Series Sherlock Season 4 (2017)

It became known that the premiere4 seasons of the television series “Sherlock” is transferred to January 2017. Initially, the creators planned to release it by 2016, but apparently, their plans intervened in case. Nevertheless, viewers around the world are not upset about this - the main thing is that their favorite series about the legendary detective will soon appear on the screens.

It is already known that in the “Sherlock” (4th season - 2017 year of release) all the same actors will be filmed - Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

History of creation

Rumors that the sequel of the cult TV series “Sherlock”, which was shot based on the famous story by Arthur Conan Doyle, appeared on the network for quite a long time, will soon be on the screen. It is known for certain that after the third season, the BBC channel did not plan to continue to invest in this project, but the rapidly growing ratings reassured management in the opposite.

The producers of the series were engaged in lengthy negotiations, and after some time, the channel’s management changed its point of view. A little later, two leading actor Kemberbatch and Freeman even stated that they were considering the creation of the fifth season.

Many of us probably know that the story of the English detective Sherolok Holmes and his faithful assistant Dr. Watson was filmed many times. These were serials, full-fledged feature films, cartoons and even computer games.

More than one generation has grown up on stories about Sherolok and his investigations. Deduction and intellectuality have come into fashion. However, the BBC series is considered to be a truly spectacular depiction of Conan Doyle’s stories.

Sherlock 2017 intended plot

It is worth noting that literally every day fans of the series are trying to find at least some information about him. The third season, fans have been waiting for almost three years, so they do not have patience, but still want to meet with their favorite characters, as soon as possible.

The creation of the television series began with the disastrous screening of a feature film shown in 2008. In those years, the BBC company lost more than 800 thousand feet of sterling. After such a fiasco, the leadership of the channel was forced to negotiate with directors and screenwriters, so that they completely changed the format of the series and even changed the storyline.

The Air Force hoped that in this way it would turn out at least a little to “beat off” the cost of making the film,but events began to unfold so rapidly, the ratings of the tape soared upwards with each passing day, so it was decided not to stop at one season. Thus, the world has already managed to enjoy the three seasons of the series “Sherlock” and soon will see the fourth.

Estimated plot

Season 4 Sherlock 2017 year

The fog of intrigue, which entangled the plot sticky hugs, still not dispelled. Writers stubbornly do not want to disclose all the cards, so fans can be satisfied with small. According to Mark Geitiss, the action in the tape will unfold in the last years of the 19th century, to be exact, in 1895.

For this period, the death and resurrection of the main character, which were described in the Doyle books, falls. Rumor has it that the main opponent of Sherlock - Moriarty will return to the picture. Sherlock Holmes will have to figure out how his foe survived, and also shed light on many other mysterious circumstances.

Creators and actors

Creators and actors Sherlock 2017 year

The director of the film remains unchanged Paul McGuigan (“Life is like a show,” “Scandal”), as well as his associates Eros Lin and Koki Hydroich. The writers of the tape were and will be in the fourth season of Steven Moffat and Mark Gateis.They are also the executive producers of the series.

In the lead roles, as already known, will be Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes), Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson) and Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson). Lou Brily will play Mothy Hooper. It is noteworthy that Mark Gatiss appeared in the film as Holmes' brother - Minecraft Holmes. This time it will also appear in the frame.

Some facts about “Sherlock”

Sherlock season 4 when will be released

  • In the past seasons, it was possible to observe, perhaps, the most significant episodes from the books: “Etude in purple tones”, “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, “His farewell bow” and “Scandal in Bohemia” The most interesting thing is that the creators of the tape always changed their names, while many stories actually became the basis of the plot, although they were presented in different ways: in Dr. Watson’s blog, in newspapers, on websites, etc.
  • Not all the shooting of the series took place in the capital of England. By many shots, viewers can recognize the neighborhood of Cardiff - this is a city in Wales. But at the same time, the headquarters of the protagonist is really located on Baker Street, albeit altered. The fact is that in modern London, the numbers of apartments and houses have not been pointed out for a long time.
  • If you compare the classic film adaptation, the series far surpassed them due to the presence of innovative ideas. You can not even take into account the fact that Sherlock lives in our days. No, it's all about the fine details! For example, in the classics the detective and his companion addressed each other only by their last name, but in the modern interpretation they call them names. Yes, and the series itself is called “Sherlock”, as if by itself is already a difference.

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