Storage of things

Keeping things in perfect order

About how to do home cleaning, written many articles. However, there is clean, where there is no garbage and everything is in its place, so storage of things should be organized so as not to spend a lot of time for cleaning.

Storage Management: General Principles

As no one bought a simulator will not force to train regularly, so no ergonomic cabinet with shelves will restore a perfect order. He does not ensure that everything is in place, and does not throw away too much.Compact storage- this is a well thought-out layout on several levels - from the general to the specific:
  • cabinet as a whole
  • shelves
  • containers, boxes
The basic principle is the convenience of “storing” and finding the right items for all family members. So, for example, things or toys for the smallest need to be placed on the lower shelves of a cabinet or a bookcase, the most important and often used - at eye level.This will allow the baby to quickly fold toys or find the right clothes, without attracting adults to help.

Rational storage of things in the apartment: storage ideas by Con Marie

The world-renowned expert in cleaning and organizing space Marie Kondo recommends that the storage of personal belongings be based on the following approaches:
  • «Does this thing bring me joy?"- such a question will allow yourself to easily get rid of the excess and leave only the necessary, beloved. Everything that surrounds, that fills the house should bring joy, cause only positive emotions. Regularly review cabinets, drawers, corners, mezzanines and storeroom. The fact that for years lies idle or interferes - throw away or donate.
  • Storage of things in the seasons and where they come in handy.. For example, in summer, rationally stored on the shelf next to the entrance door. So they are easy to remember and capture for a walk, without interrupting a few boxes in the closet.
  • Let the old leave and the new come". When you decide to get a new thing, prepare a place for it - discard the old one. This applies to clothes, shoes and dishes that either have lost their “presentation” or have not been used for a long time because of inconvenience.Exceptions are things that are used for an event (for example, ritual clothing, carnival costumes, etc.), as well as collections, books and jewelry.

Life hacking storage: how to store things in a small apartment

  • Having bought something new, immediately pick up a place for him in the house. Alwaysput the thing in its place. This will significantly save time with regular cleaning in the house.
  • Fold the clothes inhorizontal stacksrather than vertical. In this case, everything will be in plain sight, and you can easily find and get what you need.
  • Dividethings by color. This will save time when combining things for your daily wardrobe.
  • Twistsocks and scarveslike japanese sushi. So they will take less space on the shelf or in the drawer.
  • On the door of the medicine cabinet, box of cereals or preservation, attach a sticker with the name of what is in it and in what quantity. Then you will be aware of what is available, and what you need to buy.
  • For long-term storage of things in the closet, we also recommend signing the contents of packages, boxes, and boxes. This will significantly reduce the time to find the right thing.

Do-it-yourself storage ideas

The idea of ​​keeping things yourself is an opportunity to get creative with the organization of living space. At the same time, the organization of storage according to the “do-it-yourself” principle uses unnecessary old things as material for handicrafts, allowing compactly storing what brings joy. Rational storage of things requires careful deliberation and phased implementation. Road going by walking. The result will surely please you!

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