Tank Cleaning

for the storage of water and other liquids, as well as the tanks that make up the sewage system is a complex task that requires a special approach, the use of special tools and equipment. It is carried out in several stages. Produced by:

  • Inspection of the tank for damage detection, determination of the chemical and physical composition of accumulated inside and to be removed substances.
  • Cleaning the inner surface of the tank from the remnants of the detected substances, the formed layers and soil particles.
  • Check for tightness and cleaning of pipelines connected to the tank (if any).
  • Identification and removal of biological sources of pollution that can affect the quality and chemical composition of water or other liquids entering the reservoir.
  • Complete disinfection.

According to current regulations, routine maintenance of containers for the storage of drinking water should be made at least once a year, and designed to accommodate industrial water - once every three years.

Considering all parameters

The complexity of the work performed, and therefore their pace and final cost, depend on the many parameters of the serviced object:

  • Sizes.
  • Geometric shape.
  • The number of internal cavities into which the container is divided.
  • Location The object can be located deep underground or be raised above its surface by several tens of meters.

A separate problem is the removal of residues of petroleum products and lubricants.

For the good of the cause

Costs pay off handsomely. After all, timely and high-quality service allows you to:

  • To improve the quality of water and ensure that its chemical and bacteriological composition complies with sanitary and hygienic standards.
  • Timely detect and repair damage hidden under the sediment layer.
  • Increase the service life of the pumping and filtering equipment connected to the tank.

It remains only to choose a performer whose level of professionalism corresponds to the complexity of the tasks.

Profitable proposition

A branch of the Stroy Triumf company in Moscow offers tank cleaning services, the price of which will certainly appeal to customers who pay special attention to the careful use of funds.Using certified equipment and various cleaning techniques, we quickly do our job, ensuring quality results.

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