Spain Football Championship 2018-2019

The Spanish Football Championship 2018-2019 is one of the most exciting sporting events in Europe. Outstanding football players of the world play in La Liga, and championship matches are unpredictable. For many years, the adherents of the Spanish championship followed the epic confrontation between Ronaldo and Messi, but from the current season the Portuguese will perform in Serie A. The La Liga will not become less interesting because there is always someone to look at.

Features of the tournament

The Spanish Football Championship 2018-2019 has not undergone major changes in terms of the rules. As before, 20 clubs are participating in the championship, each of which will play two games with opponents from the standings (in their own field and at the opponent’s stadium). According to the points scored, the final places in the championship are distributed. The first four lines allow teams to take part immediately in the group stage of the Champions League. The fifth place gives the right to play in the Europa League, and the sixth line guarantees the club qualification for this prestigious international tournament.Teams that take places from 18 to 20 at the end of the season are automatically reduced in the class and transferred to the Segunda.

La Liga matchAmong the main innovations of the Spanish Football Championship 2018-2019, the introduction of the VAR system should be noted. She was successfully tested at the World Cup in Russia and helps the referee understand the controversial gaming moments. It is expected that the system of assistance to arbitrators will be activated in the following cases:

  • when removed;
  • with controversial gol;
  • when assigning a penalty that causes doubts;
  • in situations where the referee failed to identify the offender himself.

Many fans are concerned about the question when the start of the Spanish Football Championship 2018-2019. La Liga will start on August 17, and the last round of the championship is scheduled for May 26. On this day, all matches will be played at the same time. The tournament provides a one-month break (from December to January), as well as matches of the tournament will be suspended during the UEFA League of Nations.

All participants of the championship

The league of 2018-2019, following the results of the past season, has been replenished with three new clubs. In the elite of Spanish football came "Rayo Vallecano", "Huesca", "Valladolid".The last team made it to the top division through butt fights with clubs that took Segunda 3 to 6. According to analysts, all of the listed football teams will have to fight for survival in the upcoming championship, and the main task for them will be to secure the elite. They will hardly have to rely on the zone of European cups with such intense competition in the debut season.

More information about the teams of the Spanish Football Championship 2018-2019 can be found below:

Team name



Main coach




Abelardo Fernandez



"San Mames"

Eduardo Berisso



"Wanda Metropolitano"

Diego Simeone



"Camp Nou"

Ernesto Valverde



"Benito Villamarin"

Kike Seten




Marcelino Garcia Toral



"Nuevo Jose Zorilla"

Sergio Gonzalez



"Estadio de la Ceramika"

Javier Calleja




Eusebio Sacristan



"Ciudad de Valencia"

Paco Lopez




Mauricio Pellegrino

"Rayo Vallecano"


Campo de Vallecas




Santiago Bernabéu

Yulen Lapetegi

Real Sociedad

San sebastian


Asier Garitano



"Ramon Sanchez Pizhuang"

Pablo Machin




Antonio Mohamed



"El Alkoraz"

Leonardo Noeren Franco



"Coliseum Alfonso Perez"

Jose bardalas




José Luis Medilibar



Carnella El Prat

Joan Francesc Ferrer

Tournament calendar

The calendar of the Spanish Football Championship 2018-2019 was compiled taking into account most of the requirements of the league participants. All 38 rounds are evenly distributed during the nine months of the championship. Winter break, which will last about a month, will allow the players to get the necessary rest, and the club management to work in the opened transfer market.

The calendar of the first round of the Examples can be found in the following table:

Date / time of the match



Stadium capacity

17. 08. 2018


"Girona" - "Valladolid"

Girona, Montilivi

9 200

17. 08. 2018


"Betis" - "Levant"

Seville, Benito Villamarin

60 720

18. 08. 2018


"Celta" - "Espanyol"

Vigo, "Balaidos"

29 000

18. 08. 2018


"Villarreal" - "Real Sociedad"

Villarreal, “Estadio de la Ceramika”

23 500

18. 08. 2018


"Barcelona" - "Alaves"

Barcelona, ​​Camp Nou

99 350

19. 08. 2018


"Eibar" - "Huesca"

Eibar, Ipurua

7 080

19. 08. 2018


"Rayo Vallecano" - "Seville"

Madrid Campo de Vallecas

14 700

19. 08. 2018


Real Madrid - Getafe

Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu

81 050

20. 08. 2018


"Valencia" - "Atletico Madrid"

Valencia, Mestalla

55 000

20. 08. 2018


"Athletic Bilbao" - "Leganes"

Bilbao, San Mames

53 300

In the first round, fans will face at least two fascinating confrontations: “Real Madrid” - “Getafe” and “Valencia” - “Atletico Madrid”. The composition of “Real Madrid” for 2018–2019 was “orphaned” without Cristiano Ronaldo, but the departure of the main star of the galaxy gave young people a chance to fully express themselves. Rising stars will have to immediately demonstrate their potential in a match with the uncompromising “Getafe”. The meeting between Valencia and Atletico Madrid will be the main match of the tour. In the new season, the team of Diego Simeone claims to be the champion, and the “bats” and Valencia successfully held the last draw, jumping to fourth place. Surely in the current championship wards Marcelino Garcia are not going to give up the position, tune in to the fight with the grandees in the first game.

Contenders to win

Despite the fact that the Spanish Championship is considered an unpredictable competition, only three clubs play first place in the table for many seasons. These are the commands such as:

  • Barcelona;
  • "RealMadrid";
  • Atletico Madrid.

The main contender for the title of champion La Liga rightly considered to be “Barcelona”. Several factors speak in favor of this team, the main of which is the presence of Lionel Messi as one of the best footballers on the planet. Moreover, the blue-garnet bosses did not save in the off-season and acquired several world-class players at once. The transitions of Vidal, Malcom, Lengle, Arthur made a lot of noise in the transfer market and gave Ernesto Valverde the freedom to choose. Now at the disposal of the head coach there is a wide choice of outstanding players who probably crave the repetition of last year’s success and winning the title of La Liga champion.


The transfer campaign "Real Madrid", however, as well as its exit form, many were quick to call nondescript. President "galaktikos" could not get a star on a global scale after the departure of Ronaldo.For some reason, goalkeepers Andrei Lunin and Thibault Courtois were bought for substantial money, although the goalkeeper position from Real Madrid is one of the strongest in the league (Kaylor Navas has repeatedly proved his skills in important matches). Purchases of Vinicius and Audriosola will certainly increase competition for a place in the starting lineup, but for the first time in many years, the “creamy” ones have no clearly defined leader who is able to lead partners in difficult moments. In such a situation, much depends on the ability of the head coach to set up a team and reveal the talents of young people. We will know very soon how it will turn out at Ulen Lapetega scandalously banished from the Spanish national team.

“Ateltico Madrid” after the championship of 2013-2014 failed to rise above the third place in the Example. Partly, the main reason for this event was the economical transfer policy of the club and the limited set of players Diego Simeone had to play on two fronts. In the offseason, the management of the "mattress" decided to fork out and bought several famous players at once. These are Tom Lemara, Nikola Kaliniche, Santiago Arias and Honni.At the same time, there were no serious losses (apart from Kevin Gomeiro’s transfer to Valencia), which led many experts to include Atletico and not Real Madrid in the list of Barcelona’s main competitors.

Thus, the Spanish Football Championship 2018-2019 rightfully attracts the attention of millions of sports fans. In the championship, the largest number of goals among the Top 5 European leagues is scored, the best players on the planet come out, there is an uncompromising struggle for the first line and the right to remain in the elite division for the next season. Do not miss the matches of the Spanish championship, which will delight entertainment, the heat of passion, an abundance of beautiful moments.

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