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Sharp nails: 70 ideas

Perfectly groomed female marigolds delight not only their owners, but all those around them. Female beauty begins with the hands, or rather with the nails, by the state of which you can judge how much the girl watches her appearance. If we talk about their form, then today the most urgent is the sharp form of nails. Despite the fact that the hostess of such nails at first may feel uncomfortable, they look elegant and extraordinary. Let's plunge into the world of fashion trends, listen to the advice and ideas of specialists.

Manicure design on cat's nails can be very diverse, non-standard, creative, made in a wide variety of styles, ranging from classic french, with minimal patterns and ending with unique original paintings. It all depends on how stormy your fantasy is.

An excellent idea would be to design a marigold with a cute name "cat's eye." Pearl shades are perfectly combined with the sharp form of nails, their unusual modulations are pleasing to the eye, such a manicure is applied easily and does not require anything special.It looks very expensive so their simple monophonic design.

sharp nailssharp nails: cat's eyesharp nails: cat's eyes 2

All those who have their own already not long nails made sharp, the masters advise to choose metallized varnishes, which narrow the nail plate, visually lengthening the shape of the nails. When applying such a manicure, instead of gel polishes and ordinary lacquers with the effect of a mellik, special rubs are used, which result in an irresistible shine.New design: sharp nailsNew design: sharp nails 2

With the help of a miniature painting with a metallic effect on one or several fingers, the master diversifies your sharp design 2018: sharp nailsNew Design 2018: Metallic Sharp Nails

Knitted patterns will look no less impressive. They are considered unobtrusive and quite popular.

knitted patterns on sharp nailsknitted patterns on sharp nails 2

Gradient manicure looks very expensive and stylish, and it will look equally gorgeous in bright and soothing, moderate or contrasting colors. The gradient looks great in and of itself, but it would not be superfluous to adorn a few fingers, for example, with the nameless and middle rhinestones or design: radiating on sharp nailsnew design: radiating on sharp nails 2new design: radiating on sharp nails 3new design: radiating on sharp nails 4

No one will be indifferent to the unusual design of the lunar manicure, double jacket. When performing it, colors are easily selected at their discretion, while different textures, colors and shades are selected.A pair of marigolds would be appropriate to complement the unusual pattern, abstraction or extravagant origami. This painting corresponds to the latest fashion nail design 2018: french on sharpnew nail design 2018: french on sharp 2new nail design 2018: french on sharp 3

Home manicure does not require a large arsenal of items for decoration. It will be enough to stock up on ready-made stickers for design. A few sharp marigolds can be peculiarly decorated with ready-made nails with stickerssharp nails with stickers 2

A manicure with lace looks popular and relevant, while lace can be both ready-made and depicted using painting. Unobtrusively, it will look on one and all nails.New nail design with laceNew nail design with lace 2New nail design with lace 3

Many leading beauty salons noted that this year the manicure on “cat's” nails remains relevant, despite the fact that many women cast their votes in favor of naturalness and naturalness. Someone chooses their own nails, and someone resorts to the option of built-up artificial ones. Some fashionistas do it at home, others visit beauty nails with rhinestonesbright sharp nails

I would like to especially note the design of matte nails in mono-performance, sometimes diluted with small stones, which has become very popular.On such a manicure, velvet painting made with acrylic powder, crystals and small patterns looks great.matte sharp nailsmatte sharp nails 2matte sharp nails 4

Does not give up their positions and French manicure. On your nails, it will look especially unique, thereby attracting many curious looks. It is especially well suited for celebrations. And for parties it is better to perform a color jacket. Colors can be chosen in completely different, neon, brilliant, acid nail design 2018: french on sharp 5

Do not be afraid to experiment with textures and various shades. For your cat's marigold, choose glossy or matte. Sand varnish, despite its simplicity, will look no less universal, because with it you can make a very stylish design in beige shades.

Refinement and romance will always give your manicure cream, peach, mint and mother-of-pearl nails 4cream sharp nails

Also, dark shades, such as wine and berry, perfectly match the fashionable sharp form of shade on sharp nailsdark sharp nailswine shade on sharp nails

In order to make a unique manicure in marble design, experts recommend to make friends with the world of nail design.Marble shade on sharp nailsmarble nail art 2

And in conclusion I would like to note that this year the leading place in the world of manicure was taken by sharp nails,skillful women of fashion cut out the shape of cat's marigolds from their natural.

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