St. Petersburg City Day 2018

According to the organizers of the event, the Day of St. Petersburg 2018 will be the highlight of the year, which will be remembered as residents. so and guests of North Palmyra. And as an announcement, the local administration offers to get acquainted with some points of the upcoming holiday program.

St. Petersburg City Day 2018


A brief history of the holiday

St. Petersburg City Day 2018

The official date of the Day of the city of St. Petersburg was not chosen by chance. It has its roots in the distant past, or rather, by May 27, 1703. It was on this significant day that Tsar Peter I issued a state decree on the construction of fortifications on the banks of the Neva. This decision was due to the geographical location of the area. The active development of this region, and in particular, shipping, allowed Russian ships to openly go to the Baltic Sea, strengthening trade relations with European powers.

Initially, the settlement in the north of the country was named after the patron saint of St. Peter, however, it later became associated with the name of its founder.Thus, the new city of St. Petersburg appeared on the geographical map of Russia. With the passage of time and the change of political regimes in the country, he changed his name more than once - from Petersburg to Leningrad. The city returned its historical name only 25 years ago - in 1992.

Currently, the northern capital is not only one of the most beautiful cities in our country, but also its main cultural and historical heritage.

What number celebrate the Day of St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg City Day in 2018. What date is the program of events

Taking into account the historical date of the foundation of the first large settlement on the banks of the Neva, St. Petersburg Day is celebrated annually on May 27. In 2018, it falls on Sunday, which means that almost all residents of North Palmyra will be able to celebrate the main holiday of the city.

Tribute to traditions

As mentioned above, in 2018, the local authorities are preparing not only an entertainment, but also a large-scale cultural and educational program of the holiday, in which the following events are planned:

  • laser installations on the facades of historic buildings;
  • water shows with the participation of military ships;
  • attractions in recreation areas;
  • demonstration of museum expositions;
  • street performances and theatrical performances;
  • sightseeing walks along the Neva;
  • premieres of thematic films in cinemas of the city.

In the evening, the townspeople and numerous guests of St. Petersburg expect a musical concert with the participation of stars of the domestic pop scene, and in the final of the festive program a grandiose salute will flare up in the night sky, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Schedule of celebrations

St. Petersburg City Day in 2018. What date is the program of events

According to a long tradition, the holiday schedule has a certain sequence. Celebrations will begin at 10 am Moscow time with the laying of flowers at the foot of the monument to Peter I (on Senate Square).

At 11:00, the doors of the Peter and Paul Fortress, which is the main architectural heritage of the city, will open to residents and guests of North Palmyra. After the congratulatory speech of the head of the local administration, cannon volleys will be made from the towers of the building, symbolizing the inviolability of the northern borders of our state.

One of the most spectacular events on St. Petersburg Day is the opening of city fountains, reminiscent of the approaching summer season.As a rule, this action takes place during the evening laser show and the captivating sounds of musical accompaniment, which create the enchanting atmosphere of a real fairy tale.

The final chord of the cultural and entertainment program is a gala concert, in which, in addition to popular performers, famous actors, officials, and political and public figures of our country will perform. According to the organizers of the festivities, on this Day Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the city.

Interesting Facts:

  • St. Petersburg is one of the four largest cities in the European continent;
  • the total length of the tram tracks in St. Petersburg is more than 600 km;
  • The Peter and Paul Cathedral is the tallest religious building in Russia;
  • more than 11% of the area of ​​the city is occupied by water channels;
  • St. Petersburg’s metro is the deepest in the world (its tunnels are located underground at a depth of 80 m).

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