Summer Solstice in 2019

It has long been believed that the day of the summer solstice stands alone in the national calendar. After all, this time is filled with special energy, and the day itself is connected with many signs and omens. Yet it is good that many ancient traditions are resurrected in our days - otherwise, we would not have been able to learn so many interesting things related to the summer solstice.

Dates and numbers

Solstice Day is the time when the Sun is at a minimal angle relative to the surface of the planet. In other words, the light on this day hangs exactly above his head - as if frozen at its zenith. The day of the summer solstice is the longest day of the year, respectively, the night of these days is the shortest for the whole astronomical year.

So, what is the date of this holiday? The date of the summer solstice may vary depending on the year - either 21 or 20 June; The last date is in leap years.

In 2019, the summer solstice falls on Thursday, June 20th.The duration of the longest day is 17 hours and 33 minutes; the shortest night is 6 hours 27 minutes.

sun above the horizon

Equinox and Solstice

Sometimes the summer solstice day is mistakenly called the summer equinox. This is absolutely wrong! Astronomers can give explanations for this phenomenon, however, in order not to be confused in terminology, it is best to just remember the following information.

Equinox means day is equal to night; there are only two such days a year in the spring and autumn, that is, in the offseason, when the cold season gives way to warm and vice versa. The spring equinox in 2019 - March 20, the autumnal equinox - September 23.

The solstice is the time when the sun hits the highest point above your head; there are two such days a year, they fall in summer and winter, that is, the longest seasons are times of heat and cold. The summer solstice promises us the longest light day, and the winter solstice the longest night. The summer solstice in 2019 is June 21, the winter solstice is December 22.

Traditions and customs

The sacred meaning of the summer solstice was given not only by our Slav ancestors.It is authentically known that this day played an important role in the culture of many tribes and ethnic groups at the dawn of mankind; An example of this is the religious buildings of South America, Britain, Egypt - the pyramids of the Aztecs and Mayans, Stonehenge, the temples of the ancient Egyptians.

Slavs also dedicated this day to the most important summer holiday - Kupala. True, today (and in 2019, including) the day of Ivan Kupala no longer coincides with the day of the summer solstice due to the transition to a new chronology (Gregorian calendar).

campfire celebration

The ceremonies held on the Kupala night were so important that no one dared to ignore them, because they determined the future life of one person, his family, and a whole tribe or nation not only for the year ahead, but for the rest of his life.

Yarilo is getting married

The ancient Slavs believed that on this night the Sun-Yarilo descended to Earth-Apia (in other legends — to Water-Danu) in order to “marry”. The result of such a "marriage" was Zarya-Dawn. According to another version, on this day the Sun went down under the earth - to Iriy, and so that the World would not end there, it was necessary to spend the shortest night correctly - so that Yarilo wanted to return to the people.And what was to be done on this night? Burn fires - bright, high, so that they burn until dawn. Sprinkle ashes from the fires the ground at the entrance to the hut or dugout - then Navi, evil spirits of death, will not be able to get to the dwelling. To sing songs, lead round dances, conduct intimate conversations - in a word, be awake and not be dismayed.

Burn, burn clearly!

Later, with the arrival of Christianity in Russia, the customs were somewhat modified. So, there was a tradition to jump over the fire - all the troubles and misfortunes, all the ailments and the evil eye burned in the hot cleansing flame.

The shortest night of the year - the time of rampant evil spirits. On the night of Kupala, mermaids and mawoons, insidious dwellers of rivers, lakes and forest streams, came ashore. And if a hunter met on the bank of a stream a young girl who asked to be transferred to that bank - well, the beautiful legs are afraid to dunk, and the girl does not know how to swim - then he should have run away from her without looking around. Otherwise, it will capture the evil mother, will force to serve until the next year, to guard and get her food.

Mermaids lured the guys in shallow water, lured with sweet speeches and call-up songs.Well, what guy can resist the caresses of a half-naked beauty? Only the one who truly love. And the girls tried before Kupala, made wreaths of conspiracy to the boys, weaving in them birch branches and the wormwood color. After all, only a bitter wormwood could protect this night from the machinations of evil spirits - any evil spirits.

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