Technology installation of metal from Budservice

Metal tile is a special roofing material, which is a profiled sheet of steel protected by a special decorative coating. The length of one sheet is equal to the slope.

In order for condensate not to accumulate on the cold side of the metal tile, it is necessary to provide high-quality ventilation over the entire area from the skates to the eaves. In the interval between the crate and the sheets to place the material with waterproofing properties. When choosing to give preference to the roll analogue.

The height of the corrugation metal tiles should be at least 44mm. If the slope of the roof is 20% or more, it is necessary to seal the joints and install a barrier against the wind. As a barrier material using vapor-permeable flooring, installation of which is carried out on top of the insulation. The overlap along the slope of the metal should be maintained at 250 mm, and the transverse - in one corrugation.

Wooden bricks (allowable section 50x50) and boards, also with section 50x120mm, are used as the base. Rafters with a section of 150x150 set at a distance of 900mm.

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Installation work begins for the roof in the form of a tent from the highest point, and for the dual-slope - from the end. Each subsequent sheet covers the capillary groove of the previous sheet metal. This contributes to a stronger mount and does not allow sheets to slide down. Begin installation on the left, setting a new sheet for each last wave.

The parameter for laying sheets of metal should be the cornice, it is along its line that the installation is carried out, and the roof should protrude no more than 45 mm above the cornice. During installation, it is necessary to move around the metal tile with great caution, advancing only in those places where there is a crate, as this type of roofing material is not able to withstand loads that exceed the norms established during production.

Initially, the metal tile is fixed with 1-2 screws on the ridge, and after the final alignment, which is carried out on the visor, fasten the rest.It is necessary to begin the installation of the next sheet by fastening it to an already installed sheet of metal tile, and only after that - to the crate. In accordance with the mounting technology per 1 sq.m. metal tiles account for 6 screws. All screws intended for these works must be with a seal. After the installation of the tiles is completed, the skates are fixed and the joints are sealed.

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