The bed for the grinder do it yourself

April 1, 2014

The bed for the grinder do it yourselfThe Bulgarian is a fairly universal tool, it is used in different ways, and it happens that you have to process a small part or workpiece. In order to free up hands and increase the safety of work, a bed is needed, the simplest version of which can be done at home. Buy grinder will not be difficult if you click on the link.

In the case of fixing the grinder on a rigid bed there are several advantages: the hands are released and the load during the process falls on the tool holder. It also prevents the risk that the tool will be out of hand.
There is no strictly defined angle of position in the space of a fixed Bulgarian, the option is chosen for specific working conditions and required tasks. Usually in the Bulgarians threaded holes are provided for rigid fastening on the frame or stand.

The positioning option is also chosen based on the requirements for convenience and safety of work.Before you decide at what angle to attach the grinding machine, it is necessary to determine the objectives. So, if you need a grinding option, then usually the tool is fixed at an angle of 45 degrees so that the lower part of the disk is recessed into a special slot, and the locking nut is located above the working table.

In this example, the frame is made to use the grinder as a grinding machine, and if you need the cutting function of the tool, you can cut a slot in the box closer to the edge, and move the shield closer.

Materials and tools

For such a homemade device will need a minimum of materials:

  1. Wooden box - it is the base where the tool is fixed. If it was not possible to find a suitable box or it is a pity to spoil a strong thing, then you can make a construction from the part where the Bulgarian and the top are attached, and instead of the missing walls of the box, make two legs.homemade bed for the Bulgarian
  2. The Bulgarian - it will be necessary to remove the handle and the protective disk from it, therefore during the work it will be necessary to be careful and use the tool only for suitable materials. During the work are required goggles and mask that protects the entire face.If possible, it is better to be outside the zone of possible dispersal of disk fragments. And if there is such an opportunity, then the protective cover should be left.
  3. Wooden bars for fixing grinders.
  4. Fasteners - metal eye, screw, nut.
  5. Wooden shield - you may need it if you have to raise the workpiece against the disk.

How to make a bed for the grinder

  • At the top of the box you need to make a slot for the cutting disc or nozzle. To do this, they put on the grinder, lean the tool against the side wall of the box and mark the place for the gap. It should not be too wide, since there could be no foreign objects between the nozzle and the walls of the slot that will cause the disk to jam. You can widen the gap if you often have to change disks or sandpaper on nozzles without disassembling the whole structure.
  • To hold the grinder to the side of the box screw two wooden bars. A metal eyelet is attached to the upper one, through which a screw is passed through a screw hole in the handle of the grinder and tightened with a nut. If the hole in the handle of the tool is through, then the screw is screwed flush with the depth of the thread.You can also fix the grinder with cable ties for which holes are pre-drilled.bed under the Bulgarian
  • If you need to raise the workpiece relative to the disk, you can use a wooden shield for this. It is placed on top of the bed, and fastened on its hinges with fixation with a lock. This is done to allow replacement of the discs at the closest position of the shield to the instrument.
  • The protective cover is the protection of the master from the disk tool rotating at high speed. Quite often, the disks fly apart into shards, and this happens mostly due to jamming or pinching the disk in the slot. The protective disk must be installed so as to close the operator from possible fragments. Fastening the protective cover should prevent its spontaneous twist.

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