Shoe Box Organizer

Posted by09.05.2017

What do you do with cardboard shoe boxes? Throw away, store unnecessary items in them or keep them empty for safety? Do not be surprised if many choose the latter option. We, the Russian people, are a thrifty people - we keep everything just in case. Let's get rid of this habit, because not all things are worth keeping. We will deal with boxes very simply: we will transform them!


In order to make an organizer from a regular cardboard box, we need only scissors and beautiful paper. For the outer cover, wallpaper, cardboard, gift paper, fabric, and any other material will fit. Choose what fits exactly in your interior and pleases the eye.

Carefully look at the scheme and cut the box as shown in the photo. It is better to draw a line in advance on the ruler, so that everything is exactly the same. We glue and wrap with beautiful paper or glue over the fabric from all sides.

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