Subscriptions 2017 - 2018

In the life of music lovers of the capital, there is a time when they rush not to concert venues, but to the box office. This indicates that the sale of tickets for the next season has begun. This year the poster of the Moscow Philharmonic represents 250 subscriptions in ten different halls. How to navigate in such a rich offer and what's waiting for new music lovers, tell this article.


According to the Moscow Philharmonic, the most popular season tickets for the 2017-2018 season are only nine. Their sale ended a day after the start of the cash offices.

The most popular were concerts, where the solo instrument is the piano. They represent:

  1. Russian National Orchestra conducted by M. Pletnev;
  2. Grand Symphony Orchestra. Tchaikovsky under the leadership of V. Fedoseev.

Among the running were tickets to the show for young listeners with sand animation.

Philharmonic notes that in parallel with the box office, documents can be purchased online at the official web resource music lover. RU.For access to the halls is not required a paper version. Entry will be made by PIN code.

Moscow Philharmonic subscriptions

Familiarity with them confirms that their focus on 100% will be a success of the audience. Themes and diversity of genres are designed for different audiences, both in age and level of interest. Season tickets are interesting for demanding listeners as well as music lovers, including children. Especially popular are performances in the Tchaikovsky Hall.

Among the artists are many domestic and foreign performers, and among them there are a lot of musicians of a different class, ranging from future stars and ending with professionals of the highest level.

Subscriptions 2017 - 2018

Of particular interest is the subscription to the Star of the World Opera in Moscow. In 2017-18 one can see M. Rebeca, who has already conquered famous scenes of the world with her soprano. For the same ticket, you can hear an American K. Ketelsen with a luxurious bass-baritone. He has long been known to the Moscow public for the play "Don Juan" by D. Chernyakov.

In addition, music lovers will be able to hear the American singer D. El Khoury.She is of Canadian-Lebanese descent and is famous for her unique soprano.

The concert “Opera Masterpieces” will acquaint the Russian public with completely new singers, under the direction of S. Montanari, who were remembered by the world music community for participation in “Don Juan”. The same document will allow you to hear:

  1. the best lyric tenor of modernity S. Costello a "Faust" Gounod;
  2. mezzo-soprano A. Bonitatibus in Handel's Otto;
  3. contralto R. Basso.

In the Moscow Philharmonic, you can get acquainted with the cycle "Despairing Rus" G. Sviridova performed by O. Borodina.

Subscription with the name “Workshop Workshop. Barocco will amaze all music lovers with a wide variety of performers and groups. Among them:

  • Contractor V. Sabadus and Concerto Köln from Germany will show the presentation “Dear Twin”;
  • Les Arts Fоrissants under the direction of W. Christie will present their “English Garden”;
  • French pianists L. Debarg and P. Emar;
  • M. Amlin from Canada;
  • B. Abduraimov from Uzbekistan;
  • A. Zedda from Italy;
  • K. Karabits from Ukraine;
  • B. Berezovsky and M. Pletnev from Russia.

Subscriptions of the Moscow Conservatory

The Moscow Conservatory presented for the years 2017-2018 fifty-nine performances of different directions. They represent both young musicians and venerable performers.This continuity of generations has repeatedly shown its relevance. The Conservatory, continuing its educational activities, included concerts in its subscriptions, both on ancient instruments and on modern instruments.

Abbreviations of the Great Hall are devoted to cooperation with famous performers of our time:

  • A. Vedernikov;
  • D. Sitkovetsky;
  • A. Knyazev;
  • E. Virsaladze.

During thematic performances, you can get acquainted with rare scores. So with the help of the subscription No1, which is dedicated to I. Stravinsky, you can meet with the music of the author in a dialogue with such authors as

  • Chaikovsky,
  • Chopin
  • Bah

The choir ticket will allow you to hear the singing of students of the conservatory. Thanks to the same document, you will be able to get acquainted with spiritual writings:

  • Mozart;
  • Bernstein;
  • Baha.

Seasonal concerts “Vokrug Sveta” and “Detsky” will allow you to make musical trips with masters I. Sokolov and V. Valeev. Absence of organ music will help all lovers of this genre to listen to the newly updated organ of the BZK.

Subscriptions 2017 - 2018 in Moscow for concerts of classical music

Tickets "Small" will surprise with its variety of programs. Among which are dedicated:

  • Gornostaeva;
  • Century T. Gaidamovich;
    Jubilees A. Goedicke and N.Petrova.

Violin and piano art will be presented in separate performances. Thanks to them, you will get acquainted with the pupils of the following popular masters:

  • E. Grach;
  • M. Resurrection;
  • E. Virsaladze;
  • S. Dorensky.

A. Buzlov, K. Rodin, A. Rudin, A. Knyazev will present programs that will surely be of interest to cello fans.

It will be possible to get acquainted with chamber performance at concerts of the “Moscow Trio” and the Quartet named after A. Borodin.

The subscription of the Chamber Choir MK will allow everyone to learn about contemporary music. Organ lovers are waiting for performances in which their favorite instrument will sound, both solo and accompanied by musical groups.

Vocal fans will be able to listen to:

  1. O. Kulko;
  2. O. Guryakova;
  3. Y. Ivanilova;
  4. A. Gitsboy.

In the Rachmaninov Hall, concerts will be devoted to the epochs of baroque, musical and avant-garde. Beethoven's sonatas will be performed using nineteenth-century instruments. The season ticket holders will become participants of the “Double Trinity” festival, where the performers of such instruments as:

  • English Rozhok;
  • oboe;
  • footsteps

The owner of the pass-through document on “The Magic Sounds of Fairy Tales” will get acquainted with a new reading of famous works.

Children's season tickets will provide a huge variety of genres, instruments and authors for young music lovers.

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