Spontaneous sex: the benefits, training, feelings, the best poses and exciting stories about spontaneous sex

on 11.07.2017

Sex can be planned, and can be unexpected. What to expect when intimacy arises spontaneously, is it necessary to prepare and how to get the most out of it? We will discuss this and much more below in the article.

The main thing in the article

Benefits of spontaneous sex19484

  • Diversity- in a long relationship, where intimacy is planned, recharging is necessary. This is to ensure that your life does not resemble groundhog day.
  • The embodiment of fantasy- if you have a lot of interesting ideas for intimate activities, then in spontaneous sex it's time to show it.
  • A change of scenery- sex in bed or on the couch is often annoying, so you can try in other places or even outside the house.
  • Mood elevation- when proximity is on schedule, it does not always bring as much pleasure as one would like. Try to squeeze everything to the maximum.
  • No preparation required- if you need serious preparation for planned pleasures, then you simply will not have time to prepare for unexpected coition.
  • Clean mind- during an unexpected sex, your head will be absolutely clean, all the problems and things will remain outside. And this is a great option for a holiday.

Why do men like spontaneous sex?s-63518c25fc3248e0092a3ef3d0c42bc99f84fd01

  • The psychology of a man is structured in such a way that during intimacy he does not think. And to plan such an event will not be every man. Therefore, the best option is spontaneity.
  • If a man is a family man, then spontaneity for him is an internal recharge, a surge of passion and sexuality. At this moment, a man feels himself not only a husband who performs a marital duty. He feels himself and the object of desire, which radiates arousal.
  • If a man is single, then surprise is quite typical of him, because in his life there are always women with whom sex turns out to be spontaneous.But such a course of days can get bored, because you always want something new.
  • Men who are not bound by marriage, but who have a relationship, closeness arises always in different ways, with some on a schedule, others suddenly.
  • Surprise in the vicinity for a man is like a breath of fresh air, which is necessary to improve relationships. And they are built not only on understanding, but also on intimacy.

How to prepare for sex spontaneously?

  • In general, there is no need to prepare for spontaneous closeness, because this is the very pleasure. The pleasure of sudden sex is that this is not going according to plan. And if you do not want to spoil the pleasure, do not think, but simply act.
  • Men generally do this, they do not need careful preparation. But women must control everything. The main task of a woman is to relax and have fun. After all, spontaneous sex is needed not only by the male half of humanity, but also by the female.

Feelings of spontaneous sex in a man and a womano-WORSTAIRLINEPASSENGERS-facebook

  • The closeness that occurred suddenly carries positive points. This is mainly due to the fact that during this period of time, men and women are released hormones.Thanks to hormones, men enjoy not only in the form of a final orgasm, but also pleasure, which fills the whole body with warmth.
  • Feelings for a woman are no less pleasant than for a man. A female body after an unexpected sex gets a surge of strength, warmth of feelings for a partner and affection. During sexual intercourse in the female body, estrogen, prolactin and oxytocin are mainly produced. All these hormones are aimed at receiving joy, pleasure and pleasure.

Best poses for spontaneous sex

The advantage of spontaneous sex is that poses for him do not need to think through. Everything happens so fast and rhythmically, that there’s no time to think about any suitable posture. Even if you want to try any variation, you don’t need to discuss it, just act. And here are the best options for an unexpected act:

  • Opposite each other;

not from

  • Back in the air;


  • Rear with support;


  • Twine standing upright;


  • Feet up on the table.


How long can spontaneous sex last?

  • On average, the duration of spontaneous sex is small. Unexpected proximity takes about 5 to 15 minutes. In some extreme cases, the time may be reduced to 3 minutes.
  • From 10 to 15 minutes mainly lasts for sex, which was with a preliminary caress. Although this is not typical for spontaneous coition, but it is quite acceptable.
  • Sudden intimacy is a bright moment in the life of every person. And the bright moments last a short time. Therefore, the brighter the spontaneous sex, the shorter his time will be.

How to get an orgasm from spontaneous sex?2329045_1000

As for the male half of humanity, they get an orgasm in any form 100%. A woman can not boast of this. Not every woman has an orgasm at all during the whole act. Some of them did not experience orgasm in their entire life.

  • Toget an orgasmTry to forget about everything, even about yourself and your partner. Just enjoy, have fun. And your hormones will do the rest of the work for you.
  • You may need a more penetrating posture, try changing the position in which you feel your partner.
  • Some women need additional stimulation of erogenous zones or clitoris. If you crave an orgasm, do it yourself. Perhaps it will even lead the partner even more and sex will take an even better turn.

How to make spontaneous sex especially bright?pp

Special brightness of sudden intimacy will add an unusual place for you. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the entire availability of the square.

Try making love in a public place. For some, this may not seem hygienic - but the plus of such a pastime is in its memorability.

Brightness can give sex:

  • Visiting friends in the bathroom;
  • At a dressing room party;
  • At work in the back room;
  • On the desktop at the end of the working day;
  • In the elevator;
  • Houses on the window or on the balcony;
  • In the toilet of the aircraft;
  • By the sea.

Where is spontaneous sex possible?

  • Sudden intimacy can occur anywhere, anytime. Spontaneous sex can be at a party, or maybe at home, in a minibus or in the locker room. It doesn’t matter where the intimacy between the man and the woman takes place, the main thing is the pleasure in his process.
  • And the question “where?” Should be of the least interest. After all, there are a lot of places, and people passionately wanting each other will ingeniously approach this issue.

Spontaneous sex in a public place.verplicht-seks-na-duur-etentje

The public place for sexual intercourse is quite an extreme occupation. After all, not everyone will go for it, in order to satisfy their needs.Nevertheless, the public space is one of the places for unexpected contacts.

It is interesting to note that the dressing room is no longer something extreme, because many couples have already managed to take a fancy to this place.

Extreme spontaneous sex: how to have fun?catherine_mcneil_donna_karan_fw_campaign_07

  • In any business you need to get maximum pleasure. So with sex, do not need to engage them for the sake of someone or in retaliation for someone. It is necessary to act boldly in order to obtain pleasure and affection. Extreme sex can be in unusual conditions for life.
  • Regularly this kind of intimacy cannot be held, as it will not have its former brightness and sharpness of sensations. The most optimal is several times a year.
  • Places can be very diverse:on a lift in the mountains, in a tent, in a boat, on the deck of a yacht, on a balcony. And all that you can still fantasize and embody.
  • To get pleasure even in an extreme situation, try to apply everything: drop thoughts and get only pleasure, stimulate in addition zones on your body, take poses in which you feel pleasure better.

Spontaneous sex: tips on women note142295

  • Do not get ready, anyway you will not be able to plan everything.
  • Do not load ornaments and cosmetics.
  • Do not complex, in the process everything does not matter.
  • All natural, do as you like.
  • Choose a place where you will not be caught off guard.
  • Take the initiative yourself, men will bring even more pleasure.
  • Do not skimp on emotions, because in these moments you are sexy.

The dangers and disadvantages of spontaneous sex

  • If sex is with a stranger, then there is a risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Spontaneous intimacy can be somewhat stiff, leading to bruises and abrasions.
  • If the proximity is without contraceptives, then there is a chance of getting pregnant.
  • Unexpected sex can lead to inflammation of the genitals.
  • If you are noticed by ardent supporters of conservatism, they can file a complaint with the police.

Hygiene after spontaneous sexgigiena1

Hygiene is an integral part of caring for your body and body. Therefore, even after the planned intercourse, you need to take a bath or carry out other shower procedures. After spontaneous sex, the risks of infection, inflammation and disease increase, so washing the genitals is the most basic thing a woman can do.

  • A warm shower or a thorough rinsing will help cleanse your body of germs. And the matter is not in the partner, but in the place where you were engaged in it. Because proximity could occur at the entrance or on the beach, where a lot of harmful microflora.
  • It is also important to get tested and tested to be sure that you are healthy. This is the case with random spontaneous sex.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to take a shower, you can use wet wipes. The best option - napkins odorless.
  • You can use a disinfectant as water. Wash the upper layer of the genitals, but do not penetrate the vagina.

Spontaneous sex stories

Spontaneous sex has always been, is and will be. Spontaneity instills confidence in a man, a woman turns into an object of sexuality and lust. In matrimonial life, spontaneity brings a surge of spontaneity, which is necessary in the usual routine. We present you the real stories of women who have had sudden sex.



Sex is needed different, according to the schedule, unexpected, extreme, long, gentle and hard. In life, you need to try everything, feel all the pleasure to the fullest.So that in old age not to indulge in all serious things, but to enjoy pleasant memories of violent youth. In addition, spontaneity makes the relationship between a man and a woman stronger.

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Spontaneous sex: the benefits, training, feelings, the best poses and exciting stories about spontaneous sex 21

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