Stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Before you make repairs in the bathroom, properly place the accents, because the bathroom is the place where you spend water treatments for relaxation before bedtime and waking in the morning. That is why you need to take care of a favorable atmosphere in this room, because who will be pleased, for example, the old wet ceiling? Neither drywall nor plaster or even plastic structures will save the situation. The only best option is stretch ceilings, which have many advantages for use in rooms with high humidity.

The advantages of stretch ceilings for the bathroom

A distinctive feature of any bathroom is high humidity, taking into account a small area, so finishing materials must be selected accordingly. Distinctive features of the stretch ceiling, in contrast to other finishing materials, are:

- increased moisture resistance;

- resistance to high temperatures;

- environmental friendliness;

- simple installation procedure, even for small premises;

- the ability to design multi-level ceilings;

- easy care;

- large selection of colors.

The choice of lighting for a bathroom with a stretch ceiling

In the bathroom, the lighting should be bright, as women do makeup in front of the mirror, and men shave, not to mention the fact that you can simply admire your reflection in the mirror. Therefore, before you make installation of lighting devices, carefully read their characteristics, for example, whether they tolerate high temperatures and moisture. The best recessed spotlights are suitable for this.

How to choose a suspended ceiling

When choosing a stretch ceiling for the bathroom, pay attention to its features. So, as mentioned earlier, the canvas should be moisture-resistant, and this is best obtained at the ceilings of polyvinyl chloride film. Fabric cloths are strictly prohibited for use in this area. It should also be easy to install in a small room. Another important point is the ability to hide communication with the ease of installation of hoods, lighting fixtures, etc. Ceiling skirting is better to choose from plastic, since polyurethane is not adapted to humidity and temperature changes.

If you have difficulties in choosing the fabric and installation features, it is better to seek the help of professionals. Do not resort to lone craftsmen, as there is a chance to get low-quality work from the same materials.

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