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Stop smoking and will not recover

Very many girls who want to quit stop the fear of gaining extra pounds. Indeed, nicotine somehow really speeds up the exchange rate. processes in the body. But you still need to quit smoking.

Today i want share with you the secret of what foods are best to eat so as not to get better. So, in your diet first need to include milk products. Drink a glass of milk before every break - this product is noticeable. weakens cravings for cigarettes. In addition, it provides the body with beneficial calcium. and phosphorus, which also resist nicotine cravings. To eat useful and broccoli. This vegetable contains a unique substance sulforapin, which helps keep lung tissue from being damaged by toxins. Besides, in the process of quitting broccoli cabbage will be a great help in the fight against extra pounds. But in eggplant contains a large number nicotinic acid, which is so necessary for those who want to give up cigarettes. Narcologists believe that 100 grams of stewed or grilled eggplant daily able to replace the nicotine patch. Overcome the desire to vicrive yet one cigarette will help ginger. As soon as you want to smoke - put in your mouth a slice of fresh ginger: a fresh and spicy taste will quickly discourage the desire to drag on. Ginger contains many antioxidants that protect the body from the formation of malignant tumors and atherosclerosis.

The body of a smoker for a long time received less important ascorbinka, which is why during quitting smoking it is urgent replenish stocks of vitamin C. It will increase mood, improve well-being and moreover, it will reduce the appetite, which dramatically increases for those who tied with bad habit. Citrus fruits will help you in this.It's also no secret that people quitting smoking are extremely irritable. To avoid this, one must eat Eating foods that contain magnesium. And this is bran, beets, pumpkin, dried fruits and pine nuts. They will help you cope with the bad mood.

Want to quit smoking and not get better, then you have to give up andfrom caffeine and alcohol. These drinks are so and ask the company for a cigarette. Drink fresh juices, clean water, herbal teas, especially chamomile and mint. Infusions of hawthorn and rosehip will be a great addition. to anti-nicotine diet.

If you stick to these simple rules of eating, then quitting smoking will be very easy for you and you No way to get those extra pounds.

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