Stretch ceiling with LED backlight - photo. Ceiling lighting with LED strips

Types of light diode backlight

There are four ways to install do-it-yourself ceiling lights:

Ceiling lighting - LED light strip

The simplest method to install a light design with your own hands is a contour, also directed ceiling lighting tape, which gives the opportunity and a huge area for creative imagination.

Choose LED overhead tape

First you need to choose a color for the tape. The choice can be quite straightforward - these are full-color RGB overhead tapes that have a controller. One-color ribbons are used for special lighting on a larger area.

A density of emitters in the tape is 30, 60, or 120 per meter. But for illumination, the contour-like density should be greater - 60 - 120.And for directional illumination suitable tape with 30 - 60 density. When the dimensions of the niche for mounting allow, then it is better to put two tapes - on the shelves under 60 - 120, on the slope - 30 - 60.

But in this case, you need as many as four power sources with controllers. Such a do-it-yourself installation gives a huge range of light effects - it is possible to install and adjust such tapes together.

We choose the main places on the ceiling for fixing the light diode tape. If you follow these rules, then the tape itself will not be visible, but only the light from it. All this will make it possible to make a uniform, very pleasant lighting.

Install the tape with LEDs on the ceiling do it yourself

At the very beginning there is a power frame for the ceiling. After work on the primer, putty, the corrugated cable is fed to the wires for supplying the light diode tape, and before processing the final cornice, the tape is inserted there.

The place for attaching the tape is thoroughly cleaned, and also necessarily degreased. And its composition includes tape, through which the tape is fixed to the eaves. And in the place of strengthening the structure of the eaves install blocks for power.

Methods for the location of the light diode tape

The standard method is when the tape itself is directly attached to the eaves. It is necessary that it was not visible, the main luminous flux fell on the ceiling, the reflected light would illuminate the room.
The second way is to insert the overhead tapes behind the baseboard itself, due to which the room is also illuminated by reflected light.
In the stretch ceilings, the patch tapes themselves are located twenty mm from the very surface of the canvas.

Some useful tips:
Since the light diode tapes are mounted using adhesive tape, the adhesive layer is applied on the back of the tape itself, which is covered with a protective film. Immediately before mounting your own hands, measure a suitable for the size of the shelf or PVC slope, a corner that is secured in a niche using small self-tapping screws.

Velcro sticks tightly to PVC, and it can sometimes come off from drywall. When highlighting the stretch ceiling, the installation of a PVC corner is mandatory - it must be removed to repair the backlight. It is necessary to solder the wires to the tapes with care, because their plastic base, and the light diodes themselves are afraid of overheating.

It is necessary to use a flux paste for soldering, with solder on the POS-61, which has a melting point of less than 160 degrees. You can not stick together more than 3 meters of tape. Paths conducting current in bulk with a plastic base may not be able to withstand high current.

The sections themselves, 3 m in length, need to be connected directly to the controller using separate wires, but when mounting independently, check the polarity carefully. Cut light diode tapes need only along the lines for the cut, which are marked by the manufacturer.

The only exception is the last section, only it is necessary to cut with sharp scissors, or with pliers pliers - directly in the middle between the diodes.

Install spotlights

Wiring for wiring, as well as mounting fixtures for luminaires with their own hands is done before stretching the ceiling fabric. Installation of spotlights in the suspended ceiling is divided into the following stages of work:

  • preparation of fixtures that correspond to the diameter and type of embedded platforms - fixed on the floor. Dimensions standard are 60 - 85 seconds by 5 millimeters increments;
  • determine the location of the racks in accuracy, which are fixed to the canvas;
  • fix reinforcement rings right under the stand and the function of which is to prevent tearing of fabric or film;
  • cut the canvas along the inner edge of the reinforcing ring itself, then pull the wire out;
  • attach a decorative edging from the lamp;
  • Connect the wire to the chuck.

Requires the use of rings insulating additionally when using incandescent or halogen lamps. Between the canvas and the body of the lamp are inserted one or two similar rings. Then fix the lamp into the platform, put a few spring clips behind the sheet itself, insert the light bulb.

After mounting the spotlights with your own hands in the stretch ceiling, you need to align them in height, because the irregularities on the canvas are clearly visible even by eye. It is desirable to use energy-saving spotlights overhead for suspended ceilings. Or light diode with the removal outside the ceiling of the common converter, but in an accessible place.

accessories for led strip

Transformer is part of the most vulnerable to LED lighting.
It is easier to fix it on the ceiling, near the lamps, although if it fails, it will not be possible to get close to it without dismantling the ceiling.
It should be noted that taking up such work with your own hands is necessary when you are completely confident in your own abilities.

Now you can give the room a special charm, to create several functional areas. True, it was possible to divide the room with paint - the ceiling had to be painted in different colors, which was not always convenient and successful. Today there is a more attractive option - You can place the tape around the perimeter or divide the room into work areas - as you please.

If you want to choose a stylish lighting for any room in the house, look at the photo: great ideas have been implemented for a long time, you just have to adopt them. Initially it may seem that to construct such a ceiling is incredibly difficult - it looks so fascinating. However, as practice shows, you only need to choose the right lamps, make installation without errors, then the room will sparkle with new colors, it will become your personal paradise.

There are two most popular types of highlights, you can combine them to achieve an enchanting result:

  • Contour lights ribbon. It is recommended for stretch and plasterboard ceilings, any ceiling systems. The price of component parts is very attractive, but even buying a ready-to-install kit will not hit the budget. The model can be mounted independently literally in an hour;
  • Illumination diodes on the principle of the starry sky. The option is quite laborious, costly, installation takes more time. Used miniature lamps, decorated with devices for disseminating light.

The principle of ceiling lighting

You do not need to invent wizards have already developed excellent options for flawless installation. You just have to see what the LED lights on the ceiling look like in the photo and design a similar model for your apartment.

m2 Price per unit
(rub) W./P. Lm / pcs. Power
on 1 m2 Brightness
on 1 m2 Price
1m2 Block
food per 1m2 Total price
(rub / m2) Artwork
on installation Reliability
LEDison Backlit PRO G5-120, 120mm, smd5730
1100 * 10 * 1.2mm
1 1200r. 38W. 3600 Lm. 38W. 3600 Lm. 1200r. 176r. 1376r. very low very high
LEDison Backlit PRO G5-100,100mm, smd5730
1100 * 12 * 1.2mm
1 1450r. 48W. 4400 Lm. 48W. 4400 Lm. 1450r. 222r. 1672r. very low very high
LEDison Backlit PRO G6-100 Lens, 100mm, smd5730
1100 * 12 * 1,5mm, with 165 ° lenses
1 2000r. 48W. 4400 Lm. 48W. 4300 Lm. 2000r. 222r. 2222r. very low very high
ZENON LED module MIZAR 270 CV 2SMD 2835 70lm 0.72W 44 33r. 0.72W. 70Lm. 32W. 3080 Lm. 1452r. 147r. 1599r. normal high
LEDGO LEDME3 Eco 90 - LEDME5 Eco 90 - 1m2 36W 3160lm 144pcs. Smd5050 1 3580r. 36W. 3160 Lm. 36W. 3160 Lm. 3580r. 167r. 3747r. low high

It consists in the fact that a special tape is fastened around the perimeter of the room, which is hidden in a plasterboard box. That is, in fact, there will be no visual contact with the source: you do not see the light bulb, but you can enjoy a soft and pleasant glow.

It seems that the light is pouring from nowhere. You can fix the tape under the plinths, place the cornice on the ceiling or special fixtures - the choice is yours. Foam ceilings are often made, where the baseboard will resemble manual molding. The main thing is that the design fits perfectly into the interior, harmonizes with the furniture, suits you in its incarnation.

Features of the backlight connection

To realize high-quality and safe connection, a conductive tape with diodes is used.Some products are protected from moisture, the wiring is completed with a pipe, so they are used in the kitchen and in the bathroom, others need to be placed only in the living room and bedroom - away from water and steam. Models differ depending on the number of colors - there are tapes with one or several tones.

The tape should be plugged in, but only with reduced voltage. For stabilization, a transformer is needed - it is mounted between the switch and the tape itself. You should not use a single switch for common light and diodes, otherwise the visual effect will be lost. It is better to bring the LED lighting to a separate line - when you want a muted and soft light, you can turn off the chandelier and enjoy the divine beauty.

Do not forget to correctly calculate the power of energy consumed by measuring the footage and finding out the characteristics of a particular model. If the choice seems too difficult for you, consult the seller, you will be sure to tell you which product you need to buy in your case.

LED ceiling lighting is a unique opportunity to create a luxurious atmosphere in an apartment for little money.Change in one click, set your own mood, organize noisy parties, charm guests with royal light - all this can be done with the help of LEDs, tape and proper installation.

The design of suspended ceilings is very diverse. But even the simple style of their design can be advantageously underlined with the help of additional ceiling lighting made of neon or LED lighting tape. We will talk about the subtleties of the choice of such a tape, as well as the design options for using the ceilings of various rooms in this article.

Tape choice: neon or LED?

For additional lighting of two-level suspended ceilings, such types of ribbons as neon and LED are used.

Neon tape has a soft light, but the intensity of illumination with it is very low. That is why this type of lighting is not often found in apartments and houses. More often it is used in public places for visual zoning of a room.
Unlike neon, the LED strip emits a brighter light, which contributes to the creation of soft, pleasant for the eyes in the room.Neon lighting can be both white and blue, pinkish, yellow and other shades. This allows the use of such lighting in the interior of various colors.

Advantages and disadvantages of neon lights

Neon lights suspended ceiling has several advantages, among which the following should be noted:

As for the shortcomings, it is worth mentioning only one thing. To create original lighting with neon lights and ribbons, with changing colors and intensity of light, you need to contact specialized companies, because it is difficult to produce it yourself, and it is fraught with frequent breakdowns and other problems arising during the operation of suspended ceilings.

Indoor LED lights

Due to the fact that the ceiling of the ceiling translucent, it is possible to use its internal highlighting. In this case, the installation of LED strip or point sources is made on the true ceiling above the suspended canvas. The light from these sources is soft, but intense enough.Of course, it is not very comfortable to read with him, but it is very pleasant to attach to relaxation after a busy day.

It is possible to adjust the intensity of the LED backlight, as well as change the color of the glow. In this case, the entire lighting system must be connected to the controller, with which the glow color is set, and to the dimmer, which regulates the luminous flux.
In the case of internal LED lighting, its installation is carried out at the stage of creating a plasterboard contour of the future suspended structure. Most often around the perimeter of the contour mounted in a transparent sheath, and in the center create a composition of point or tape neon sources.

Installation of the LED strip should be done with great care, because it is fragile at break, and its damage will require the replacement of a whole area of ​​lighting. In addition, the tape may fail and require repair or replacement, and therefore it is worth it to provide at the stage of installation of the suspension system. In this case, it is recommended to use harpoon method of fastening the canvas. Of course, its production will take more time, and it will cost you more,but it will be possible to independently dismantle the ceiling, fix the damage and securely fix the ceiling canvas to its original place.

LED backlit

You can talk for as long as you want about the advantages and possibilities of LED backlighting, but if you don’t see the options for ready-made design solutions, you won’t understand all its advantages. Below we offer several design options for suspended ceilings using LED light.

This is not all the options for the use of neon lights in the design of suspended ceilings. Everything will depend on your imagination and professional performer.

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