The choice of multicooker

December 29, 2017
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Multicooker need for automatic cooking. Allows you to quickly and easily make a tasty and healthy dish.

Device design

Modern models of multicooker include a fairly large number of parts.

Body - made of plastic or stainless steel.

Tight cover, prevents splashing during operation and cooking

The non-stick bowl is inserted into the body. With such a coating, it is much easier to care for the device. The volume of the bowl ranges from 2 to 10 liters.

 The choice of multicooker

TEN - located in the housing. Power from 350 watts to 2000 watts. It can heat up from 40 ° C to 180 ° C. By clicking on you can buy any heating element for your electric helpers around the apartment and kitchen.

The control unit is located on the case, contains various sensors, depending on the models and the number of functions.

Various accessories: measuring dishes, pot holders, recipes and more.


Depending on the model, the multicooker contains different cooking modes. The main ones are:

Cooking - suitable for cooking first courses, stops are possible to add food.

Stewing is an excellent mode for meat, vegetables, stews.

 The choice of multicooker

Frying - use this mode with both the lid open and the lid closed.

Baking - in this mode, you can make bread and various pies.

Mode for cooking pilaf, yogurt.

Steaming - a special bowl is used for this mode, it comes in the kit.

Also, there are additional modes for heating and maintaining the temperature.


Basically, all recipes for multicookers are developed for cooking in one operation, that is, they have loaded all the products in the bowl, mixed them if necessary and turned on the desired mode, and she will inform you when the dish should be stirred or it is completely ready.

Thanks to the design, if you cook the same volume of dishes in a slow cooker and on the stove - the slow cooker will be much more economical.


The disadvantage of the device is its limitations in the volume of cooking at a time. After all, you can put several pots or pans on the stove and cook the amount of food you need at one time, and in the slow cooker this amount is limited to the volume of the bowl.

 The choice of multicooker

Care device

Like most modern dishes and appliances need special care products.You can find out about this in the instructions for your device, in it the device manufacturer indicates which means you can use. Also, carefully examine which valves can be removed and how to properly clean them.

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