The law of exaltation of needs

In economics, the law is extremely importantexaltation needs. In this article we will analyze what he is like. The history of mankind is a constant development in social, social and production fields. The items used in production and at home become more sophisticated and qualitative. In turn, the human needs are complicated and multiplied. That is, this process is completely harmonious and logical, and depends, in the main, on the historical development of society.

The law of exaltation of needs has somedistinctive features. Let us consider them in more detail. Human needs not only grow, but also change. What was relevant yesterday, today is already outdated or completely disappeared. In the 21st century, mankind has been developing at an unprecedented pace, so the process under consideration passes faster and more noticeably. Here you can give a simple example. At the moment, a large percentage of young people do not watch TV. This is not so surprising, because there was a more convenient and modern analogue - the Internet. That is, the TV quickly recedes into the past. We can give one more example. 15 years ago people did not even hear about cell phones. Now these convenient devices can be included in the basic needs of modern man.

The law of exaltation of needs states thatthe circle of subjects necessary for an individual is constantly expanding. This happens not only vertically, but also horizontally. That is, the needs of the highest degree of order appear in a wide range of persons, and it is expanding. Now a modern person cares not only about vital things, but also about social and intellectual needs.

Considering the law of exaltation of needs, it is possiblenotice one interesting vicious circle. The main motivation for a person to work is the need to meet their needs. The individual more and more works, and this, in turn, increases the overall level of productivity. This is followed by accelerated development in all areas, which leads to an even greater expansion of needs. It is noted that the increase in human needs is ahead of the level of development of production. Consequently, needs act as a stimulating force for development in all sectors.

Considering the law of increasing needs, one can notnot to mention that human needs not only increase quantitatively, but also change qualitatively. The most appropriate example of this statement will be the famous Maslow pyramid. The scientist has deduced 5 categories of existing needs. An important distinctive feature of the pyramid is that a person gradually moves from one stage to another. That is, until the first category of needs is satisfied, the second for the individual will be insignificant. Consider all steps of the pyramid.

The first category is physiological. That is, a person needs food, protection from cold and so on. These are the basic needs of the individual, when he is dissatisfied, he dies.

The second category is the need for security. A person can not live in constant stress. He tries to protect himself from dangers through laws, law enforcement agencies, ethical norms. Such needs are closely related to the survival instinct.

The third category is the need for interaction with people. That is, each person needs friendship and love.

The fourth category is the desire for self-affirmation. It should be noted that genuine satisfaction of this need has nothing to do with stuff. A person at this stage must approve who he is, and not what he has.

The fifth category is the desire for self-expression. That is, an individual needs constant development of his abilities.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the system of economic laws assigns an important place to axioms in the field of increasing the needs of the individual.

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