Soviet cartoons about the New Year (see after the article)

If suddenly, before the winter holidays of 2019, there is not enough New Year's mood, then this can always be corrected with the help of good animated films.

In this article we will tell you about the best Soviet cartoons about the New Year, so that a fairy tale settles in your heart again and your mood will rise!

When Christmas trees are lit

  • Producer:Mstislav Pashchenko
  • Screenwriter:Vladimir Suteev
  • Roles voiced by:Leonid Pirogov, Tatyana Barysheva, Rostislav Plyatt, Yury Khrzhanovsky

This is a wonderful cartoon that was released almost seventy years ago. Despite its solid age, this cartoon still remains one of the best New Year's tales, both for children and for adults.

Soviet cartoons about winter and new year

It tells how Santa Claus, along with his granddaughter Snow Maiden, hurries to Moscow to catch a kindergarten for the holiday. There, the kids, along with the teachers, have already managed to decorate everything for the New Year; all that is missing is the main fairy guests with gifts.

These same guests hastily fly on a sleigh in order to have time to distribute gifts and good mood to everyone, only trouble happens. When they flew over the forest, two plush toys, a bunny for Lucy and a teddy bear for Vanya fall out of the bag of Santa Claus and find themselves in a snowy forest, not knowing what to do.

Toys will have to overcome many obstacles and their own fears in order to still get to the celebration to their owners.

Santa Claus and Gray Wolf

cartoon about the new year old soviet

  • Producer:Witold Bordzilovsky
  • Screenwriter:Vladimir Suteev
  • Roles voiced by:Boris Vladimirov, Anatoly Papanov, Georgy Vitsin

At first glance it may seem that the Wolf from the legendary Soviet cartoon "Well, wait a minute!" Again started something insidious, in order to finally get the hare.

However, this is a different character, only the motives from him are the same - he wants to steal a family of hares, and this is not ever done, but on New Year's Eve! Together with the sly Voronoi, they come up with a plan: to steal his outfit from Santa Claus and pick up all his gifts, so that the children would not suspect that they were an impostor.

So the Wolf and the Crow go to the house of a rabbit.Their parents went for the Christmas tree and told the strangers not to open the doors ... but how could they not let Santa Claus himself into the house, and even with gifts!

It was not so difficult to steal little curious hares, and yet one Zaenka managed to hide behind the stove. When the parents came home and discovered the loss, they, along with the real Santa Claus, went in search of the kidnappers.

Christmas story

The best Soviet cartoons about the new year

  • Producer:Vladimir Degtyarev
  • Screenwriter:Lyudmila Vasilyeva-Gangnus
  • Roles voiced by:Zoya Kharabadze, Efim Katsirov, Nadezhda Podyapolskaya

What a New Year celebration without a tree ?! So thought the students in the school, which was located near the forest, in a small village. The bravest boys, one by one, were called to go into the forest to cut down the Christmas tree there, but all the time they returned with nothing.

In this very forest lived Leshy, or as it was often called - Monster Snezhishche. He does not like noise and especially does not like it when kids come to him and start to be rude. That is why he blows them all back to school, so they do not have time to cut down the Christmas tree.

Then the little girl decided to go to the forest, she politely asked Leshego to allow her to take the Christmas tree, sang a song and even invited him to the celebration. It was then that the heart of Monster Snezhishcha broke up, and everyone had a fun holiday.Interestingly, this cartoon is a puppet film adaptation of a fairy tale by Lyudmila Vasilyeva-Gangnus.

Santa Claus and summer

cartoons about the new year Soviet online

  • Producer:Valentin Karavayev
  • Screenwriter:Vasily Livanov
  • Roles voiced by:Evgeny Vesnik, Evgeny Shutov, Klara Rumyanova

This is an unusual cartoon about Grandfather Frost, who met with such an incomprehensible season as summer! Together with his granddaughter, Snow Maiden, he lives in the North, where it is always cold and snow, and in winter he flies into the city to please the children with gifts.

Once he heard how children were discussing the summer animatedly and asked him to tell him what it was. Unfortunately, he did not understand, and when he returned home, he even began to dream strange green nightmares, where everyone talked about summer and mocked grandfather, who had no idea what it was.

That is why he decided to go to the city in the summer and clearly find out everything. This is a very kind and interesting story about sincere curiosity and that it is inherent in all ages, even to Grandfather Frost!

Snowman mailer

Soviet New Year cartoons

  • Producer:Leonid Amalrik
  • Screenwriter:Vladimir Suteev
  • Roles voiced by:Maria Vinogradova, Georgy Vitsin, Larisa Bukhartseva, Alexey Gribov

The kids on the eve of the New Year have a desire - they want a real holiday tree to shine in their yard. So they write in a letter to Santa Claus, they say, give us, grandfather, a Christmas tree, that's just how to give him this letter? For this you need a postman!

Then the children make a snowman and give him an envelope so that he finds Santa Claus and gives him a wish. When the arrows struck midnight, the snowman suddenly came to life and went into the woods in search of the recipient of the letter.

He does not even expect that his journey will not pass so easily - an insidious Fox, Wolf and Owl in every possible way want to prevent the Snowman from taking the letter from him. After all, there you can add anything and Santa Claus will fulfill all their desires.

New Year's trip

Cartoons about the new year Soviet watch for free

  • Producer:Peter Nosov
  • Screenwriter:Igor Bulgarian, Lev Arkadyev
  • Roles voiced by:Galina Ivanova, Irina Pototskaya

New Year's Eve is a pleasure not only to receive, but also to give presents. So Kohl thought a little boy and decided to give his dad a big and elegant Christmas tree. The only problem is that his dad is not at home now, he is a polar explorer, and he must always be at the station in far Antarctica.

The distance did not become an obstacle for Kolya, so he asked Santa Claus to help him get to Antarctica and see his father.

Grandfather Frost gladly agrees to help and even lends the boy his fabulous plane.

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