The first person is a 2018 film

  • Premiere: November 22, 2018 (in Russia)
  • original name: First Man
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: drama, biography, history
  • Producer: Damien Shazell
  • Cast: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Kyle Chandler, Corey Stoll, John Bernthal, Jason Clark, and others.

The premiere of the film “First Man” is scheduled for the fall of 2018. His performance will Oscar winner, and the main role in the project will play Ryan Gosling. Interesting?

Immediately, in order to avoid various inconsistencies, which is more than appropriate, given the theme of our today's material, we note: this movie should not be confused with the cartoon of the same name of the Aardman studio. Actually, everything is on it. Go!

First man on the moon

The original project name is First Man. By the way, the very cartoon made in the technique of plasticine animation - Early Man. And there is comedy, and here is the most drama. Now everything is exactly!

“The first man” is the story of “one small step made by man, and a huge leap, perfect by humanity”. This is a reproduction of the life of the legendary Neil Armstrong.However, for the time being it is not really clear what exactly the period from the astronaut's life-rich astronaut will be adopted by the scriptwriters of cinema biography.

Neil Armstrong

The upcoming picture will be based on the book by James R. Hansen, a professor of history at Auburn University, Alabama, called First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong. This is the official biography of Neil Armstrong, to which, in fact, indicates the name: "The First Man: The Life of Neil O. Armstrong." The publication of the book came in 2005, when the famous test pilot was still alive.

Interestingly, back in 2003, the notorious Clint Eastwood intended to make a biopic about Neil Armstrong, but in the end nothing came of this whole enterprise. Then the project was in charge of producers from Warner Bros.

In the 2010s, Universal Studios and DreamWorks became more active. Now they together developed a biopic about the American astronaut NASA. After Damien Chazell, with his musical La La Land, showed everything he was capable of, it was he who was offered to shoot pictures that were so important not only for Americans but also for the rest of the world. The main role in it was immediately given to Ryan Gosling, a handsome boy who sings love songs to the heroine of Emma Stone in the film, which gathered six Oscars.

Damien Chasell: when your dream comes true

Damien Chazelle, before his breakthrough in the cinema, was already seen as the author of the fascinating but hard spectacle "Obsession", which emerged from the short film of the same name. The debut of his full-length work was the musical drama “Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench”, which can be called practically a mini-copy of the musical La La Land.

However, the screenwriter of the “Solemn Final” long walked towards achieving success in his film career, so it would be foolish to blame him for plagiarizing his own ideas. He just developed his early ideas, that's all. You can not, what if you say?

Damien Chasell

This is all of us to the fact that before that Damien Chazell was engaged in projects in which the leitmotif was excessive, but not outrageously, love of music. We are thinking about how he will be able to apply this talent in a biopic about a space engineer. However, remember the "Gravity" by Alfonso Cuarona. There, the hero George Clooney, as you remember, loved to listen to music. But that is.

Somewhere in the plans for Shasella is employment over the project "Whirlpool", which will be made in the genre of musical drama. But the “First Man” must clearly show whether a young director is able to cope with the tasks of creating a fascinating narrative without resorting to the help of his “musical demon”.

By the way, at one time Damien Chazelle wrote scripts for such projects as “The Last Devil's Exile: The Second Coming” and “Cloverfield, 10”. And these were, we admit, quite strong thrillers. Therefore, let us say at once that he is able to escalate the situation, and this, we think, he will need more than once during the production process of the “First Man”.

Bird Drama Writers

Nicole Perlman and Josh Singer set out to translate the text of the book for the big screen. As you can see, for the first time Damien Shazell will be engaged in the production of a film shot not according to his own script.

So far, Nicole Perlman has shown herself only as a co-author of the text for comedy superheroes “Guardians of the Galaxy” by James Gunn. And she did it well, agree. In the future, she will have to work on inventing a plot for “Captain Marvel” and “Pokemon”, as well as for “The Black Widow” (solo album about the assistant of the Avengers squad) and the third part of “Sherlock Holmes” (from Guy Richie).

Josh Singer, the winner of the Oscar for the drama "In the Spotlight", before he worked on the TV series "The Western Wing", "Edge" and "Lie to Me." He also worked on the "Fifth Power" by Bill Condon (the one about Julian Assange).

Ryan Gosling as Neal Armstrong

The role of Neil Alden Armstrong, according to rumors, Ryan Gosling will not give to anyone. He is expected, as many people involved in the project, to show the life of the first man who stepped onto the surface of the Moon, from 1961 to 1969. Up until the time when the crew of the Apollo 11 manned spacecraft changed history.

Ryan Gosling

Probably a large amount of screen time will be given to the rivalry of the United States and the USSR. There is a struggle between the two superpowers of that time to be the first to send their man from Earth to space, where he will be able to step on the surface of another space object. Recall that Yuri Gagarin was the first to fly into outer space, while Alexey Leonov was the first to go to outer space.

The “first man” is being initiated by American filmmakers as an unspoken response to all skeptics that there have never been any US representatives on the Moon. According to their assurances, they were still there. And Stanley Kubrick has never been involved in falsification. Let's see if there is a place in the film for this fact.

Those who are in the company of Ryan Gosling

Also note that Ryan Gosling’s company on the set of “First Man” will be composed by Kyle Chandler (“The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Manchester by the Sea”, “Carol”), Corey Stoll (“The House of Cards”, “Ant-Man” , “Gold”) and, most likely, Jason Clark (“The most drunken district in the world”, “Everest”, “Terminator: Genesis”, “Target number one”, “Planet of the Apes: Revolution”).

Kyle Chandler got the role of Donald Kent Slayton. Dick was an American astronaut who, of the so-called first seven cosmic testers, made his first flight into space later than the rest.

Corey Stoll will play Buzz Aldrin. Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. performed the duties of a pilot of the lunar module during the mission of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. 20 minutes after Neil Armstrong, he also managed to set foot on the surface of the moon.

Jason Clark also Damien Chasell wants to give the role of Edward Higgins White. "Ed" at one time was the first American to go into outer space.

For John Bernthal, Damien Chazell left the role of David Scott. “Dave” is one of 12 “lucky ones” who managed to visit the surface of the moon. He was the first who moved there by self-propelled transport.

Well, about Claire Foy say a few words. She will play with Damien Chazelle Neil Armstrong's first wife - Janet Shiron (or Janet Shiron, if you will). Their marriage lasted nearly 40 years.

In 2018 another movie will be released featuring Claire Foy: "The girl who was stuck in a cobweb."

Movie release date

The release date of the film “The First Man” in the Russian rental is November 22, 2018. The same week, the second part of the cartoon “Ralph” will be shown in cinemas in the Russian Federation, and “A fantastic creature and where they live 2” will be released a week before.

In the US, the premiere biopic First Man will be held October 11, 2018. It is not yet known whether the authors include biographical dramas in their project 3D format. "Gravity" has long shown that with proper use of this cinema chip becomes a necessary plus.

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