Than to occupy the child in 3 years? Children's games for 3 years. Books for children

Young children do not need to buy very expensive toys, hire professional clowns or actors. The child can be occupied with a simple and at the same time cognitive joint game.

than to take a child in 3 years

Than to occupy the child in 3 years?

Three years is a completely new stage in the development of the baby. The child at this time:

  • the vocabulary is increased to 1500 words;
  • begin to form individual traits of character;
  • there is an interest in creative games;
  • developing fantasy;
  • there is a skill to distinguish more than four primary colors;
  • an idea is formed about the objects surrounding it with the possibility of distinguishing them.

What a child should be able to do in three years

During this period of maturation, parents shouldmaximally contribute to the development of the child. It is not for nothing that after three years the most progressive schools of the English language work, children are given to dance or try to teach a few simple verses in games.

Even if the plans of mom and dad do not includethe education of a new president of the country or a renowned scientist, it is they who are responsible for the even development of a new member of society. At this stage of life, the child, though beginning to contact other children, it is parents who continue to be the main assistants in the knowledge of the world.

Than to occupy the child in 3 years? He needs to learn:

children's games for 3 years

Games with children to develop motor skills

Japanese children already in five years know amazingthe number of hieroglyphs, and also study "excellent" in school. Their memory is capable of memorizing six-digit numbers, and the brain processes information much faster.

The secret of Japanese upbringing is very simple. Parents develop small motor skills of the child by familiarizing them with ordinary chopsticks. From two years of teaching to keep children's chopsticks for rice, and from three already go to a more complex option.

To develop large and small motility can be and withhelp moving the ball games. You can buy multi-colored pyramids, which you need to add depending on the size of the parts, as well as color. During this game, parents will develop an understanding of the color of the baby, the size of the figures, and also work out the activity.

For fine motor skills, you need to use modeling. If there is no plasticine at hand, one can arrange competitions for the best creation from a salted dough. Do not dwell on one or more simple figures. The kid must learn to sculpt something more complicated than a kolobok.

books for childrenTaking a child for an hour or more can be done withsimple buttons. Let it shift large colored from one box to another. In doing so, you need to ensure that he does not begin to taste them. In addition, it is desirable to count during the time the child puts the buttons in the box. His subconscious will remember the numbers mentioned by the parents.

Children's games for 3 years on fantasy and thinking

In order for a child to learn to think, fantasize, and develop speech, parents should read to him children's literature.

Books for children that parents buy their ownchildren, usually contain a lot of pictures. Kids not only listen to a short story from the author, but also look at the pictures, connect them with the text in their heads.

You can buy such books for children, in which there will be some foreign names. During the reading, the parent should emphasize them several times.

Another type of entertainment can be role-playing games with dolls. In three years there is an interest in playing "daughter-mother."

puzzles for 3 years If 3 years old boy, he can be included in the gamewith machines or robots. All puppets will be interested in puppet shows. It is necessary to watch theatrical performances for adults. But children should be given scope for imagination. They need to be told that everyone can make mistakes, it's not scary, the main thing is to fix them later.

What else would be useful?

Important for children's development of the gamebecome puzzles (for 3 years - this is an ideal pastime). It's like a crossword puzzle for an adult's brain. Puzzles help you to learn to navigate in space, to match colors with each other, and also to connect different details.

The game teaches observation. But you need to play with her parents, looking carefully at the picture on the box, listening to the tips of adults.

Puzzles should be simple, without a million shades. For this age, they are made large and without complex details.

For example, the puzzle game Easter Bunny, inwhich is necessary to collect a picture of six elements. Moving the pieces of the picture into the right cells on a light background, your child will see the image of a merry bunny next to the colorful colored eggs.

Road for cars

Than to occupy the child in 3 years if at hands is not presentno toys, except machines? In this case, you can arrange a real race. To do this, you will need to find a double-sided adhesive tape and "draw" them on the floor or carpet motorway. In addition, on the road you need to place various obstacles.

The child will be enthusiastic to play until lunch or dinner.

3 years old boy


It is best to discern and feel the colors of a childIt will be able to draw on its own. Parents can be safe from wallpaper gluing and thorough repairs in the apartment by giving the kid a huge piece of old wallpaper on which he will paint everything he wants from behind.

You should not limit it in the choice of colorpalettes and in the ways of working. The kid probably wants to try to draw with his finger, palm, feet. So that it does not get dirty, famous children's teachers have long invented a special way.

The child needs to put a film on his legs or armsbubbles that will burst when pressed. Already in this film, he will be able to draw, dipping it into the paint. It will bring double pleasure: firstly, from the produced noise, secondly, from the possibility of unusual creation and play with color.


How to take a child in 3 years, if it is overcast? You can arrange a raid on nature at home. This game is dearly loved by children of any age, of different generations and nations.

Everyone likes to go camping. And the best thing to do is to go for a walk, taking your favorite food from home, packing it in a basket and taking a thermos with you.

The tent can be set up in the children's room or inliving room. Before it you need to come up with something like a fire. Cushions and a red scarf, as well as something remotely resembling firewood, can be used as scrap materials. Near this place tourists will sit and tell interesting stories, sing songs or read books. And, of course, where without primitive dances?

Children will enjoy both the process of preparing for a hike, and an unusual dramatization. Do not be surprised if after a long game the child curls up inside the tent and falls asleep.

girl 3 years

Secure ping pong

One active kid can be a real hurricanein the House. And what if there are two of them, and both boys? When a girl is 3 years old, she tries to play an exemplary hostess and imitate her mom in order to get well-deserved approval. She can spend hours quietly dressing up a doll, cooking lunch on a toy stove, and reading fairy tales invented by her for her children's toys.

Boys at this age try to actively occupyyourself any leprosy you can imagine. They have to understand everything by their own experience, to see where the switch is located, how papa’s razor makes noise, and whether the language can freeze to the swings. Such children's games for 3 years are not very useful. And parents will have to watch out so that they do not become a habit.

In order to distract them from such thoughts andto stay with whole windows, chandeliers and furniture, you need to buy ordinary balls. In addition, surely everyone in the kitchen lay disposable plates. They will become ping-pong rackets if you attach ordinary popsicle sticks to them below.

games for 3 4 yearsThe inflated ball will be instead of the ball. Children will be able to play even at home, while receiving exactly the same pleasure from the competition as with ordinary balls and rackets. And then you can give out delicious prizes to both participants.

At three years old, the child needs to be prepared forserious life. He will have to tell and explain what can be done and what is not, what is dangerous and what is useful. Choosing games for 3-4 years, it is best to focus on what the child likes, what he will be interested. If the kid has a penchant for drawing or singing, dancing or studying animals, this should be encouraged.

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