Why does a bird fly into the house? The answer will prompt the dream book

Why does a bird fly into the house? In real life, feathered creatures are considered a symbol of well-being and luck. However, in the world of night dreams everything is much more complicated. This sign can promise the dreamer not only joy, but also misfortunes. To understand what exactly is to be expected, and to prepare for future events, it is necessary to recall the details of the picture seen. Besides this, the interpretation directly depends on the sex of the host of sleep.

What is the dream of a bird flying into the house: general information

Most sonnics are unanimous in that suchsigns are a warning that can not be ignored in any way. Why dream of a bird that has flown into a house if the whole building belongs to a dreamer? There is a high probability that soon someone from the household will be struck by a serious illness, which can be incurable. It is possible that the disease will cause the death of a loved one. Also, the plot of the night seen by the picture may hint at the rapid receipt of long-awaited news that will not be the same as a sleeping person would like.

what does a bird fly into a house

What is the dream of a bird flying into a house, if itis an apartment? Unfortunately, dream books also connect this sign with illness and death. However, the grief does not necessarily come to the dreamer's family. Someone from the inhabitants of his multi-storey house may suffer in reality, including an unfamiliar person.

Bird and window

It is impossible to call a rare dream, in which the bird does notflies, but knocks at the window. In this case, the dreamer must prepare for the news. It is difficult to say whether the news will be positive or negative in the coming days, which will fall on a person. There is no doubt only that they will have a significant impact on his future life, turn the familiar world.

that if you dream a bird has flown into the house

What is the dream of a bird flying into a house, if itpre-breaks the window? Dream writers in the majority also connect such dreams with the coming news. However, in this case, one should not doubt that they will turn out to be bad.

Catch the bird

Is there a reason for concern if the sleeper catchesthe flying bird? No, as most dream interpreters confidently claim that sleep is favorable. Married men like this picture promise fulfillment of a cherished dream. There is a high probability that the dreamer will rise up the career ladder, go on a long-planned journey, improve his financial situation. Married ladies dreams, in which they manage to catch a bird, predict the birth of a long-awaited child.

what does a bird fly to fly

Lonely young men and girls have such a dreamdreaming? The bird flew in (flown in), and then was caught? In this case, nightly dreams promise a new acquaintance with an attractive face of the opposite sex. Dreamer is waiting for a love affair that can develop into a serious relationship. It is not necessary to exclude marriage, especially if the second half has already been found. Should one be worried about the one who in a dream chases the feathered birds? Most likely this story foreshadows the arrival of a large number of guests. It is difficult to say whether this visit will please the owner of the dream.

Flock of birds

What else do the guides on the world of dreams say,What does a bird dream about? In a dream, to see a flock that has flown through the window, a person can only get along. Especially if birds randomly fly, run into each other. A person needs to prepare for serious troubles, which he will not be able to prevent. Otherwise they will fall upon him suddenly.

what the bird dreams of flown into the house flew into the window

Sleep, which includes a flock of birds, alsowarns and that it is dangerous to fight problems alone. Among close people for sure there will be those who dream to help the dreamer adjust his life. You can not reject the helping hand that they offered.

Chirping birds

Singing birds - what does it dream about? The bird flew into the house (flew in the window) and sings - what warns about such a plot? Her chirping promises a sleeping strip of luck to the sleeping man, which is about to come. Clouds overhead will certainly dissipate, the problems will disappear by themselves.

what does a bird dream about in a dream

Sleep, in which birds fly into the window sing,can also predict specific events. It is possible that the dreamer will soon go to a merry party, meet with friends, who no longer hoped to see. Finally, such a plot can promise a romantic acquaintance. Perhaps it will grow into a turbulent romance, of which pleasant memories will remain.

Different subjects

Birds who fly into the open window can alsoto attack the dreamer. Such nightmares predict problems, troubles, destruction. The master of sleep is to become a participant in another's conflict, to suffer from gossips, which dissolve ill-wishers. We should not exclude the emergence of dangerous rivals, because of which the situation at work will worsen. It is worth remembering whether it was possible to drive out the attacking birds from the house. If a person in a dream has managed to win, in reality he will be able to get out of conflict situations without significant losses.

It is necessary to take into account one more thing. If a bird dreams (has flown into the house) of white color, soon in the life of the dreamer there will be changes for the better. While black predicts grief. In this case, you should prepare for the tragic events. Flying feathers around the house warn of the imminent receipt of news. However, the significant role in the life of the owner of sleep, the news will not play. A good sign is the feeding of a flown bird. Such a dream can predict progress on the career ladder, positive changes in your personal life. A similar meaning is hidden by a dream in which the sleeper is stroking the feathered creature, talking to him.

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