Student Day in 2017

It's time for students - an unforgettable, fun time, which you remember all your life with warmth and a drop of sadness. The students, for the most part, are a carefree and energetic people, they are full of strength and a great desire not just to have a good time, but to have a great time, to dance enough and have fun with friends.

And what could be the best reason for fun than their own holiday - Tatiana's Day orStudent's day? 2017 under the auspices of the bright and extraordinary Fiery Rooster promises to give everyone dizzying days, and, therefore, the student holiday will be held with a bang!

When will student day be?

At a time when students from around the world celebrate International Students' Day, which is celebrated annually on November 17, this holiday practically bypasses Russia. But the native Student's Day or Tatiana's Day passes solemnly and joyfully for all Russian students. This may be due to the fact that the International Day of Students is perceived more as a political event, because the international day in Czechoslovakia, which was firmly occupied by the fascist invaders, originates.

Student's day 2017 numberIn, not so distant, in 1939, Prague students, together with teachers, organized a peaceful demonstration, which young people wanted to hold in honor of the creation of their state. The Germans dispersed the true patriots of Czechoslovakia, accidentally or deliberately killing one of the demonstrators. This incident caused a stormy protest, which eventually led to the exponential execution of the majority of demonstrators. Others were sent to concentration camps.

Sorrowful events occurred, which led to the closure of all educational institutions, on November 17. Every year on this day, students from many countries participate in promotions that raise burning issues relating to youth, in general, and students, in particular.

Russian students are used to celebrating their day on January 25th. To date, there is probably no student who would not know when Student Day is celebrated. In 2017, all students of the country will also celebrate it.

Why is Tatiana's Day? history of the holiday

Long before the notorious day of November 17, in 1755, the Empress of Russia Elizaveta Petrovna signed the decree “On the Establishment of Moscow University”.Since then, January 12 (January 25) began to celebrate the founding of Moscow University. This was the first name for today's Student Day. Years later, on the campus of the university, the Church of the Holy Great Martyr Tatiana of Rome was opened and consecrated. It is believed that of sv. Tatiana patronizes students. Tatyana's day began to be celebrated on the same day as Students' Day. In fact, one holiday bore two names. Since the mid-nineteenth, the feast of exclusively students of Moscow University has become a triumph of the Russian intelligentsia.

In the Russian Empire, all holidays were celebrated noisily and fervently. But Tatiana's Day in Moscow captured the whole city in captivity of fun. The holiday consisted of two parts - a solemn ceremony, which was held in the hall of the university, and folk festivals, which were scattered through the streets of the whole of Moscow. The students were held in high esteem and, even the tipsy student of Moscow University, the royal gendarmes did not touch that day. On the contrary, upon meeting a drunken student, the policemen offered him their help and accompanied him to his place of residence.

what date is the student's day in russia

Unfortunately, after the October Revolution, the celebration of Tatiana's Day was left.The status of the holiday was resumed only in 1995 after the opening of the sacred temple in honor of the Great Martyr Tatiana, all there, on the territory of Moscow University. Now the student's holiday has been celebrated not only in Moscow, but throughout the country.

Since 2005, the Student Day has become an official holiday by decree of the President of Russia V.V. Putin, and now he is called the "Day of Russian students." However, in the circles of the youth and the older generation, January 25 is forever Student's Day.

Interesting is the coincidence of the day of the festival with the study calendar, where January 25 falls on the last day of 21 school weeks, which means it coincides with the beginning of the winter holidays. Not all universities have the same schedule, but be that as it may, the New Year holidays are just around the corner and the mood of the students is in itself elevated.

Student day nowadays

On January 25, solemn and entertainment events are held in all the universities of the Russian Federation. The administration congratulates students and awards particularly outstanding young people with grants and special scholarships. All sorts of skittles are held, the guys prepare entertaining rooms, KVNschiki delight the audience with their humor, students participate in fun competitions and win good prizes.

student's day holiday 2017

Even the state understands the importance of such a holiday as student's day. After all, talented young people can simply roll off to a world famous university somewhere in England. In order to prevent a “brain drain”, the country encourages young people, allocating financial opportunities for universities to create favorable conditions for education, educational grants. Laboratories, audiences, etc. equipped with modern technology.

Aspirate students receive an excellent opportunity to improve their knowledge in the best graduate schools, to defend their candidate and then doctoral dissertations, in a word - grow!

Of course, after the end of the festive concert in the school, the students go for a walk through the city’s streets, looking at such places as bowling clubs, billiards, various cafes, karaoke bars and clubs where students can dance until the morning ( in the event that in the morning you do not need to go for a couple). In 2017, January 25 falls on Wednesday, so it is quite possible that on Thursday you will have to stomp into the university and, for example, pass the test.

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