The great equalizer 2 - 2018 film

  • Premiere: September 13, 2018 (in the world)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: action, thriller, crime
  • Producer: Antoine Fuqua
  • Cast: Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo, Ashton Sanders, Sean Contua, etc.

The premiere of the action movie “The Great Equalizer 2”, a film in which Denzel Washington again takes up arms to counter the bad guys, is scheduled for fall 2018. Are you waiting for the continuation of the hit rental 2014?

Denzel Washington in the role of Equalizer

In the career of Denzel Washington, the two-time winner of the Oscar, there are many roles that at first glance may seem monotonous, while a detailed study of them reveals that everything is not as simple as it seems. This is the talent of Detective Alonzo Harris.

Denzel Washington

A devout Christian, as it may seem when studying an artist’s biography, does not have the right to put himself on the screen as a villain, but Denzel, who was so named after the father-priest, goes against the rules.Imposed on him by society. Because he has his ideals.

He generally could not become an actor, and then there would not be the first ever African-American to win two awards from the American Film Academy. If one day fate had not brought him to Tony Scott, then there would have been no talk of Fences, the latest directing work by Denzel Washington, which he wouldn’t bring to mind, if he wasn’t it is even bigger than Eugene O'Neill.

For The Fences, Denzel Washington could have gotten the third Oscar statuette, which would have placed him on par with Daniel Day-Lewis, but alas. And oh!

Denzel Washington

It turns out that the actor who starred in both brothers Scott, Tony and Ridley, breathes unevenly both to the author's cinema and popcorn. But any "fun" with his participation is not very fun, because Washington itself, as some have noticed, bypasses the side of comedy. Does this mean that he is harsh, like all the heroes of the militants depicted?

Before the Great Equalizer, Denzel’s career also included “Training Day”, “Anger”, “Gangster”, and “Two Trunks”. It turns out that to play a brutal guy with the past, which does not give rest in the present, he literally spit once. So the producers thought the same way.The result - about 200 million dollars in box office with a budget of 55 million.

The Equalizer has been restarting the show of the same name. The "Equalizer", as the translation of its name into Russian was, became quite popular in the second half of the 80s and was even marked with a reward on the Golden Globe. In it, Robert McCall was played by Edward Woodward. In both cases, the heroes of the militants are a kind of “Reshals”

Naturally, with a great interest in the original film, the producers considered it appropriate to launch the development of the production into production, and thus Denzel Washington’s career now will have the first franchise.

Franchise for bad guy from “Training Day”

Denzel Washington embodies the images of if not the heroes of the militants, then the simple guys, who in the current situation are ready to put everything at stake to achieve the desired result. Judge for yourself: add the “Crew”, “Uncontrollable”, “Book of Eli”, “Dangerous passengers of train 123”, “Déjà vu” etc. to the list of works by the actor, but this is only the last 10-odd years! While the first prominent roles he had happened in the late 80s.

Great leveler

Easy to guessthat in the sequel to the Great Equalizer, former CIA agent Robert McCall, who resigned and retired, after his wife’s death still cannot move away from what happened. For him, now there is only one rule: solve the problem by any means. Well, he has enough experience for that. And when the situation gets him into a dead end, he even manages to get out of here with a victory in his hands, despite opposition from the government.

Director and Scriptwriters

Antoine Fuqua, with whom Denzel Washington had previously worked, took over the direction of the second part of the remake of "Equalizer", and it happened long before the filming of "Equalizer": again, I remember "Training Day" based on the script of David Eyre. Well, the recent “Magnificent Seven” (by the way, also a remake, but another remake, something like that) once again confirmed that in the Fukua-Washington tandem love comes from both sides. This, man, do not think anything extra! Creative, you can say so.

Training day

The screenwriters of the project are the people familiar from the first film: Richard Wenck, Richard Lindheim and Michael Sloan. By the way, the last two are the authors of the series.

On the account of Richard Lindheim, there is also the series "The misadventures of Sheriff Lobo," but Michael Sloan once worked on the creation of "Colombo" and "Her name was Nikita." Well, a few parts of the "Paper Detective" is also the work of Michael Sloan.

Speaking of Richard Wenck separately, as a person who took responsibility for remaking the "Equalizer" for the new generation of viewers, it is worth saying that it was he who earlier presented the world with "16 quarters" with Bruce Willis, "Mechanics" with Jason State and the second part " The Expendables ”, where both were involved:“ Die Hard ”and“ Carrier ”. Also on his account is the "Magnificent Seven" by Antoine Fuqua and the sequel to "Jack Reacher" with Tom Cruise in the title role, which came out with the subtitle "Never Come Back."

Director Assistants

It is not yet known who exactly will help Antoine Fuqua to produce the history of the second “Great Equalizer”, so we’ll skip this point with your permission. Consider it a little later, when there will be news.


The company on the set of Denzel Washington will make Pedro Pascal, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo, Ashton Sanders and Sean Contua.

Although who cares when he himself becomes the center of the narrative, because of which everyone goes to the movies? With all due respect to the rest.


If we talk about the plot of the Great Equalizer 2, then perhaps only approximately. The story of The Equalizer 2 will surely be closely linked to the previous chapter, where Robert McCall performed his duty to all to whom he was obliged before. Now he has a new business, which means new obstacles through which he needs to step over in order to quickly move away from the burning thought of the recent death of his beloved wife, who eats him daily.

Movie release date

The release date of the film "The Great Equalizer 2" in the world hire is scheduled for September 13, 2018. And if the original tape was first presented at the Toronto Film Festival, the sequel to that picture is unlikely to suffer the same fate. In general, expect that in the fall of 2018 you will be able to directly visit the lair of the “Equalizer”. He solves any problems. Because without this, literally can not live.

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