The average pension in 2019 in Russia

What will be the average size of a pension in 2019 and what kind of income various categories of pensioners in Russia will be concerned about for all citizens of the country, regardless of whether they have made pension payments, or are still quite far from the age line indicated in the law.

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov assured that pensioners who have already gone on a well-deserved vacation can count on indexing in 2019 at a rate of 7.05%, in 2020 - by 6.6% and in 2021 - by 6.3%!

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What should pensioners expect

According to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, in 2019, the old-age pension will increase, as well as payments for persons with disabilities. Social pensions will also be increased by more than 3%.

In turn, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Maxim Topilin, said that by the end of 2018 the average pension would be 14,414 rubles, and in 2019, taking into account the increase, pensioners would receive 15,400 rubles.

At the same time, a slightly larger amount is waiting for someone, someone is smaller, since the amount of social benefits for each person is different.

Tomilin is in solidarity with Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.She also announced an increase in monthly benefits for unemployed older people by about one thousand rubles. Given the level of inflation, as well as rising prices for housing and communal services and food, the premium will not be significant. That is why State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin put forward a proposal to increase the monthly income of old people to 20 thousand rubles and more. However, so far it remains only at the stage of consideration.

Today, there are about 14 million pensioners in the Russian Federation who go to work, and the figure is constantly growing. According to them, the main reason for continuing work is the inability to live on one benefit. There is nothing to please representatives of this category.

Currently, social benefits of such citizens are not indexed, and this is not expected in the future 2019.

Moreover, in 2019, those whose pensions are not indexed will be added to both the military and the fire brigade. The corresponding bill has already been passed. In order to make monthly payments equal to the minimum subsistence level, social compensation is paid from the budget (for this purpose, in 2018 about 95 billion rubles were allocated). In addition, the Ministry of Finance promises to increase salaries in order to improve the material condition of the elderly.

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Pension reforms

In 2019, not only the average pension is expected to grow, but also the age for access to a well-deserved rest - by 5 years for women and men. Raising the age, as the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation stressed, will be gradual. So, by 2028, men will switch to the new status of a “retiree” only at 65, and women at 60. According to experts, such a measure would increase monthly benefits.

Russians took this news with criticism. According to population polls, 90% of respondents do not want to retire later. In addition, they are convinced that the payments should be several times more than they are now, and even called an approximate amount - at least 20,000 rubles, and 15% of those polled are sure that the pension should be 40,000 rubles or more.

Interesting!The youngest pensioners live in the CIS countries. In many developed countries, the retirement age is significantly higher than in the Russian Federation, and it is noteworthy that there is no sexual separation. For example, in Norway, Italy, Denmark and Germany, retire in 67 years. In the US, the retirement milestone falls on 65 years. The longest work in the Land of the Rising Sun - up to 70 years. But, I must admit that in Japan and the highest benefits.

Another innovation in 2019 will be the introduction of mandatory pension accruals for working citizens. By the time they enter into a well-deserved vacation, everyone will have a certain amount accumulated on their accounts, from which they will be paid for their years of service. The exact amount is not called, but according to preliminary information, it will be about 10% of the salary. It should be noted that a part of the funds (not more than 50%) will be paid by the employee from his salary, and some by the employer. It will be possible to monitor the state through SMS-banking. The practice of such deductions exists in France (due to them it was possible to avoid an acute shortage of money to pay people of respectable age) and in America.

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Finally, it would not be superfluous to say that the information provided, despite the fact that it was officially communicated by high-ranking officials, is hypothetical. What awaits pensioners in 2019, time will tell.

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