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In Kazan, you can find many shopping centers. They can be large-scale, such as "Mega" or "Tandem", and can occupy a small area. However, they can find a lot of clothing stores, food products. Almost every shopping center in Kazan offers not only to go shopping, getting things, but also to have fun with the whole family.

GUM. Modern purchases in the historical part of the city

Almost every city has shopping centers. G. Kazan is no exception. Here they are often located in buildings located in the historic part of the city. To such structures it is possible to carry and GUM. It is located near the metro exit. In walking distance are several large hotels. GUM is located on Bauman Street. It refers to the sights of the city. This street is pedestrian, it houses shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, a cinema.

shopping centers in Kazan

GUM - high building. Six floors are occupied by shops. Here you can buy clothes, jewelry, jewelry, shoes. Tourists can buy souvenirs with the Tatar color. For example, skullcaps, magnets with the image of the city and delicious national sweets, such as chak-chak.

Neighbors of GUM: "Svita Hall" and "Ring"

Shopping centers in Kazan are often locatedpretty close. For example, the young and modern complex "Svita Hall" is located almost opposite the GUM. This complex is quite young. It houses shops and restaurants.

In this shopping center you can buy a lowerlinen, souvenirs, clothes. Also in the restaurant you can have a snack. On the ground floor there is a restaurant "Omnomnom". It offers pan-Asian cuisine. For example, many believe that it is here that you can try the most delicious in Kazan tom-yam.

On the top floor there is a restaurant "Naroof ". The interest is mainly the summer verandah. Visitors are on an open balcony. From the windows you can see Bauman Street, several interesting buildings. Places on the veranda must be booked in advance.

shopping center in Kazan

"Ring" - another shopping center, whichlocated next to GUM. This building is interesting in that it really has a huge golden ring on its roof. Shopping centers in Kazan offer visitors to watch a movie to take a break from shopping. The "Ring" is no exception. Here is the cinema "Karo". Also on the third floor you can find a zone with a cafe. From the popular "CFS", "McDonald's". Of course, you can try and national cuisine or order rolls. There are many shops in this shopping center. On the ground floor there is a grocery store "Edelweiss".

One of the largest shopping centers

Shopping centers (Kazan), whose addresses are notconnected with Bauman street, also attract attention. For example, Mega is located at Prospekt Pobedy 141. It is positioned not simply as other shopping centers in Kazan. In its territory you can find a lot of entertainment. Starting with the rink, ending with a children's playground. On the territory there is a store "Ikea", which offers Kazan furniture and household goods.

shopping centers казань addresses

Also in the shopping center "Mega" is locatedshop "Obi", in which often purchased goods for the garden and the garden. Here you can buy home flowers or seedlings. The shopping center is equipped with ample parking.

"Tandem" - a combination of shops and food

Shopping complexes in Kazan are found in manyparts of the city. So, "Tandem" is located in the Moscow region. It is within walking distance from the metro. The building consists of three floors. Visitors are invited to buy clothes, shoes, underwear. Also here you can find products for skin and hair care, cosmetics, certificates for spa salons.

shopping centers in Kazan

On the third floor there are also manya cafe. Among the popular ones you can find "Burgerking", "KFS". You can also try triangles, hot food, rolls. Not so long ago a point with a useful fast food opened here. Visitors are invited to try sandwiches, salads, delicious desserts.

Also this shopping center in Kazan offersvisit the cinema "Kinomax". Several rooms are created to enjoy movies. You can buy popcorn, drinks or nachos to have a good time. Near the cinema is a children's play area with slot machines, carousels.

Novo-Savinovsky district - "Park House"

In Novo-Savinovsky district of the city alsosettled down their own institution. Shopping centers in Kazan attract a lot of shops, as well as supermarkets with products. In this center, "Auchan" is often visited. This store offers a variety of food products, including its own brand, as well as non-food items.

On the second and last floor there is a zone witha cafe. You can visit McDonald's, try rolls or treat yourself to pizza. Also, a train for children runs along the floor. In stores you can buy cosmetics, equipment, clothes and shoes. This shopping center in Kazan is located on Yamasheva Avenue.

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