For a delicious dinner - soup from chicken breasts

Many housewives for the preparation of first coursesuse the chicken, as it is prepared very quickly and simply, and the chicken broth turns out delicious and dietary. Girls during weight loss eat this soup, and chicken broth is allowed to eat during illnesses. Let's look at a few simple options for how to make a delicious and unusual soup from chicken breasts.

Recipe # 1

For this first course we need the following ingredients:chicken breast soup

- chicken breast - 2 pieces;

- onion - 2 pieces;

- carrots - 1 piece;

- potatoes - 3 pieces;

- celery root - 1 pc .;

- vegetable oil - 2 hours;

- bay leaves, peppercorns and red, salt.

The process of making this delicious dishthe next: peeled chicken breasts should be placed in a pan, pour water and put on fire. Once the water boils, you must put the root of the celery and cook the broth. Do not forget to remove the celery later. In the broth, add the potatoes, cut into cubes. Onions must be cut into rings, and carrots must be sticks. Then they need to fry in a pan and then add to the broth. In 10 minutes. you need to add salt, pepper and bay leaf. Cook another 7 minutes. and put the breast. When serving soup, decorate it with herbs. Soup from chicken breasts, the recipe of which we have considered, is very delicious.

Recipe # 2

The following recipe, which we will consider - chicken soup from breast and milk. For him we need the following products:chicken breast soup

- milk - 200ml;

- water - 200ml;

- chicken breast - 300g .;

- onion - 1 piece;

- cream - 100g .;

- white wine - 75g .;

- butter - 1 tbsp .;

- wheat flour - 2 tbsp;

- yolk - 1 piece;


This unusual soup of chicken breasts is being preparedso: chicken should be cut into small cubes and put them in a pan. Then send the chopped onion, milk and water. Cook over large fire for 8 minutes. In a separate vessel in the meantime, you need to mix the flour and butter. To achieve uniformity, use a little broth. Then add this mixture to the soup and cook for about a minute. Also send egg and cream to the broth. Reduce the gas, add salt, pepper and wine. Everything - the dish is ready! Such soup from chicken breasts diversifies already so bored the usual first dishes.

Recipe # 3

I think you already understood that the usual recipes are not interesting to us, so the next soup from chicken breasts will not be simple. For this dish, we need the following ingredients:Chicken Breast Soup Recipe

- chicken breasts - 1kg;

- carrots - 2 pieces;

- a stalk of celery - 1 pc .;

- onion - 1 piece;

- a lemon - 1 piece;

- water - 2l;

- parsley, salt and pepper.

Now consider the process of preparing thisdishes. Breast cut into slices, and carrots and celery - into small cubes. In the pan, it is necessary to fold the vegetables and chicken, bring to a boil. After this, reduce the fire and cook for 30 minutes. In the soup you need to add lemon juice and greens. Everything, the dish is ready, you can serve it on the table.

The presented recipes of the first courses are very simple,and they can cook even a novice cook. As a result, you will get a tasty and dietary dish. It will be to your husband's taste, who likes to eat tasty, and you, the woman who watches her figure. Well, and your children, who will certainly like the ease of this soup.

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