The Illusion of Freedom (Liberty) - 2018 film

  • Premiere: in January 2018 (in the world)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: horrors (or horror, if you want) + fiction + thriller = a huge impact on the psychology of the viewer
  • Producer: will be appointed later
  • Cast: Joseph Gatt, Scott Gordon-Patterson, Michael Ironside, Bobby Phillips, Ben Cross, Jack O’Helloran, Christopher Schoerman, James Butler, Lina Soe, Jerry Todisco, Amy Wiles

The premiere of the film “The Illusion of Freedom” is scheduled for January 2018. Its production involved people involved in the "Bandit". Interesting?


The original name of the project is Liberty. He was translated into Russian as “The Illusion of Freedom”. So far, so, but soon, probably, things can change. Although in principle, if you start from synopsis, localizers can be understood. But we'll talk about this a little later.


“The Illusion of Freedom” is a psychological thriller that the authors of the film will try to make. Yasmin Nafisi put his hand directly to his production. You already could have learned about him a bit earlier, having previously read the material in which we spoke about The Rogue.

It was an action thriller with elements of drama, invented, in fact, by Yasmin Nafisi. This time, he will work in tandem with another person directly related to the activities of Rogue Movies, about whom we will talk in the text below.

Liberty is also a science fiction horror movie. With his idea, Yasmin Nafisi has been rumored to be rumored since 2012. As you can see, after half a decade more than half years later, he was trusted. The producers clearly saw a rather big potential inherent in the low-budget picture. Now it remains only to start shooting an ambitious film, which, according to insider data, is not far off.

Director and Scriptwriters of the project

Before starting the shooting process, it is necessary, as a matter of course, to find a director who will oversee the production of the tape from and to, based on the influence primarily on the psychological state of each spectator who came to the cinema watching sci-fi horror. So far, the project director is looking for.

Unlike Bandit, where Yasmin Nafisi independently developed all the storylines for this action movie, he will have to work on creating a story for the fantastic horror film “The Illusion of Freedom,” paired with Matt Greenhat.


Matt Greenhat, speaking of him individually, is directly connected with all the projects of the company Rogue Movies, which she has been able to produce in the past and will have to be brought to mind in the near future. Some of them he personally directed, for example, the thriller “Night Shooter” (Night Shooter), released in 2014, and the drama Zebras in Wyoming, which is scheduled for release in 2017.

By the way, in both of these tapes, which Matt Greenhat put alone, he was also involved as an actor.

Matt Greenhat also wrote scripts for Strelka and Zebras, and shortly afterwards Mark Roper will release the film Sins of the Father (“Sins of the Father”) with Tobin Bell (the Pyla franchise) in the lead role in his story.

By the way, the basis of the "Night Arrow" was based on Matt Greenhat's story.

88 screamers on the hunt in search of freedom from alien abduction

By this time, it became known that the musical parties accompanying the viewing of the psychological thriller Liberty, write Benoit Gray.

This composer had previously been able to compose music for Canadian action-thriller director April Mullen "88", where Catherine Isabel played the main role, and the company on the set was composed by the notorious Christopher Lloyd, who is also the immortal Doc Brown from the Robert Zemeckis trilogy "Back to the Future" .

Benoit Gray has also previously worked with Sheldon Wilson and his fantastic screamer Screamers 2: The Hunt; with the duo of Randall Rubin and John Schroder, who was not afraid to take on the main roles in his crime thriller Edward Furlong (young John Connor from the second part of “The Terminator”, the one that “Doomsday”), Rachel Bell (the former wife of an alcoholic Edward Furlong) and William Sadler (Haywood from Shawshank Escape).

Edward Furlong

Stephen Legler volunteered to create visual images for a science fiction psychological thriller.

This art director has a partnership with Peter Coussen and his Freedom; Matty Bekerman and his “Alien Abduction”, the poster of which, by the way, is very similar to the “Attraction” poster by Fyodor Bondarchuk, although the film itself was released in 2014. Is this fact surprising, as you think?

The first "Jeepers Creepers" by Victor Salva, "Class 1999", "Modernists" and "Hell Night" was also developed by Stephen Legler. And he did it exclusively as an artist of the project.

The name of the project operator has not yet been disclosed.

Produce a fantastic horror film besides Yasmina Nafisi and Matt Greenhat, James Butler and Chad Oliver.

James Butler, if you are interested, now helps the producer of Bandit and Sins of the Father as a producer. As for Chad Oliver, he was hooked only by “Father's sins”.

The cast of the psychological thriller

Joseph gatt

Actors for "Freedom" was chosen mainly from the series. At least, fans of this type of cinema, it is quite possible, it will appeal.

So, in the casting of the project there was a place for the following names:

  • Joseph Gatt ("Game of Thrones", "Real Detective", "Star Trek: Retribution"),
  • Scott Gordon-Patterson ("Gilmore Girls", "Event", "Saw 4", "Saw 5", "Seinfeld"),
  • Michael Ironside (“Remember All”, “The Machinist”, “Major Payne”),
  • Bobby Phillips ("The X-Files", "Married and with Children", "The Crow", "Shougelz"),
  • Ben Crosse ("Ben Hur", "The First Knight", "Chariots of Fire", "When Nietzsche Wept"),
  • Jack O’Halloran (Knight of the Roads, King Kong, Superman, She Wrote the Kill)
  • Christopher Schoerman (“OS - Lonely Hearts”, “Agents of Shch.I.T.”, “Supergirl”),
  • James Butler ("Snowden", "Southland", "Resident Evil", "Ghost", "Missing"),
  • Lina So (don't mess with Zohan! ”),
  • Jerry Todisko ("Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai", "Blue Blood")
  • and Amy Wiles ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II").

Many of the actors and actresses represented, which is important, are also involved in the “Bandit” caste, and others in the “Sins of the Father”.

The plot of the sci-fi horror

As for the plot of “The Illusions of Freedom,” the story in this film focuses on the girl, who happened to fall into the tenacious paws of the government because she has extraordinary abilities.

The main character of the film is trying with all its might to oppose slavery, in which she has fallen into force due to the prevailing circumstances. It was installed as part of a secret government program. She is the goal of studying the scientific community. For her, this is slavery. For them, this is an opportunity to learn something new about a person by studying the supernormal abilities of gifted people.

A little later, the girl learns at all that all that was before was only the beginning. Soon, she will have to face her face with the terrible idea of ​​her being forced to go against the current state regime.

It will have to seize total control over society, using its superpowers, in order to subsequently transfer universal power into the hands of those who wanted to enslave all of humanity. How will the main character of the film behave in this situation?

Movie release date

The release date of the film “The Illusion of Freedom” is in January 2018. Stay tuned to the site that the first to know the exact number of the premiere of the psychological thriller Liberty.

Note that in January 2018, the following will be released in Russia: “The Greatest Showman,” “Who Is Our Dad, Man?”, “Passenger”, “White Boyfriend Rick”, “Reproduction”, “Last Portrait”, “Form of Water” , “Dark Times”, “Adventures of Paddington 2”, “Cavalry”, “Astral 4” and many other intriguing projects.

As for Freedom, its production budget is a little more than $ 10 million. With such a sum of money, the authors of any movie can easily count on a huge response from a wide audience. Unless, of course, they know how to deal with any issues wisely.

As for the translation of the original name of the project into Russian, the situation is as follows: Liberty is just freedom.Why it was added to clarify the form of "illusion" is not clear. Although the plot seems to be understandable, it still does not negate the fact that the localizers have overdone it once again.

Trailerfor the film “The Illusion of Freedom” (Liberty) is expected in the near future.

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