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December 18, 2012
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Stuslo with his own handsQuite often, during construction repair work, it is required to cut any part precisely at an angle of 45 degrees, for example, ceiling baseboards for fastening in external and external corners. It is not so simple to do this without special devices, and usually in this seemingly uncomplicated work, a hitch occurs. To simplify the process and cut parts exactly at an angle of 45 degrees, a barrels that can be made with your own hands come in handy.

These tools are sold in hardware stores, and you can not bothering with the manufacture of the mash to buy it ready. But the fact is that plastic molded parts, which are sold in stores, are unnecessarily expensive for such a simple tool and have low strength. Already after a few cuts, the grooves widen greatly in these stuslah, after which it is impossible to make an even cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

The problem is solved by independent fabrication of the can, and this can be done in a couple of hours and from a minimum of materials. At the same time, you can choose the length of the molded piece yourself, which is important when working with long parts (skirting boards, platbands).

manual blockAt its core, the miter box is a plastic or wooden tray with slotted guides at an angle of 45 degrees. Sometimes there is a straight groove for cutting parts. In a more sophisticated version, there are mechanical stusla with additional stops and clamps, as well as with a complete set of paddle and archery saws.

It is easy to use a conus: it is necessary to make a marking on the part, put the workpiece in the tray so that the marked line clearly coincides with the necessary slot and saw the part by placing the tool in the slot. The walls of the miter box in this case act as guides and the saw does not move, thus ensuring the accuracy of the cut.

How to make a cask

  • Wood is used as a material for self-made material, since plastic is available for production only in industrial conditions. A wooden board should be made of solid wood, but if there is only a coniferous board in stock, then it will do, as long as its thickness is about 20 mm. For boards of oak and ash thickness may be less, in the range of 10-15 mm. For blanks, you need to align the corners and make the angles all 90 degrees accurate.
  • The width of the tool box can be chosen for the used workpiece.Since most plinths and platbands are not wider than 15 cm, then the width of the mollusk should also be done within these limits.
  • fabrication

  • The sides of the mash also make about 15 cm high. If you make them taller, it will be inconvenient to work with a cutting tool, and if it is lower, then the saw may jump out of the grooves.
  • First, prepare the box clasla. To do this, connect the parts with screws and additionally install the dowels on the glue. After the screws are clamped, the details of the miter box are clamped with a clamp for a more secure fit, and if excess glue has protruded, they are removed with a clean cloth. Glued tray is left to dry completely.
  • Next, go to the markup. A perpendicular line is drawn at the end of the side of the sheet and the line is drawn on the opposite side exactly at the same level. After that, measure the width of the miter box, taking into account the width of the sides. And backing away from the already conducted tags on the width of the box. If you project these labels onto a plane, you will get a square.
  • After marking, it is necessary to check everything carefully, because the quality of work and evenness of cuts depend on the accuracy of measurements. Check the parallelism of the labels and the distance between them, and it must be done several times.
  • After this, with a sharp hacksaw at the sides of the bolster, diagonal slits are carefully cut through, checking them by the marks. In order to expand the finished slots, they are ground with coarse sanding paper folded in half. If you need a perpendicular groove to cut the part, then it is made on the same principle.

At observance of manufacturing techniques and accuracy of cutting of grooves, the self-made material will be no worse than the purchased one. In addition, you can make several such devices to work with different parts and tools.

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