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Deciding on the construction of a wooden dwelling is an important step in the fate of any person. How to build a house without exorbitant situations? Orienting with the material, first of all, it is necessary to determine the design of the upcoming house and this is a significant choice for any developer. This step can be overcome alone or resort to the services of professional companies. Fortunately, a directory of construction companies, without exaggeration, is available on any virtual, informational or publishing resource of any country in the world, or simply in a small region. All of them, without exception, will take into account all wishes when choosing the architectural features of the future structure. The necessary factors when choosing a home are the area of ​​the house, the definition of the layout, the required number of rooms and their status. Thinking through these options, the architect will create a draft design. After coordination with the owner, the draft work proceeds to the formation of a working draft.

You can try to save by neglecting technology.For example, do not take into account the air cushion on the roof. This is fraught with roof leaks after a short operation. With a roof of 150 m2, the total savings will be approximately forty thousand rubles. And the re-equipment of the entire roof will be almost five times more expensive. Impressive, isn't it?

Also, the selection of the most inexpensive contractor will not allow to perform construction activities, taking into account all the nuances in such house-building.

The use of European experience allows such companies to offer acceptable circumstances for the construction of a wooden structure with balanced economic factors. For example, the construction of such a house from a rounded log with Finnish not blown grooves.

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