Strobe cutter with your own hands

May 16, 2013

Strobe cutter with your own handsWhen repairing an apartment and redoing electrical wiring, it is very often necessary to lay new grooves in the walls — channels for wires and cables. For these works there are special tools - wall chasers. They are used professionally for large amounts of work and it’s not advisable to buy such a tool for one time, because it costs a lot. Craftsmen have found a way out of this situation in the application of another electric tool - Bulgarian (detachable typewriter).

If a diamond segment wheel is used during operation, then the work on cutting out the strobe will take place quickly and effortlessly. The advantages of this option are its cost effectiveness and low weight of the grinder compared to an industrial wall chaser. The downside is the lack of a dust catcher, which is installed in industrial versions of wall chasers. But even in this case, you can find a way out of the situation - use a respirator and ventilate the room, attach a fan next to it, or even adjust a vacuum cleaner for suctioning dust.

During the laying of a single wire or cable, an even and deep groove under it is important - this facilitates further gouging of the partition in the groove using a perforator. The use of a modified grinder with two diamond discs as a wall chaser gives exactly the smooth and deep strobet.

How to make a wall chaser from the grinder

How to make a wall chaser from the grinder

The first diamond disk is fixed in the grinder as usual, and for the second one more nut is needed. On the fixing nut of the grinder there is an additional ring of the same diameter as the main one - this ring secures the second diamond disc. The second nut presses the second disc, which fits on the first (original) nut. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the threads have enough nuts for fastening.

Sometimes it happens that it is impossible to securely fasten the second disk to the thread, and in this case the method of mounting the diamond disk without an additional nut is used. On the fixing nut there is a ring with a diameter equal to the mounting hole on the diamond disc, therefore between the two discs a metal ring is put up to 1 cm thick, and the second disc is fixed with the nut upside down.

You can choose the option of manufacturing a new elongated nut and a spacer sleeve, with which you set the distance between the disks, that is, the width of the grooves. If desired, you can replace the sleeve on a set of washers 2-4 mm thick for easy adjustment of the gate width.

To divert dust to the side, it is necessary to make a protective casing with a nozzle for dust. Some use a fan for dust removal or adapt a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

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