The advantages of wooden windows

January 30, 2018

Modern windows made of wood remain beautiful, cozy, with warmth of wood and at the same time provide a quality level of sound and heat insulation. They are supplied with the accessories differing in convenience thanks to which shutters of a window open in any directions. In addition, technologies continue to evolve, so now the wood is processed with modern clean methods, due to which the product’s lifespan is extended, and in terms of maintenance, wooden windows are becoming as simple as possible. Glazing provides for the use of not only classic windows, but also double-glazed windows, which have a positive effect on the performance of the window. in a large assortment available on the website of the company "Olta".

The advantages of wooden windowsThe advantages of wooden windows

No one will argue with the fact that wood is an environmentally friendly material due to its naturalness. When a tree grows, during life it absorbs carbon drawn from the environment. If for a long time to use wood objects in the house, the concentration of carbon dioxide is significantly reduced.

In addition, thanks to this natural material, a pleasant climate and a cozy atmosphere are created in the room. Windows made of wood belong to non-electrostatic constructions, therefore they will not attract various garbage and dirt, which happens to plastic analogues. In addition, if a fire happens, they will not emit harmful toxic gases into the air that are dangerous to human health. In addition, for cleaning wooden windows you can use the usual means without chemicals and water.

It is possible to make sure of the insulating characteristics of such windows by the simplest method - just touch their surface from the outside and inside. Wooden windows of modern production are also distinguished by the property of isolating noise (the option of the selected glass unit affects this parameter, which varies from 34 to 40 dB).

Thanks to new production technologies, it is possible to achieve the following advantages:

• low thermal conductivity;
• the bulk density of such windows is small, while they have a high level of strength. It is caused by high constructive quality;
• low level of conduction sounds;
• high resistance to low temperatures, as well as a low coefficient of linear expansion depending on temperature;
• ecological cleanliness;
• ease of processing;
• external attractiveness of wooden windows;
• possibility to repair the structure if necessary.

There are not many disadvantages, but, nevertheless, they are:

• there are small defects (in the form of knots, cracks, small resin pockets, and so on);
• hygroscopicity (wooden window absorbs and gives up moisture, which depends on the ambient temperature);
• combustibility of the material.

However, modern features allow you to eliminate or effectively deal with such minor flaws. For example, in the production process of windows made of wood, special impregnations are used in the form of a colorless substance, which allows you to protect the material from fungi and mold, and also gives you the ability to repel moisture (such windows have a service life of about 50 years).

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