day, as in previous years, falls on February 15 (Thursday).

Historical events that gave rise to the holiday

According to the ancient customs of the family, whose firstborn was a boy, were obliged to devote him to serving God. The initiation ceremony was performed strictly forty days after the child’s birthday. Mary and Joseph brought little Jesus to the Jerusalem temple at the specified time, where they were met by the pious righteous Simeon the God-bearer. The Elder, in the annals of the Gospel, at that time was already over 300 years old.

The pious, picking up the baby, said that he would be the Savior of the human race. From this landmark meeting it became clear what the meaning of this holiday is - the familiarity of mankind with the Messiah, as well as the division of the Bible into the Old and New Testament.

The righteous Simeon did not accidentally live to such a respectable age, because he did not believe in the immaculate birth (he neglected the prophecy), therefore he could not die until he reached the moment when the prophecy would come true.

Quote from the Bible: “Simeon, have the faith of God. You will not die until you see the salvation of the world — Christ is on your hands. ”

On the same day, Semion, after returning home from the temple, died, having fallen asleep in a blissful sleep.

Many icons dedicated to the Holiday of Candlemas were written at different times by the most famous artists at that time.

Iconography of the Presentation of the Lord

Name Author Date, place of storage
Santa Maria in Trastevere Cavallini 1291, Italy, Rome
Chapel del Arena Fresco Giotto di Bondone 1304-1306, Italy, Padua
Candlemas Ambrogio Lorenzetti 1342, Italy, Florence
Bringing to the temple Limburg brothers Early XV, France, Chantilly Manor
Bringing to the temple Gentile da Fabriano 1423, France, Paris, Louvre
Elder Simeon in the temple Rembrandt 1669, Sweden, Stockholm

Traditions and ceremonies of the holiday, as well as prohibitions

On the feast of the Meeting of the Lord, candles were lighted, which were traditionally lit during a thunderstorm in order to protect the house from a lightning strike. From this and the name they have - loud. With the help of a loud candle also:

  • healed the sick
  • consecrated the fields after harvest and before the new sowing,
  • defended their home from evil forces
  • escorted to the last journey of the deceased family members.

It is noteworthy that the Sretensky candle was not allowed to pass (lend) to anyone from those who live in other houses, even to the closest relatives.

It was also customary at Holy Day to sanctify the water, which in its healing qualities and strength was not inferior to the baptismal. It was used to get rid of the ailments of not only households, but also livestock.Sretenskoye water was usually sprinkled on cows and horses before the first spring pasture in the pasture.

The Meeting of the Lord in 2018. What date

As for the prohibitions on the Meeting, they are identical to all Christian holidays. You can not clean the house, wash, iron, sew and embroidery, as well as to do any work in the field or garden. Also not recommended on this day to go on a long journey. The trip may be unfavorable.

Folk omens for the Meeting

Meeting according to folk tales, is considered the day, when winter and spring meet two seasons, after which the frosts begin to recede.

  • The starry sky - spring will be late, but the fruit will generously degrade.
  • Sunny weather promises good luck to beekeepers in the collection of honey.
  • Thaw - to the early and warm spring.
  • Fresh snow - to a good harvest.
  • A quiet day at the Meeting - it means that flax is deformed, and if there are drops, wheat will degrade well.
  • The sun came out at sunset - bitter cold no longer foreseen.

Since ancient times, it was decided to rejoice, walk, have fun and visit. One of the traditional dishes on the table was pancakes, which resembled the shape of the sun, which everyone waited for and called upon to fill the earth with heat as quickly as possible.

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