Technological characteristics on the power system

Nominal pressure(U Nominal effektivnatnosti nastrostnosti on medzhotovoto vrezhenie, with kototo elektricheste instalatatsii mogat yes work normal and yes razvivat power, combined in the passport (power rating).

Nominalnomnonnom on mrezhat epresheniya, which is necessary for normal work on the electrical receiver, then coincide with nominal on the receiver. The nominal voltage on the generator, somehow and on the second time winding on the transformer, is taken from 5% above the nominal voltage. Too much of a need for this and a lot of things, you foresee ruining, causing damage from the current, passing through the conductive wires, and even keeping the nominal voltage on the consumer.

They will determine their nominal values, for yes, they will set up to work on all the elements on the system for storage, they will be away from the generator on the electric power plant and they will go to the electrical reception. Electrical equipment for production.

Spread SEP reduces two categories to caution.before andover 1000 vOn the nominal footprint on the electrical installation over 1000 V ce is determined from GOST 721-77, up to 1000 V - GOST 21128-83 (see table 1.1 - 1.3).

Table 1.1 - Mashab on nominal voltage on electrical installations up to 1000 V

Table 1.2 - A rock for nominal installation on an electrical installation above 1000 V

Mezzi and receivers Generators and synchronous compresori Transformator and autotransformer
without sleeve with a key for product
steam winding secondary winding steam winding secondary winding
(3) (3,15) (3); (3,15) * (3,15); (3,3) - (3,15)
6,3 6; 6,3 * 6,3; 6,6 6; 6,3 * 6,3; 6,6
10,5 10; 10,5 * 10,5; 11 10; 10,5 * 10,5; 11
20; 21 *
- 38,5 35; 36,75 38,5
- - 110; 115 115; 121
(150) - - (165) (158) (158)
- - 220; 230 230; 242
- -
- -
- -

Table 1.3 - Classification and adjectives

Kogato nominal footprint at the price of an increase in price, the price of electricity equipment is increased. From a friend of yours country, which has always been hard to do, ruin energy and energy, and increase power, but increase power. Approximate dependence on namlenite dissipate from the tension is shown in figure 1.4.

When you ask for a stress, when a coito rasted sa minimumrational, Rationalization depends on the line on the line and the power and can determine it:

Through a special table;

Sponsor nomogram;

Through empirichni wording.

When deciding on a rationally non-standard approach through the formula (in kV), you can use it for example: Still:

thereP - predetermined calculated active power for the unified scheme, MW;

L - the length of the line, km

Tazi formula giving acceptable results forL≤ 250 km andP≤ 60 MW.

atL≤ 1000 km andP r≥ 60 MW when calculating the stress on the stress, can be done from the crawl formulas to Zaleski

The formula for Hilarionov, which is given in advance for the price of between 35 and 1150 kV for a distance of a line and significant power, cherished all of the crawl for calculusP≥ 1000 MW:

A rational decision to take it is determined for the nai-broadening section and (or) sections with nai-golyama power.

The result of calculating on a mountainous form is non-standard rational of a stress, such a footprint of a calculus is usually framed and outlined two most closely related standards (all are rational). Nakrano, nominee on the electric curtain is chosen by technical and iconological comparison. Kogato design for study program admission and close rationality to the highest standard.

Tryyaba and se bleach, that when the design is real, the nominal rating is much limited. The electric power cathode rule is not implemented by the designer from zero, but by dynamically developing its object. Consequently, the design of the Namaliava has been developed by the mrezhat, in some cases, at the same time as the tryabva and bustle around the meeting center. Under these conditions, the nominal tension in the new section to the goal of a degree determines the extent to which you are protected in the region.


(IEC 60038: 2009, MOD)

Official edition

Standard and Forms 2015


Aim, ground the principles and procedures for proving to work on interdustry standardization in GOST 1.0-92 "Interdivisional standardization system. Mainstreaming" and GOST 1.2-2009 "Interdisciplinary system for standardization. Interdisciplinary standards, rules and regulations, Interdisciplinary standardization. Interdisciplinary standards, rules and regulations. for development, acceptance, annex, actualisyran and anulirane "

Over standard


2 e introduced from the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology

3 RECEPTIONS from International Standards for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (Minutes from September 30, 2014, Nye 70-P)

Shortly Ime for countries for MK (IS0 3166) 004-97

Durzhavat code for MK (IS0 3166) 004-97

The name on the national standardization body

Ministry for Iconomics in the Republic of Armenia


Dzhavjven standard on the Republic of Belarus


Dzhavjven standard on the Republic of Kazakhstan



Moldova Standard


Goslobotrebstandard in Ukraine

4 Porch on the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology at 25 November 2014 No. 1745-Art Inter-standard GOST 29322-2014 standard is received in Ruskat by a national standard from October 1, 2015.

5 This standard has been changed in accordance with international standard IEC 60038: 2009 IEC. Add and change razredorb, kato se vzame premed, click on national econo- momics on the jerk of election in grief, se underlined in italics, somehow and vertical line, expanding itself in the frame on the text.

The international standard is developed from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Having a standard standard has been redefined in terms of its attitude to an international standard, because of the standard for its standardization.

Translated from English (at).

Degree on conformance e changed (MOD)

6 Locks for GOST 29322-92

Information for change the standard of publication in the year of the annual information index "National Standards". and the text on changes and addendum - the informational index "National Standards". In the case of a party or a representative of a standard, the standard “National Standards” information has been published on a monthly basis. Corresponding information, notice and texts of public and public information system - for official website on the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology on the Internet

© Standard and form. 2015

In Ruskat, the federation tozi standard couldn’t have been reproduced or partially reproduced, duplicated and distributed to the official publication without permission of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology


This standard has set the nominal voltage for the system, the seasons, the chains and the equipment for changing the current and constant current, because of the crawl in the pressure of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Tozi the standard for the design, the cessation of injury, the number of sections and the subsections of the dissenter imprinted on the standard IEC 60038: 2009. Comparison of the standard IEC 60038: 2009 standard is actualized with the actualization of international standards and definitions.

Nai-niskoto naprezhenie, from the range in table A1 from Appendix A to the standard, is determined for the maximum decline in the distance between the input to the consumer in the electrical system and the electrical equipment, which is 4%. Tazi maximum decline in electrical circuits on electrical basis in advance standard - 8 Table G.52.1 at the time of standard for electrical installation of electrical society, for example, from maximum difference to maximum in electrical decay:

for electrically bulbs - 3%: for other electrical receivers - 5%.

From within a standard standard with a direct font, keep it blank in a small, direct form. Update the notes, somehow and add and edit the pages, open italically.



Standard pressure

The date on the date is 2015-10-01

1 Girth per app

This standard is attached for:

At an electric power supply, the AC system has a nominal voltage over 100 V, and the standard of accuracy from 50 Hz or 60 Hz is out of crawl behind the switch, distributed and consumed by electricity and electrical equipment, and in this system:

On the traction system with constant and constant current:

In the electric AC, the nominal voltage is small from 120 and the accuracy is 6 (very simple, but not self) 50 or 60 Hz, the electric voltage is DC-small from 750 8. This is equipped with the battery (or the cells to the cells), the other ones AC or DC, electrical equipment (including communications and communication) and Domakino electric power supply.

Tozi standard does not apply to signals, from exponentially generated and transmitted to a signal or measurement. Standard does not apply for standard voltage on components or parts, due to electrical breakdown or electrical breakdown.

Tozi standard determines stoichnost on standardnomu strain, which is intended for use of the Cato slide:

Preference for nominal voltage on the electrical system:

Referential stability for electrical equipment and projecting electrical systems.


1 Two main reasons to bring it to perseverance, setting a standard in this:

The nominal caution (or iaivysshego caution for electrical equipment), defined in this standard, is based on a preliminarily historical development on the electrical system, which is stored in the world, and you should be recognized:

The conditions for stress, the definition in the standard, are considered to be the most suitable basis for the development and utilization of electrical equipment and systems.

2 Determined on suitable conditions, on conditions of imitation and criteria on acceptance of the system and standardize on standards on products.

2 Terms and conditions

In ToSi Standard izvzvzvat follow the termini ess to clarify the definition. For AC voltage, effec- tiveness of the safety of saadadin out-of-order.

nominal tension on a systematic basis: the answer is approximate resistance to, or is used for, designation or identification of a systematic.

[section 601-01. member 21]

Official edition

2.5 Bailout: Tense between phase and length between phase and fade on power clamps.

2.4 terminals for delivery: a point in the source or distributor is overloaded, a cato takawa is defined and a contract is defined, and an electric power exchange is exchanged in a coito iplnitelity.

STANDARD - Equivalent definition: between the lineite or between the line and the bottom of the clamp.

2.6 girth on the reserve: Range on the strength of the clamp.

2.7 from the expanded: in between the phase of the phase or the length between the phase and the neutral in contact or point on the fix electric installation, since the coito is ragged and the cell is not bent.

Zabelezhka - Equivalent definition: between the line or between the distance and the non-subscription of the nest or at the point of fixation of the electrical installation, which is coarse and attached to the elektrolriemniki.

2.8 range for extension (voltage range for vacuum): range for voltage in contact or in point on a fixed electrical installation, how many times it is necessary to connect the cell.

SCREW - When nyakoi electrically standards (for example IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60071). The term "pitch range" ima has a different meaning.

2.9 maximum pressure for equipping: Nai-visokoto pressure, for sometime electrical equipment is characterized with:

a) isolation:

b) other characteristics, which may be given to you by the Nova-nyamyo to avoid the costs of electrical equipment.

ELECTRONIC ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT MAYBE ARE THERE, because of the crawl itself in an electrical system with the lowest voltage, which is small or equal to the highest voltage for the electric equipment.

3 standard pads

Systems and electrical connections with tracing current with nominal voltage from 100 to 1000 V inclusive

The nominal voltage at the speakers of the systematic system in the range from 100 to 1000 V is random and was chosen from the stability given in Table 1.

Table 1 - Systems and electrical conversions with traced current with nominal voltage from 100 to 1000 V including

Nominal pressure on the three-phase system is chotyrehprovodnyh or trilodrovodnyh. AT

Nominal pressure on the single-phase trizhilni system. AT

"The resistance of 230/400 V e result from the development of 220/330 V and 240/415 V system, which was sailed from

Europe and many other countries. In addition, the 220/360 V and 240/415 V systems will be pressed and crawled.

* "Duration at 400/690 V e result from eoopyutsii system 360/660 V. coito populvat application in Europe and many other countries.In addition, 380/660 Sistema more and more prodlyzhavat yes creeping UNG.

° Stoicost 200 or 220 V ce from crawling and outside the country

4 'Hold on at 100/200 V out of the crawl and into a weak country in the system with a accuracy of 50 or 60 Hz.

8 Table 1 Three-phase system and single-phase three-system systems including single-phase electrical circuits, connecting them to a system.

Pick up the properties in the collar and second column of the strain between the phasate and nerathra, in the high visibility of the tension between the phaseite. Aco is united with one fortitude, relying on three-phase trizhilni system and setting the distance between the phasite. Malkata resistance to tertary of the column e is interrupted between the phasate and the non-lobe, interpreted in a manner interlocked between the phase conductor.

It is above 230/400 V. It is intended for use in the industrial sector and in golemite of the company.

Under normal conditions for operation, the safety pump is not flail and it differs from the nominal voltage at a regular rate of ± 10%.

The range depends on the change on the power of the terminal and on the load, which can be installed in consumer electrical installations, for example, electrical installation on the ground.For more information see. Tozi's girth is based on a caution, but it is foreseen from the technical committee for standardization.

STRAINER Nai-Vokokite and find stability on the power terminal of the terminal and on the power supply receiver for additional data A for information. Mogat yes the calculation of kakto poku grief and on.

Systems behind valve with constant current and AC

Sparely on DC or AC, swap the system and trybish in a random way from Table 2.

Table 2 - Systems behind the valve DC and AC *

Not for poverty, B_ nominal honor for



Nay golemiyat

system sa promenlivi. Hz

DC system

Single phase system

traced the current

M Stoic resistance, stapled in braces, se is accepted for goodness on the node and crucible. These theses are not the whole thing behind the new construction system in the future. In a special way, for odiofazimh systems for exchanging current for a voltage of yuminapioe 62SO In a tryaba and this because of creeping itself, somehow, the conditions do not allow an addition to the nominal voltage of 25 000 V.

Resist, date, table, fairness, come from the International Committee on Tectonical Technique and Technical Committee 9 on the IEC "Electroelectric Apparatus and System for Iron Fosili *.

* In Europe, the European pressure level may reach 4000 volts. Electrical equipment trayslortmnh: eds. participate in the international communication with the three countries, try and smash into the basin the maximum tolerance for the shortest period from time to S min.

3 3 Systems with three-phase and electric equipment with a single-circuit current with nominal voltage from 1 to 35 kV

In the case of triphase current flow, current with nominal voltage from 1 to 35 kV is included in the test and selected from resistance, in table 3.

Table 3 - Three-phase system and electrical equipment with a current with nominal voltage from 1 to 35 kV including -

Nay - golemiyat stress on

Nominal pressure on the system.

Nay - golemiyat stress on

Nominal pressure

electrical equipment, kV

system. kV

2 in the normal system from a series I, the maximum and minimum voltage is not distinct from about 110% of the nominal voltage at the system. In a normalnata system from series II, the maximum low error is not distinguished from more than 5%. and nai-niskoto vremenzhenie e more from -10% of the nominal pitch on systemat

* "Tezi sistemi sikobeno sa sistemi with three lobbies, osvechen ak not e mated to each other."Tezi durability sa napreveniya between phase.

Stamina, stapled in braces, are considered as insignificant. There is nothing wrong with this.

** These theses are not the same as the cause of creeping for new systems with general purpose.

The tezi sys tem is confined to chetiri pions and sys tem and persistence of the tensions between phasites. The amount between phasate and neutral was not equal to the determined value, divided by 1.73.

41 Unite on Elusive Values

"In some countries, from 22.9 kV for the nominal voltage and 24.2 or 25.8 kV for the high and low level for illegally equipping

3.4 Three-phase and electric equipment with tracing current with nominal voltage from 35 to 230 kV

The current for the three-phase flow of the current flows from the nominal voltage above 35 kV to 230 kV including switch-on and the choice of resistance, in table 4.

Table 4 - Three-phase and electric equipment with traction current with nominal voltage from 35 to 230 kV *

Nay - golemiyat stress on

Nominal pressure on the system. kV

"Stay back in the shackle, do not take it as a prescription for the value." These theses are not the whole thing for building on new projects inbetter

Above two kinds of nominal values ​​for systematics. Vvyv every country of this predprchchva and this of the crawl itself is one of the dvete series.

8 Every country of Kato Nai-Golyamo, for electrical installation, is a pre-production and self-crawl, it is only one thing to follow:

123 or 145 kV;

245 or 300 kV (see Table 5) or 362 kV (Table 5 see).

3.5 Tryphazni system with nai-high voltage for electric equipment over 245 kV

Nai-golamoto vperenie for electrical equipment for three-phase, exchanged current over 245 kV tryabva yes elected by stoolite, given in table 5.

Table 5 - Three-phase system with a high-voltage installation over 245 kV *:

Nai-golamoto onset for electrical equipment, kW

"3kacheniya, uimmiye on the staple, consider ielrodpochtiteliymi movable.

"Out of the cross and standing on 526 square meters.

The resistance at 7v5 kV is attached. Stand on the ground, from rubbing it into electric power equipment, trying it out, and koito, they installed IEC for 765 kV.

All of them are geographically geographically, the area is a cross-section and the crawl itself is one of the advantages of following the electrical equipment:

245 (see table 4) or 300 or 362 k8:

362 or 420 kV:

420 or 550 kV:

1100 or 1200 kV.

COLLECTION - The term "geographically region" can be a country, a group of countries, who can take a drink on a stress or part of a lot of golyama dzhrzhava.

3.6 Electric equipments with current flow with nominal voltage slightly from 120 V and constant current with nominal voltage from 750 V

The nominal voltage is small, between 120 and 750 V for electrical equipment, AC and DC, tryaba and would be chosen by no means, in table 6.

Table 6 - AC electrical equipment with nominal voltage low 120 V and DC nominal voltage small 750 V

No current

Preferred to

Preferred. AT


1 Tyo kato is used on cells or baterites, a little from 2.4 V and taken to a type for bateryat or bateryat, called for different areas for use, based on different criteria, for example. Theses do not fit into the table. Technically, take a look at the commission on IEC Mogat and Instalimenti Elementi or Bateriya and resolve the implications for concrete.

2 For technical and iconological reasons we may need other options for specific applications.

Appendix A


Nai-Visokite and Niskite state of mind on the voltage on the power clamp and electrically accept for the system with the current from the nominal voltage from 100 to 1000 V

Table A.1 shows the nay-golemit and nai-malite stability at silovite and electrical receivers. That could be done according to table 1 from section 4 of the present standard and instructions, d.


1 Stand in table A.1 of all basis on belezhkat kym section 525. Coito: "When you are on other specimens, on the other hand, on practice, on the voltage between the entrance to the consumer in the electric system and on the electric system, and not even 4% of the nominal rate of the elektroustaiovkiv. Section 525 is in the center of the region. In fortuitousness, it is possible to stop the search for naytoto from the power unit and the exchange rate in accordance with the prevention of this.

2 Standard is replaced with standard end. Table C 52.1 appendix G e electrically generated by the public electric grid, the determination of the last is the maximum decline: for the electric lamps - 3 96. Other epektroproemmikov - 5%.

Table A.1 - Nai-golem and nai-malka voltage for failure at the power terminals and electrical acceptance for the current flow system with nominal voltage from 100 to 1000 V including


Nominal honesty. Hz

Nai - inwardly cautious or

caution AT

Nominal pressure. AT

Nai-malkat litany. AT

From the crawl se nai niskoto vremenzhenie. AT

Trifazen chetirizhilen or

tristepenny system

Confuse the sinners of the system

* The resistance of 230/400 V e results from the development of 220/360 V and 240/415 V system. Follow savavshenii in Europe and many other countries. System 220/380 V and 240/415 V all the more creeping.

m Stoicost 400/690 V e result from evolutics to systemat 380/660 V, which is more efficiently assisted in Europe and

nyogmh other countries. For example, the 380/660 V system is even clearer because of the crawl.

"Stoic 200 or 220 V of crawling and outside the country.

Stay off from 100/200 V all of the creeping grip on and behind some countries in the system with SO or 60 Hz.

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