The film "Jumanji 2" 2019

The remake of the famous adventure film for the whole family was very positively received by the audience, despite the fact that it differed from the original in format. Now the film "Jumanji 2" in 2019 will continue the newly begun story. The viewer is waiting for even more adventures and jokes in the literally addictive world of the board game. The release date in the world was scheduled for December 2019.


A country: USA
Producer: Jake kazdan
Genre: adventure, fantasy, comedy, family
When released: December 13, 2019

The plot of the original film “Jumanji”, in which Robin Williams starred, is known to everyone. In this world also filmed the animated series, and broadcast on Russian channels. In the center of the narration is a mysterious game “Jumanji”, capable of transferring dangerous animals to the real world, causing unpleasant natural phenomena, or pulling the player altogether until someone throws a certain number on the dice. Just so take and throw the game until it is completed, it is impossible.

The film "Jumanji 2" 2019

The summary of the continuation of 2017, which received the additional name “Call of the Jungle”, transferred the viewer directly to the jungle inside the game. The main characters teenagers were in the bodies of four game characters. The same characters will be seen by the viewer on the screen again, in continuation. The actors who performed their roles are returned to work on the project.

What will be the new film "Jumanji"

While it is not known exactly what the film will tell. Will the main characters of the first part be moved to the game again? Or do we have to meet with new characters in addition to the game characters "Jumanji"? There is no concise synopsis describing future events. Fans of the franchise can only speculate.

In the rental, the adventure film will again compete with Star Wars. In order not to go unnoticed against the background of the final part of the legendary space opera, he will need to really catch the attention not only of the cast and snapping to his favorite universe. Will the creators of the new part be able to show something really cool and find out when the film will be released in December 2019!


The following cast will be involved in the comedy fantasy "Jumanji 2":

  • Karen Gillan.
  • Dwayne Johnson.
  • Jack Black
  • Kevin Hart
  • Salvatorna Longobardo.
  • Darin Ferraro.

In the future, the lineup will be replenished with new names: the project was just announced, the filming process did not start. The picture is at the stage of preparation for the shooting; it also includes casting for new characters with whom the viewer is to meet.

The film "Jumanji 2" 2019. Release date, cast, watch trailer

Work on the film

The crew of the new part of "Jumanji", which will be available in December 2019:

  • Jake Cazdan (director).
  • Dani Garcia (producer).
  • Duane Johnson (producer).
  • Hiram Garcia (producer).
  • Jeff Pinkner (screenwriter).
  • Scott Rosenberg (screenwriter).

Directed by Jay Kazdan already worked on the previous part, it was he who shot "The Call of the Jungle", already available in Russian. He also shot "Very Bad Teacher", worked on the TV series "New" and "Foul California." In the comedy projects, Kezdan definitely knows a lot! The writers working on the sequel were also the authors of the script for the first part. The film crew returns, and it’s good or bad, you’ll find out only after the release in December 2019.The film will be available online after the main show in cinemas ends.

The project has not yet received the full name. And the studio Sony, engaged in its development, has not yet given any comments. Only Duane Johnson posted a short video on his instagram, which can be viewed as a teaser for the future movie. In April 2018, the stage of preparation for the shooting began, which means that all the first details are still to come. The previous part was filmed in Hawaii, where they will be shooting the second, is still unknown. The trailer in Russian will also be released after the main process is over and the work goes to the post-production stage. You can see the first shots throughout 2019.

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