Smartphone Sony Xperia T3: specifications, review, photos, reviews

Separation from Ericsson very favorably affected the products of Sony, the smartphone line of which has significantly changed and expanded. Despite the fact that these devices are sometimes almost identical externally, each of them can boast of its own unique characteristics. The model Sony Xperia T3, which is reviewed in more detail later, can not be called flagship. Moreover, it can not boast of the highest speed in the lineup. Nevertheless, the modification has its own peculiarity - it is the thinnest.Sony Xperia T3

general description

The case of the novelty, whose thickness is only 7 millimeters, is made of glass and plastic, as well as stainless steel. The use of the latter of these materials is a rather unusual solution for such devices. Almost the entire face of the Sony Xperia T3 is occupied by an 5,3-inch display. Above the screen there is a slit of the speaker and a front camera, as well as a strip with the company logo on it. Most of the slots, connectors and controls are located around the perimeter. The right end is visually divided into two equal parts by a round button, intended for switching on / off and blocking. The lower edge of the device is empty. All connectors are hidden under one common plug. Behind is a camera lens with a flash that is not allocated by any auxiliary elements. It should be noted that it can not be removed, since the case is monolithic. To install the SIM card and additional memory, use the appropriate connectors on the ends. The novelty is available in a black, white and bright purple color scheme. The weight of the device is 148 grams. At first glance, it may seem that the case protects the device from dust and moisture, but this is not at all the case. This is the payoff for its small thickness.Sony Xperia T3 review


The model is equipped with a screen, the size of which is 5,3 in. It is manufactured using IPS technology and has HD resolution. In principle, the display can be called one of the pluses of Sony Xperia T3. The review of it is fairly well ensured even at large angles. In addition, the screen features high contrast and brightness, thanks to which, even in bright sun, the image on it is clearly visible. It is made of one layer of glass and has no air gap (this is explained by the small thickness of the shell). The sensor of the device is quite sensitive, instantly reacts to the lightest touch. It can process up to four images at the same time.


The hardware performance of the platform on which the phone is built does not differ with the highest performance against the existing devices. Whatever it was, it consists of four cores, which operate at a frequency of 1,4 GHz. Processing graphics is due to the video accelerator Adreno-305. The phone has eight gigabytes of fixed memory built in, even though three of them are required for its own needs. If necessary, Sony Xperia T3, as well as any other modern similar device, you can install an additional microSD card up to 32 gigabytes.Sony Xperia T3 reviews


The smartphone is equipped with two cameras - the main and front. Resolution of the first equals 8 megapixels, which you will not call a serious advantage of Sony Xperia T3 (Ultra T2, for example, is the flagship modification with a camera on 13 megapixels). Whatever it was, the device has a module with an Exmor RS matrix, a single-section LED flash and an automatic focus. In addition to manual and automatic, for the gadget there are also several additional shooting modes. As for the quality of the photos taken with Sony Xperia T3, it is quite high. In particular, this can be said about pictures taken with good natural light. In the dark, they look a little grainy, but no noise.

The front camera is equipped with a sensor on the 1,1 megapixel. The photos taken with her have the permission of 1280x720. Calling their quality high is difficult, but it is quite enough to create such a popular now SELFI.Sony Xperia T3 specifications

One can not but note the fact that the main camera is capable of making clips in Full HD format. When watching a video, especially on a large screen, it's hard not to notice the small delays and distortions, although the image is smoothed by the stabilization system Steady Shot.


Smartphone Sony Xperia T3 operates on the operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The interface design is quite familiar, as well as for similar devices from this manufacturer. If desired, the user can simplify the menu. A distinctive feature of the program menu was the possibility of sorting, sampling, and also working with application icons. The developers even provided a pull-out contextual panel that appears when the side swing to the left. Here you can search by various categories, in your own way, set the location of icons. In general, as owners testify, the set of standard applications and programs here is typical for all smartphones of this company. Functioning fast enough and without delays the interface is one of the most important advantages of Sony Xperia T3. Feedback from users of the device also testifies to the absence of cases of spontaneous shutdown or reboot of the model.

Sony Xperia T3 ultra


Phone Sony Xperia T3 is able to function as standard in modern networks 2G and 3G. In addition, the device provides support for fourth-generation networks (LTE), which are becoming more popular on the territory of our country. The navigation module quickly and clearly works not only with GPS, but also with the Russian system known as Glonass. Thanks to the Smart Dial application, the user can search for contacts directly during a telephone conversation.


Unlike flagship modifications, the device has one speaker, which is directed back to the listener. In this regard, in the phone Sony Xperia T3 sound characteristics can not be called outstanding. According to the owners, its main speaker sounds good, but no more. When using headphones, the music is played quite cleanly and loudly, and the squeak is not felt. As for the spoken dynamics, it is easy to recognize the natural and natural voice of the interlocutor. The regular player has many settings and additional programs aimed at improving the sound quality. The radio is able to record programs and works without necessarily connecting headphones, which act as an external antenna.Sony Xperia T3 photo


The small thickness of the case is not the only aspect that the manufacturer is betting on when promoting the Sony Xperia T3 market. Reviews of the owners of the smartphone have become a striking proof that the device is very user-friendly. This is largely due to the excellent combination of dimensions, weight balance, non-separable casing and a successful choice of the location of the controls.


The capacity of the built-in battery is equal to 2500 mAh. For a device with such a thin body, this can be called a fairly good performance. Whatever the case, the phone's autonomy with high performance is no different. The only exception is the standby mode, during which the battery is almost not discharged.smartphone Sony Xperia T3


In conclusion, it should be noted that the cost of Sony Xperia T3 in the domestic market depends on whether the device is certified or not. In the first case, the smartphone will have to pay about 16 thousand rubles, and in the second - about 11 thousand. The model is difficult to attribute to the budget segment, but its money is definitely worth it. Even against the background of flagship modifications, this option looks good. As many owners of the gadget say, we can say that the manufacturer presented the market with a smartphone with a well-balanced ergonomics, high-quality materials, an excellent screen and build quality. The device supports modern communication technologies, and you can even manage it with gloves. In general, the phone is not better, but not worse than most analogs - it's just different.

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