Stone in the interior

The excellent combination of functionality and grace has provided the artificial stone with wide use in the interior of residential, public and office premises. Acrylic and quartz stone have their own unique characteristics that determine their use for certain purposes.

The main advantages of acrylic stone are its ease of processing, seamless installation of elements and thermoforming, and this is with considerable strength and durability. These characteristic features of acrylic allow designers and craftsmen to achieve amazing results - elegant and reliable stairs, monolithic countertops and kitchen sinks made of artificial stone, radius wall panels, original partitions and much more. Window sills made of artificial stone, subject to the manufacture of acrylic, can have complex cuts, bends, combined with wall panels, countertops and bar counters.

Facing kitchen furniture with quartz

Quartz stone is also in demand in the interior of the apartment.The exceptional strength of this material makes it possible to use it for flooring, entrance groups, tabletops, steps of stairs. Quartz worktop or bar counter for the kitchen will not only demonstrate the taste and wealth of the owner, but also last for decades with the same appearance. Sinter quartz agglomerate stronger granite, it is easier to pick up the color and it will be cheaper than natural stone of rare color from the other half of the globe.

Artificial stone in the interior of bathrooms is highly demanded. Customers prefer colors similar to natural granite, or marble, but artificial stone for onyx is also in demand. Quartz and acrylic behave well in rooms with high humidity, prevent the formation of mold, fungus and the development of bacteria.

Artificial stone does not fade in the sun

Artificial stone was used in the design of balconies. Stone window sills, tables and wall panels are not deformed and do not fade, which allows them to equip the sunniest balconies. Stone is also appropriate on open verandas, in facing garden barbecue fireplaces. Stone tables are often made at such foci, which is not only beautiful, but also hygienic and reliable.

Products from an artificial stone will fit into any style of the room, will create contrast or the necessary accent in an interior. Experiment at your pleasure!

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