Sink faucets in the bathroom: device, types, choice + popular models

Modern faucets for the sink in the bathroom combine functionality, practicality and style. They are represented by the widest range.

In order not to get lost in the variety, before buying, you should decide in advance on the relevant parameters: device, form of execution, dislocation of the crane, dimensions of the spout, production material and design.

A variety of design solutions

The key parameter of the choice of the mixer - the device and the principle of operation. The type of water mixing partly determines the cost, convenience and reliability of the device. Its practicality lies in the on / off speed, ease of setting the pressure and water temperature, as well as the possibility of replacing broken parts.

Two-valve mixer - classic of the genre

The traditional design with two side valves is still in demand. Adjustment of the water supply is carried out by a pair of flywheels - crane boxes.

In the case the hot stream is mixed with the cold one and a warm stream is fed out through the gander. At the end of the spout, a mesh filter is provided to prevent splashing of water.

Mixer device
Diagram of the device: 1 - a housing with three openings, sockets, 2 - a spout, 3 - a cock-axle box, 4 - decorative flywheels, 5 - screws for fixing the “lamb”, 6 - protective caps

In two-valve cranes, two types of crane boxes are used:

  1. Worm-type locking elements. The rotation of the flywheel causes the piston to act on the rubber gasket that locks or opens the hole. The rubber or silicone liner wears out over time and must be replaced.
  2. Ceramic Crane Box. The basis of the locking element is a ceramoplate with holes for water supply. When turning the crane, the plate unfolds, the hole is combined with the “water” channel. The larger the area of ​​the lumen, the greater the volume of water supplied.

In ceramic models, the rotation of the flywheel is limited.The maximum angle of rotation is 90-180 °, which is significantly less than in mixers with a worm modification of a crane box.

Types of crane boxes
Designations in the figure: 1 - worm-type crane-axle box, 2 - half-turn crane with ceramic fittings

The main advantages of a two-valve mixer: the strength of the housing, the interchangeability of parts and affordable cost. Their weaknesses are the need to insist on the temperature regime every time, more frequent failure compared to other products.

Convenience of operation of the single-lever device

Single-grip models are in high demand due to ease of control - the intensity of the water flow and temperature are regulated by moving a single lever in two differently directed planes.

Single lever mixer
The peculiarity of the internal mechanism is the presence of two spherical surfaces. Their combination allows you to adjust the flow of water: moving vertically - pressure, horizontally - temperature

There are two types of switching mechanisms:

  • disk (rod);
  • ball.

Disk cartridge. Replaceable mechanism with swivel ceramic discs.The basis of the work is the mutual movement of ceramoplates with cutouts. Depending on the number of plates distinguish two- and three-disk cartridges.

In a double-disk mixer, the upper plate is fixed to the control rod, the lower one is rigidly fixed in the cartridge housing.

Disk cartridge
With the rotation of the handle the disks are displaced, the holes completely or partially coincide - mixing of the liquid occurs. Head is controlled by moving the top element.

In three-disk cartridges the middle plate is mobile. Faucets are suitable for low pressure water systems. Water is mixed in the valve body, and not between the plates, due to which the resistance inside the mixer decreases.

Advantages of cranes with disc cartridges:

  • maintainability - for the restoration of performance it is enough to replace the internal mechanism;
  • an increase in the channel of cold water is proportional to a decrease in the flow of hot water - this ensures the efficient use of the water resource;
  • ease of management.

The lack of a ceramic cartridge is a vulnerability to hard polluted water. For their application, it is desirable to install a pre-filter.

Ball mechanism. The regulator is made in the form of a hollow ball of metal. Inside there are three holes: two - side channels for water supply, one - for the exit of the mixed stream.

Ball cartridge
Depending on the position of the lever in the horizontal plane, the gap for water ingress into the mixing chamber changes. The necessary seal provides spring-loaded PTFE inserts

Since the mixing of water flows occurs inside the metal ball, scale is formed on it - one of the reasons for the mixer to break down. Additional disadvantages of the spherical mechanism:

  • low maintainability;
  • quick wear seals.

Such a device is resistant to pressure drops, hydraulic shocks, as well as less demanding on the quality of tap water.

Safety thermostat use

Devices with a thermostat ensure the stability of the temperature of the water supplied. Outwardly, they resemble a traditional model - the body is equipped with two adjusting knobs, an inlet and an outflow. All technical differences are hidden inside.

Thermostatic mixer
Thermostatic device: 1 - water pressure control head, 2 - temperature setting lock, 3 - temperature controller, 4 - ceramic cartridge, 5 - “smart” mechanism - thermostat

The heart of the mixer is a thermo-sensitive element, which, under the influence of temperature, changes its dimensions and regulates the volume of the hot mixture. It is enough to adjust the necessary parameters once, and the thermostat takes over the subsequent adjustment.

Pluses of thermomixers:

  • safety of operation - the risk of burns with hot water is excluded;
  • ergonomic modern design;
  • temperature stability and ease of use;
  • reduction of water consumption, which could be spent on manual tuning.

Before you choose a thermostatic mixer for the sink in the bathroom should take into account a number of points. First, the blocker stops the flow of water if the temperature does not correspond to the set value. In a house with central water supply, where temperature fluctuations are not uncommon, you can never wait for water.

Secondly, in systems with pressure surges, situations are possible when warm water is supplied from a “cold” pipe. Thermostatic mixer to reduce the temperature overlaps the hot water, but at the exit the user gets a weak pressure.

In the mixer, two thermostat options are used: mechanical and electronic.

Mixer control
The mechanics are reliable and easier to “tune” to the instability of the central highway. Electronic models have an informative display and different types of controls: push-button, touch or remote

Metering mixer - short-term water supply

Portion devices, the most popular in public bathrooms, have found their application in everyday life. The design of the mixer includes a water start button, a temperature controller and a gander. Pressing the key for some time served a portion of water.

The role of the locking element plays a gasket placed on the expansion of the rod. Components are placed in a special chamber - already mixed water flows into this glass. The flow temperature is controlled by the side lever.

Batch mixer
The batch mixer is mounted in water pipes with a back pressure valve for hot / cold water. Otherwise, hot water in the mixing chamber will displace cold water.

The use of valves will allow once to find the optimal position of the adjustable lever and set a comfortable temperature.

The advantages of the dosing mixer are obvious:

  • automatic shutdown;
  • saving water temperature settings;
  • ease of operation - just a light touch on the button.

Portion devices have a narrow purpose: washing hands, washing, rinsing lightly. The mixer will not work if the use of a sink implies a long supply of water, fine-tuning the temperature.

Features of electronic models

High-tech mixers are equipped with electronic components that are responsible for the accuracy of temperature heating and water pressure. Built-in sensors transmit a signal to the shut-off valve.

Electronic mixer
The functionality and equipment of plumbing systems are diverse. Some devices contain a microprocessor that allows you to set the time and temperature of the mixer, include decorative effects, etc.

According to the method of control, contact and contactless electronic products are distinguished.

Contact Mixers. Touch control is provided - a display with indication of current parameters and a settings panel is built into the molded case.

Contact mixer
The mixer is started and switched off by touching the display, the instrument housing or the spout.Electronic contact devices are sold as separate products or are supplied with plumbing fixtures.

Contactless devices. Control by motion sensors and infrared sensors that respond to heat energy. If the heat source, in particular the palm, is brought under the spout, then the sensor will work and water will flow.

Contactless mixer
Popular electronic mixers are models with a photo sensor. Automatic reacts to the appearance of objects in a certain range of the built-in sensor

The advantages of electronics for the sink:

  • advanced functionality;
  • usability;
  • modern design and decorative effects.

The main disadvantages of innovative plumbing: the high cost of the equipment itself, the complexity of the repair.

Options for selecting the optimal model

Having decided on the design, it is necessary to take into account some significant criteria: the material of manufacture, the geometrical dimensions and the shape of the gander, to evaluate the functionality and method of mounting the device. Do not forget about the compatibility of the design of the crane with the interior space.

Material manufacturing mixer

The determining factor in durability and cost of a sanitary appliance is the material of manufacture.A variety of mixer cases:

  • siluminous;
  • plastic;
  • ceramic;
  • steel;
  • products from copper alloys.

Silumin Mixer. Economy segment products are made of aluminum with the addition of silicon. The material is characterized by brittleness, low ductility and low ability to resist oxygen corrosion.

Silumin products are susceptible to high pressure, the maximum allowable indicator is 3 bars. In apartment buildings, the pressure in the water supply network can fluctuate up to 10 bar.

Silumin blend
The weak point of the aluminum-silicon mixer is the threaded connection. Thin walls are constantly in contact with water and quickly burst. With careless use, chrome plating is easy to damage.

The only argument for a silumin mixer is low cost. However, a cheap acquisition carries the risk of an emergency.

Plastic case. Polymer products are affordable and do not corrode. Some models have an outer coating that simulates an artificial stone or chrome.

Plastic mixer
Disadvantages of plastic: low strength, fragility, vulnerability of the body to mechanical damage.Basic technical and operational characteristics depend on the type of plastic

Acceptable material - ABS plastic. It is a shock-resistant, non-toxic thermoplastic polymer approved for the production of sanitary appliances.

Ceramic mixer. The material for the case is durable reinforced porcelain. Ceramics calmly reacts to contact with water, durable and plastic, which allows the production of mixers of any shape. The finished product is perfectly smooth, easy to clean, does not abrade.

Porcelain mixer
Porcelain mixers are distinguished by high decorative and exclusive execution. Design pieces are selected for a specific interior style of the bathroom.

Stainless steel. Mixers in this category - a balance of reasonable price and decent quality. High-grade stainless steel can withstand high system loads, is not afraid of moderate mechanical stress and durable.

When choosing a steel product, the main thing is not to be deceived with the composition of the material - the risk of acquiring a fake is high. Little-known manufacturers add lead to brittle alloys in order to achieve shine of true stainless steel.

Audited companies provide a five-year warranty on the goods, and in practice the period of use reaches a quarter of a century.

Brass and bronze. Mixers made of copper alloys are considered the most reliable and durable. The material is undemanding to the quality of water and does not rust. On the bronze and brass casing, water runoff and scratches are hardly noticeable.

Bronze mixer
Bronze mixers are produced mostly in retro style. Brass is more versatile - a modern look or antique look is given to copper products

The length and shape of the spout

Convenience of use depends on the geometrical sizes of a mixer nose. The height of the spout, the length and width of the gander are taken into account.

Height - the distance from the base of the mixer to the nozzle of the spout, the range of values ​​- 20-900 mm. Recommended indicators:

  • 15-25 cm - if the sink is used only for hygienic procedures, a low gander fits under a shallow bowl;
  • more than 25 cm - the location of the spout allows you to fill large containers with water.

A high gander requires a deep washbasin so that splashes do not spread around the room.

Dimensions spout
The length of the mixer is the distance between the most distant points of the device, the variability of the value is 3.2-50 cm. It is optimal if a jet of water falls on the drain valve

The width of the spout is determined by the shape of the nozzle section: traditional and cascade. The first option is a tubular end with a round, oval or rectangular section. The second is flat, wide models.

Cascade Mixer
An interesting solution is a cascade mixer with an open spout. Models with a flat gander look sophisticated, with the crane turned on, an excellent visual effect is achieved

Functionality: swivel and fixed housing

The cast case of the mixer is optimally suited for the sink in the bathroom - the model is compact and reliable performance. Lack of turning mechanisms, knots of connections minimizes the probability of breakage and facilitates maintenance.

The modular case of the model is more functional - the gander can be rotated to a user-friendly position. If the faucet is designed to simultaneously serve the bath and sink, then you should look at models with a telescopic spout.

Rotary mixer
Advanced functionality explains the higher cost of rotary mixers. Such models are appropriate for roomy sinks. The use of a mobile spout for compact sinks is impractical

Determine the installation method

Depending on the location and method of installation, the entire range of mixers is classified into four groups:

  • wall mounted;
  • wall mounted;
  • desktop outdoor;
  • floor standing

Wall mounted faucets.Mounted models are easy to install, easy to replace, and affordable. Wall-mounted faucets "open" installation with a long gander is often chosen as a single source of water supply in the bath and sink.

Wall mounted mixer
Built-in modifications contain a minimum of protruding parts. Their installation requires the preparation of a spacious niche for the placement of the mixing unit, fittings and valves

Desktop models. The mixer is built in a side washbasin or crashes into the countertop. Desktop installation is applicable for plumbing with special mounting holes.

Table mixer
With a built-in sink harmoniously looks laconic single-lever mixer. Compact dimensions of the device do not clutter up the free space of the working surface

Outdoor. Mixers are a pipe fixed on the floor with a plate - sole. Installation means the lower supply of water.In advance it is necessary to build communications in the floor screed and leave the issues.

Floor mixer
Floor faucet is appropriate in the spacious bathrooms of private homes. In a small apartment, the underground installation of pipes “hides” the ceiling height, and a stand-alone mixer will occupy a useful area.

Design tricks or zest interior

It is clear that the mixer should not lag behind the chosen style direction. An elaborate two-valve antique crane will look ridiculous in an interior designed in minimalism style.

Faucet and sink
Universal solution - a single color tandem mixer and sink. Rhyming with the individual elements of the interior, the ensemble will create a solid look and become a bright highlight even in the dreary bathroom.

The variety of unusual and original options is impressive.

Complex Shape Mixers
The complex ornate forms of the spout make the interior more interesting, smoothing the straightness of the rest of the details. A practical idea is to combine a mixer with a heated towel rail.

Some manufacturers offer a complete set - designer sinks for the bathroom with integrated faucet.

Stylish faucets
Variants of innovative solutions.In photo 2, the color of water and the temperature change due to the movement of the ball through the tap.

It would seem that such a trivial thing as a faucet, with a skillful choice, can transform any interior. Many design delights are comparable to works of art and have a corresponding value. However, among the budget mixers can be found exclusive.

How to choose a manufacturer

The recognized leaders in the plumbing market are German, Finnish and Italian brands.

Among the reliable manufacturers of world famous companies:

  1. Grohe. German company that uses in the production of sanitary ware own development-innovations. On sale are more than 30 series of mixers of different style and material production.
  2. Hansgrohe. Specializes in the production of plumbing for over 100 years. The company sells products under 4 brands: Hansgrohe - modern faucets, Pharo - bathroom accessories, Pontos - economical technologies, Axor - exclusive models.
  3. Oras. Finnish company that prefers modern style. Her preferences: futurism, hi-tech, minimalism and modern. Features of the faucets: concise design, agility, functionality and high quality.
  4. Jacob Delafon. French brand, representative of the Kohler group of companies. The quality of materials meets the highest European standards. Jacob Delafon offers more than 10 collections of mixers.

The top ten manufacturers are complemented by: Rosa (Spain), Teka (Spain), Vidima (Bulgaria), Lemark (Czech Republic), Ideal Standart (Germany), Jika (Czech Republic).

Variety of models
Products from the Jacob Delafon and Ideal Standart collections are versatile. Practical ergonomic models are made in a modern style.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Visual video tutorials will help navigate the variety of models and choose the best. Video will tell you what to consider when choosing a water "mixer":

Definition of crane sizes for easy use in video:

When buying, you should familiarize yourself with the accompanying documents, check the smoothness of the moving parts and the quality of the outer coating - there should be no stains, scratches and other flaws. Experienced plumbers advise to beware of suspiciously cheap and light-weight mixers - these are clear signs of a fake.

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