The film "Godzilla 2" 2019

Despite the fact that the first part did not collect the expected profits from the world hire, the creators decided to make a sequel to the 2019 Godzilla 2 film. This time, the legendary pangolin will save the entire planet from three giant monsters. Thanks to the change of director, Warner Bros studio hopes to transcend the 2014 project, showing the world quality fiction with an intriguing plot and modern special effects.


A country: USA
Studio: Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: fiction, adventure, action, catastrophe
Producer: Michael Dougherty
Release date: March 22, 2019

Production News

At the moment, about the project is virtually unknown. Even Wikipedia has published so scarce data that one can hardly get a complete picture of the office work. Michael Doherty took over the directing of several popular films: X-Men 2, Superman Returns, X-Men: Apocalypse, Trick or Treat, Urban Legends 3, Krampus, etc. He also wrote the script for “Godzilla 2 ″ together with Zach Shields. Based on his experience, it is worth waiting for a decent continuation.

Godzilla 2 2019

The leading roles went to Vera Farmig, Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins. Fans of the first part criticized the creators for spending too little screen time on the main monster. Therefore, in the sequel, this error will be corrected. The main shooting ended in August 2017 in the city of Atlanta (Georgia).

Initially, the movie was planned to be released in 2018, but then they moved the release date to March 2019, which upset the fans a bit.

Despite the fact that the work on “Godzilla: King of Monsters” is not finished yet, the creators have already announced the Godzilla vs. Kong crossover (the modern equivalent of the sequel to Isiro Honda 1954), which will be released in 2020.


The plot of the movie

After the events of the first part, Godzilla goes into the ocean. Almost completely destroyed by the tsunami of San Francisco is gradually restored. Residents come to their senses, remembering the disaster as a bad dream. It would seem that the peaceful life of the metropolis is in full swing, but the alarming news plunged people into panic. Danger is approaching the city again - three huge monsters capable of sweeping everything in its path. It seems that they are not enough to blow apart the county of California, the threat foreshadows the collapse of the entire civilization, including the destruction of Godzilla’s habitat.

Can the lizard save the world and defeat the giant pteranodon Rodan, the huge butterfly Motra and the three-headed dragon Hydor? We learn after the debut of the picture.

"Godzilla 2" 2019. The plot, release date, actor, trailer


The film will involve a considerable number of actors known to the general public for the following works:

  • Vera Farmiga- “Autumn in New York”, “Nothing but the truth”, “Conjuration”, “Passenger”.
  • Ken watanabe- “The Last Samurai”, “Batman”, “Beginning”, “Transformers”, “Top: Ragnarok”.
  • Sally Hawkins- Godzilla, Paddington Bear, Form of Water.
  • Kyle Chandler- "King Kong", "Super 8", "The Wolf of Wall Street", "Manchester by the Sea".
  • Millie Bobby Brown- “Anatomy of Passion”, “Hellish Kitchen”.
  • Bradley Whitford- “Bicentennial Man”, “Cabin in the Forest”, “Kate and Leo”.
  • Charles dance- "Journey to the ends of the Earth", "Game of Thrones", "Frankenstein", "Another World".
  • Aisha Hinds- “Who are you, Mr. Brooks?”, “Star Trek: Retribution”, “Three days to escape”.
  • Zhang Ziyi- "Memoirs of a Geisha".
  • Thomas Middleditch- “Under cover”, “Lovely alarm”, “The wolf from Wall Street”.

Irish composer Atlee Orvarsson works on music, and Lawrence Sher is announced as an operator. The producer of the picture was Mary Parent.On her account are popular projects: "Kong: Skull Island", "Sponge Bob in 3D", "Survivor", "Pacific Rim", "Noah", etc.


Trailer in Russian

While the presentation video is in development, you can watch an amateur review online on our YouTube channel. Most likely, the official trailer in Russian will appear not earlier than the beginning of 2019. Although, some developments probably still show in a teaser.

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