Technical security of construction work

In the construction of buildings and structures for various purposes there is always a risk to the health of workers, and it is much greater than in other sectors of the economy. In order to avoid accidents there are rules of conduct at the construction site. Workers should be familiar with the technique of safe construction with the consolidation of this knowledge in practice, since their health and often their lives depend on it.

What are the risks of builders

  • Injuries caused by improper use of power tools and other building devices and objects.
  • Falling from the height of forests, in the failures of stairs and construction pits, pits.
  • Injuries associated with the fall of heavy objects.
  • Punctures of the limbs with nails.
  • The fall of the jacks due to loose racks.

Precautionary measures

  • Training of the personnel, regularly conducting instructions on the rules of technical safety, especially among newly-recruited builders.
  • Work in a helmet.
  • Fitters vysotnikamu to have a mounting belt.
  • To engage in complex work involving risks, to involve experienced specialists, especially in the field of electricians.
  • Ensure that the scaffolds, racks, and jacks are securely fastened.
  • Install fences around the places of possible falling of workers - openings, pits, slippery places at a height, etc.
  • Maintain order in the construction site.
  • Supply of all workers with necessary equipment. Medical clothing wholesale and overalls for construction work will help protect people from accidental damage.

At the construction site everything should work like a clock mechanism. In addition to the precautions already listed, there are other points to consider that will contribute to the safety of workers.
Necessary measures:

  • Maintenance of hygiene and maintenance of workers.
  • High level of labor discipline.
  • Compliance with building safety regulations
  • Timely and high-quality medical care and assistance to victims.
  • The order of storage of materials and construction waste.
  • Control over the serviceability of mechanisms and the completeness of equipment, in particular - cranes; preparation of crane routes.
  • Ensuring good illumination of the construction area and emergency site.
  • 24/7 communication.
  • Setting up and using an alarm system according to the Rules of the Gosgortekhnadzor.
  • Competent preparation of the design part of the construction and installation works is a project for the organization of work in which the entire process of the construction of this object is described in detail and consistently. The project has a detailed description of the necessary materials for its implementation; location, number of workers involved, specialists, and so on.
  • Timely garbage collection from construction sites.
  • The establishment of pointers for the free movement of transport units and workers.
  • Technical equipment of workers in difficult climatic conditions or under adverse environmental exposure (the presence of toxic, toxic, chemical substances).
  • Documentary measures of labor protection - instructions on the technology for solving any possible situations during the construction of the facility.These instructions are, in a sense, legal acts, and must be coordinated with the trade union.
  • The application of sanctions to violators of order in accordance with internal legal acts, the Administrative Code, and the Labor Code.

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