Soda Flavors for Home

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Soda - an indispensable tool in the house. It is used in cooking and as a cleaning agent. It is truly universal! In addition, it has a remarkable property - it pulls odors perfectly. If you need to get rid of unwanted aroma - this is the best tool. Refrigerator, closet, toilet - soda will handle everywhere. That's just not very convenient to use it: do not just scatter it. Try it then clean.

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In order not to face such difficulties, we will make flavoring that is practical in the use of soda. Most importantly, for the manufacture of such an accessory will need a minimum amount of ingredients, all of which should be in your home.

You will need:

  • soda (2 cups)
  • boiled water at room temperature (1-2 cups)
  • essential oils
  • Silicone forms

How to make air freshener?

Take half a glass of water and add 3-4 drops of selected essential oil.

Tip: if you want to disinfect the air in the apartment or toilet, take the oil of coniferous trees or eucalyptus; if you want to eliminate particularly unpleasant odors, take citrus oils (they are especially actively fighting odors); disinfection of tea tree oil is also beneficial for five; Lavender is best for the bedroom, as it soothes and promotes good sleep. In short, study the properties of essential oils to choose what is right for you.

home flavors

Pour all the soda into the bowl and gradually pour the flavored water into it. Then we take the rest of the water and slowly add it too. Do this until the slurry acquires the consistency of very thick cream.

Tip: so that your natural flavors are not only effective, but also beautiful, add food coloring to the soda (still dry).

We break the mass into silicone molds and leave them alone for 48 hours. Then gently release the hardened flavors from the forms.

home flavors

All is ready! You can put them where you want to achieve the effect of flavoring: they themselves will begin to work. If you have made too many flavors and do not want to use them all at once, put the extra ones in a glass jar with a tight lid and put them in a dry dark place.reach out if necessary.

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