The average salary in Russia 2018: Rosstat and reality

The average salary is one of the most important socio-economic indicators, which allows not only to compare different professions and regions, but also to evaluate the well-being of citizens when comparing our country with others. Both workers and business, and even the authorities, who often use it for political purposes, look at it.

Rosstat regularly publishes its data - but ordinary Russians and experts question these figures as being too high or simply erroneous. So, according to official data, in the first half of 2018, the average salary in Russia amounted to 42,550 rubles, adding as much as 11% over the year. However, few people believe in these tales, especially in the regions.

Independent estimates are much more pessimistic: the average salary in Russia does not exceed 20 thousand rubles; According to a recent survey of the Anti-Corruption Fund, it is about 15-18 thousand. Let's see how much representatives of various professions in Moscow and the regions receive according to the authorities - and how this relates to reality.


The average salary in the capital, according to the Rosstat, exceeds 82,000 rubles - almost twice as much as the national average, which is not surprising: the best specialists flow to Moscow and prices are higher. However, it is believed that not everything is so simple here: an analysis of open sources like websites with job search ads gives a figure closer to 65 thousand.

Teachers EarningsMoscow officials from education are estimated at 90 thousand rubles, surpassing even Rosstat - last year the statistical agency counted "only" about 72 thousand; as for doctors, the municipality estimates their average salary at 70,000. However, experts believe that there is an ostentatious pull-up of indicators to the requirements of the “May Decrees.”


Averageengineer salary in Moscowmore modest - only about 54 thousand. This is due to the large number of low-level vacancies, as well as the general decline in salaries in the industry - now more in demandprogrammerswhich may receive several hundred thousand rubles a month. On average, their earnings fluctuate around 100 thousand rubles.

To accountantsit is also not easy: ordinary Moscow accountants on average can count on 44 thousand rubles.It’s all because of the automation and oversaturation of the market with not highly qualified specialists - as for chief accountants and finance directors, they can receive 170 thousand and even more than 200 thousand rubles.

The situation is similarmanagers- the spread of professional functions and qualifications is too great to be able to evaluate everyone at once. But in general, the level of salaries is the same - about 45 thousand rubles. Concerningworkersprofessions, their earnings do not reach 40,000, amounting to 36,500 rubles as of 2018.

St. Petersburg

The state statistics estimate the average salary in the cultural capital of almost 60 thousand rubles - however, the results of a number of online surveys suggest that this figure may be significantly overestimated. A more realistic estimate gives a figure in the region of 38,300 rubles, which is also confirmed by data from job search sites.

Teachers in St. Petersburg receive about 51 thousand, and doctors - about 53.5 thousand. Ordinary engineers receive about 60 thousand, and the average salary of a programmer is about 70 thousand. Accountants at St. Petersburg enterprises receive about 30 thousand, and managers - 28 thousand. Finally, workers can count on 20-50 thousand, depending on the qualifications.

in St. Petersburg for love

As can be seen, the ratio of average wages by industry to the total in St. Petersburg is more or less preserved, and the reservation about the large variation in qualifications also remains in force. The salary of teachers depends on the workload, managers - on the implementation of the plan, and workers - on the level and development. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the approximate and generalized data.

Nizhny Novgorod

The average salary in the Nizhny Novgorod region in the first half of 2018 was 32 thousand rubles; The same level is used by local authorities to determine the bottom bracket for public sector wages. Doctors in the municipal institutions of Nizhny Novgorod receive about 23,300 rubles, and teachers receive about 28,400 rubles.

According to the data of August 2018, Nizhny Novgorod engineers had a salary of about 35 thousand, and programmers about 50 thousand; It should be noted that remotely working IT specialists were not included in the local statistics. The average salary of accountants and managers is about the same - 28 thousand for the first and 32 thousand rubles for the second.

It is characteristic that demand for skilled workers prevails in Nizhny Novgorod, therefore the average salary is unusually high - about 35 thousand.Separately, it is worth recalling that it is low-skilled workers who most often work in the shadows and do not fall into the statistics - which means that the numbers should be mentally underestimated a little.


Different sources estimate the average salary in Yekaterinburg at 34–35 thousand rubles. Doctors here receive about 30 thousand rubles a month, teachers - about 20 thousand, engineers - 40 thousand, programmers - up to 50 thousand rubles. The latter figure again does not take into account the multitude of workers who are working remotely or generally engaged in freelancing.

Sverdlovsk accountants receive an average of 30 thousand rubles, as well as ordinary managers, whose salary ranges from 30 to 35 thousand. The average salary of workers is about 28 thousand, although qualified specialists can receive 100–120 thousand.



With an average salary in the city as a whole almost 29 thousand Novosibirsk teachers claim about 31 thousand rubles, doctors receive about 20 thousand, engineers - around 30 thousand, programmers - up to 50 thousand. Local accountants work for a modest 21–23 thousand, but managers receive up to 35 thousand. Finally, the average salary of workers is about 35,600 thousand.

We collected all the data for cities in a convenient table.

# Moscow Peter N.Novgorod Ekaterinburg Novosibirsk
Teacher 72 000 51 000 28 400 20 000 31 000
Doctor 70 000 53 500 23 300 30 000 20 000
Engineer 54 000 60 000 35 000 40 000 30 000
Programmer 100 000 70 000 50 000 50 000 50 000
Accountant 44 000 30 000 28 000 30 000 21 000
Manager 45 000 28 000 32 000 35 000 35 000
Working 36 500 35 000 35 000 28 000 35 600

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