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Smart home and fire safety system

April 23, 2018

First of all, “Smart Home” is a pledge of safety, comfort of life and of course status. These systems operate using the latest trends in modern technology, making people live in the most convenient and quality. "Smart Home" interacts with household appliances, lighting, doors, video and audio equipment, security systems and other devices that are an integral part of housing. Steel fire doors are also an attribute of the overall fire safety system of the smart home system.

How it works?

It is interesting that annually the number of users of the mentioned system increases by several orders of magnitude. For example, in the Russian capital over the past year about 10 thousand such projects were established. The best system "Smart Home" works on an individual scenario.At the same time, they are always developed with an individual approach, based on the needs and requirements of users. As a result, any desire, or even a dream, can become part of reality, thereby simplifying and improving life.

"Smart Home" is able to control the lighting in the nursery, living room, bedroom and other rooms. When installing special sensors, it will turn on the light as soon as the user enters the room. He can turn on the shower at your chosen temperature, warm up the kettle on your arrival, wash your laundry or wash the dishes at a specified time and do many more useful things that you no longer have to control.

The benefits of "smart home"

• Increased comfort of life. With this approach, the vast majority of routine processes that previously had to be performed independently can be excluded from use.

• Security. If earlier homeowners had to worry about possible leaks, fires, electrical circuits or intruders, then now the electronic brain will be responsible for all this. And in the case of a registered problem, he will de-energize the circuit, shut off the water and even call repairmen or the police.

• Status."Smart Home" significantly increases the value of the house when it is sold and emphasizes the taste and sanity of the owners. The metal fire door price for which you are no doubt satisfied with, will increase the status of homeownership in terms of safety from fires in the light of recent tragic events in Kemerovo.

• Solving domestic issues. The system can optimize the costs of utility costs, while reducing their level by at least 25-40%. As a result, the purchase of the system in the future will not only allow it to fully recoup, but also bring the owner income in the form of savings.

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