The Holy Virgin - Movie 2019

  • Original name:"Blessed Virgin».
  • Country of Origin:Netherlands, France.
  • Producer:Paul Verhoeven.
  • Produced by:Michelle Merkt, Said Ben Said.
  • release date:2019
  • Genre:melodrama / history / biography / drama.
  • Cast:Virginie Ether.

In 2019, fans of films based on real events and at the same time taking the world of religion and faith as the main theme, will be able to enjoy a new work of cinema art - the picture of the Dutch director Paul Verhoeven “The Holy Virgin”. The day of the premiere of the project, which in its ambiguity will step much further than the recently released Matilda, which has made a stir in Russian society, will be announced later. However, we can already say with confidence: this creation will not be able to leave anyone indifferent. Why so?

2019 film The Holy Virgin

Director and his assistants

To begin with, it is necessary to dwell on the personalities who conceived to create a cinema on a sharp religious subject, always causing controversy and controversy. The record of the 79-year-old representative of Amsterdam Paul Verhoeven (or, in the correct pronunciation of his name, Paul Verhoeven) includes 74 works.However, only 5 are recognized as the best:

  1. RoboCop (1987). Yes, the picture of the invincible cyborg Robocop, which became a legendary symbol for decades, was created by Verhoeven. A fantastic story about a policeman who turned into a car thirsting for revenge because of a gang of brutal criminals fell in love with the audience so much that its rating remains at a rather high mark today - 7.6 stars out of 10 possible.
  2. “Turkish Delight” (1973) is an extremely courageous drama about the unrestrained feelings of two young people. Their love adventure began in the back seat of the car, and then, despite public rejection and censure, it continued in a huge number of other places. Apparently, the critics liked this looseness, because they gave the ribbon an estimate of 7.6 points.
  3. “Recall All” (1990) is a fantastic action movie in which an ordinary worker turned to an unusual service to stimulate brain neurons in an attempt to create the illusion of an interesting and rich life. Alas, the effect turned out to be so strong that after the end of the session the man could not understand what was happening around what was true and what was not.Did he remain a special forces unit, which was hunted, or did he return to the reality of the common man? .. Reviewers' score - 7.6 points.
  4. "Basic Instinct" (1992) - a drama with elements of a thriller and a detective story about a writer of scandalous novels. Suspected of killing a friend, charming Kate begins to lead her manipulator game with a man investigating the case. Resisting this woman is not easy, because in the ability to provoke a feeling of lust in the opposite field, she has no equal ... The average score from film critics is 7.7.
  1. The Black Book (2006) is a war thriller about a German of Jewish origin, which runs from the Nazi regime and joins the Resistance movement in Holland. Her goal is to find the person who betrayed and destroyed her entire family. Rating is 7.7 stars.

Interesting fact! Paul Verhoeven even managed to get the "Golden Raspberry" - anti-award, which is opposed to "Oscar" and awarded by a specially convened Foundation for the worst achievements in cinema. The director earned a plastic statuette in 1996 at the 16th award ceremony for creating the film "Shougelz".He became the first worst director of the year who attended the event and personally received the Golden Raspberry awarded to him.

Perhaps the failure was due to the fact that nobody taught the basics of the Paul profession. Having graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, he always acted in the world of cinema, relying on his own views, sensations and feelings. However, due to the above facts, at least one “final and irreversible” conclusion can be made: Verhoeven loved and continues to love to shock the public! He is ready to do it even when everything is literally on the verge of a foul.

The director will not change himself in 2019, because the film “The Holy Virgin” will become another erotic project in his career. In this, he will be helped by producers Said Ben Said (“Massacre”, “Unlucky”) and Michel Merkert (“This is just the end of the world”, “Life of Kabachka”), as well as scriptwriters Gerard Suteman (“Black Book”, “Turkish Delights” , “Soldiers of the Queen”, “Flesh + Blood”) and Judith S. Brown.

Story outline

In the new movie film, Verhoeven’s fans will again see the interweaving of something truly pure, high and aesthetic, with disgustingly unattractive and obscenely low-lying.It will be based on the book The Life of Lesbian Nuns in Italy in the Renaissance, written by the historian and part-time producer of the painting Judith S. Brown.

The action is transferred to Italy of the XVII century. The main character will be Benedetta Carlini, the abbess of one of the convents, who actually existed. She was known as a Catholic soothsayer, but her visions were almost always unhealthy, anxious, full of carnal passion and some kind of demonism. According to historical sources, representatives of the papacy began to deal with Benedetta, who found out that the woman had a relationship with another nun, sister Bartholomew.

Beautiful nun

The uneasy life, full of pain, suffering, accusations of same-sex intercourse and counterfeit miracles, which flows under the watchful eye of the Lord, is what the “Holy Virgin” promises to show to its viewer.


At the moment, only one actress who will be involved in the shooting of an ambitious project is known - it is about the 40-year-old Belgian Virginia Ether (“Cookies”, “Taste of Miracles”, “She”, etc.). The woman is already established as a performer of the role of Benedetta,however, it is unknown who will be chosen as her partners and partners, because now the picture is only at the stage of preparation for production. Therefore, the only thing that remains is to wait for the formation of a full caste, the announcement of the exact release date, as well as the appearance of a trailer.

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