Septics "Purges": device, principle of operation, review of popular modifications.

The installation of a septic tank for suburban housing has become as traditional as the installation of a water supply system or the installation of a heating system at home. The demand for sewage treatment plants led to the development of the autonomous sewage market and the emergence of new brands.

One of them is called Septic Purges and functions through anaerobic sewage treatment. Let's try to understand the device and model number of sewage treatment plants.

Device and principle of operation

The design of the device is not much different from other brands: it is a monolithic thick-walled plastic tanks, divided into 2-3 cameras, each of which performs a specific function.

Depending on the performance, the installation may consist of one, two or even three tanks connected in series.

Septic Purge 2500
Appearance of septic system Purges 2500Technical characteristics of the model: tank volume - 2500 l, weight - 160 kg, capacity - 0.85 m³ / day. Designed for home maintenance with a family of 4-5 people.

The main active "weapon" are anaerobic bacteria that develop in the absence of oxygen, that is, in sealed tanks.

In different quantities they are in both chambers: in the first, where primary fermentation and sedimentation takes place, and in the second, which is a biofilter. Filtering provides loading from synthetic fabric "Alga" and polymer fibers such as "Ruff".

Sewage drains pass through several stages of processing, as a result of which they are cleaned by 90-95%. First, they enter the septic tank, where mechanical separation and partial fermentation of waste take place.

Solid elements fall to the bottom and form a sediment, fatty masses float to the surface and turn into a crust. The main part consists of "gray" water, not yet disposed of suspended matter and flowing into the next chamber.

Schematic device septic Purges
Diagram of the device septic Purges. The hermetic tank is divided into two chambers: a septic tank and a biofilter.For maintenance of the chambers, two technical hatches are provided, located in the upper part of the structure (+)

Inside the second chamber, the water is exposed to microflora, which increases the speed of fermentation. Bacteria produce final septic cleaning, suspensions remain on the bottom and filters.

Then the liquid enters the after-treatment in a filter well, a trench or a field where oxygen is present and aerobic microorganisms take over. Thus, the operation of the septic system Purges is built on the same principles as the use of similar anaerobic plants.

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Purges - septic tank of accumulative type
Purges - septic tank of accumulative type
Analogue of the French septic tank brand Sotralentz
Analogue of the French septic tank brand Sotralentz
Storage for summer cottages
Storage for summer cottages
Small sewage treatment plant
Small sewage treatment plant
Modular system assembly principle
Modular system assembly principle
Laying of sewage from the septic tank to unloading
Laying of sewage from the septic tank to unloading
Installation of sewage treatment plant in the pit
Installation of sewage treatment plant in the pit
Pumping drains from the storage tank
Pumping drains from the storage tank

The characteristic qualities of installations "Purges"

The quality of work of the sewage treatment plant is judged both by the manufacturer’s warranty obligations and by user feedback. Consider the estimates of both sides.

The manufacturer highlights the following benefits of the sewage treatment plant:

  • structural strength - containers are made of polyethylene, and thick walls are formed in a seamless way, which guarantees tightness and resistance to external influences;
  • ergonomics - the device of a septic tank is executed by the principle "compactness + maximum functionality + convenience of service";
  • resistance to bulk salvo emissions;
  • the quality of cleaning fluid biofilter - two types of filter material ("Alga" and "Ruff"), as well as an increased volume of loading increase the cleaning efficiency;
  • warranty period of operation - 50 years.

Users quickly appreciated such a plus, as the lack of volatility.

With the anaerobic principle of cleaning, equipment that requires a power supply (for example, a compressor) is not installed, therefore, the device will always work, even in the event of a power outage. The second plus is the low cost of a fully ready to work facility.

Installation of LOW Purges
Installation of LOU also deserved a lot of positive feedback. Relatively light tanks that do not require long and complex preparation,can be installed independently or with the help of professionals. Installation warranty - 3 years

The disadvantages include the need for regular pumping. The frequency depends on the rate of contamination. After each pumping out, the vacated space should be filled with water.

Also a disadvantage is the need to install an additional cleaning device - a well or an infiltrator, but this item applies to most types of VOCs.

Guidelines for selecting a suitable modification

The choice of sewage treatment plant depends on its volume and performance. To prevent users from wasting time on calculations, the manufacturer analyzed important factors - the number of permanent residents and the presence of discharge points for sewage - and made a convenient table.

Purge Model Selection Table
Using the table, according to the number of people and the number of plumbing units connected to the sewage system, you can easily select the desired model. The schematic depiction of modifications makes it easy to determine the design features (for example, the number of tanks) and the volume of containers (it is included in the model names) (+)

How is the choice? Suppose a family of 4 lives in a country cottage.The house has two bathrooms, a kitchen and two toilets. Guests only visit on weekends. Manufacturer's recommendation - Purges-3000. However, if a mother-in-law comes to visit for half a year or there are 2 children in a family - newborn twin babies, it is better to install Purges-4000.

Increased volume is also an additional protection against salvo discharge, and increased intervals between visits of the vacuum trucks.

There are rules and recommendations, according to which it is possible to choose a septic tank without performing super complex calculations:

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Single-chamber septic tank for the country house
Single-chamber septic tank for the country house
Two-chamber treatment plant for the cottage
Two-chamber treatment plant for the cottage
Assembling a three-chamber treatment plant
Assembling a three-chamber treatment plant
Absorption well for waste disposal
Absorption well for waste disposal

Browse popular models

The model range of septic tanks of Purges is made taking into account various requirements of potential buyers. Consider modifications that are in demand and are of interest to a larger number of residents of cottage and summer cottages, in which there is no centralized sewage system.

Purge Ball-1100 - a compact country version

For owners of small summer plots who do not leave their cozy possessions even in the cold season, a model with a volume of 1100 liters is provided. Productivity is 350 l / days.Designed for a family of 1-2 people, with an economical water consumption - of 3-4 people.

The model received the name “Ball” due to the shape of the body. The spherical reservoir made of durable plastic has a diameter of 1.366 m and a height of 1.753 m (with a slightly larger neck). The weight of the tank is only 70 kg (approximately like a washing machine). This means that it is easy to transport and install.

Circuit installation model Ball
The scheme of installation of the model "Ball" with infiltration. Installation features: leveled base, reinforced sprinkling, vent pipe outlet up (to the roof), use of a drainage pump to force fluid into the infiltrator (+)

Instead of a single infiltrator, you can install a pair or dig up a filter well.

Despite the fact that the cleaning process takes place in a compact container, the effluent goes through all stages:

  • settling in the first chamber with the separation of solids and the emergence of fat;
  • organic fermentation and partial clarification;
  • anaerobic processing in a flatbed chamber;
  • tertiary treatment in the well or infiltration.

The last stage is obligatory, since even the presence of a biofilter does not guarantee complete cleaning of sewage.Direct discharge of liquid into the ground will entail pollution that is undesirable for the garden plot.

Set of the model "Ball-1100"
The “Shar-1100” model kit includes a 1100 l polyethylene tank equipped with two connections (inlet and outlet), a filter (housing + loading), a filter holder, a hatch and a cap. Infiltrator must be purchased separately.

If you properly equip the pit and follow all the rules of installation, the septic tank will last at least 50 years. The cost of the model, as well as the volume, is the minimum in the lineup of modifications - 20,280 rubles.

Purges 2000 - the best solution for a small family

Like the Shar model, the 2000 septic tank is used as the main element of the sewage system in country houses and country houses, as well as a temporary solution during the construction of large objects.

Distinctive features of the cleaning plant Purges 2000 are as follows:

  • tank hull shape - cylindrical or cubic;
  • productivity - 800 l / day;
  • weight - 125 kg;
  • two technical hatches;
  • double filtering.

Compared with the "Ball" Purges-2000 has a more complex structure. Due to the increased load, the second chamber is equipped with two types of filters - polymer “ruffs” and fabric strips. Dual wastewater treatment provides more efficient treatment.The thought-out configuration of the hull prevents the structure from being pushed upwards with the possible movement of the ground.

Installation of a septic tank Purges-2000
The length of the septic system of Purges 2000 slightly exceeds the compact “Ball” (1.7 m), and the width (1.1 m) and height (1.65 m) is less than the spherical counterpart. Small dimensions make it easier to transport and install.

The following parts are included in the installation package: a 2000-liter tank with two branch pipes located on opposite sides, two types of filters (body with loading + fabric), one ring (30 cm), a hatch, a filter holder, a plug, a separating membrane. The cost of the device is 34,280 rubles.

This model is suitable for different families, having in its composition from 2 to 6 people. When choosing, you should focus on water consumption and the amount of daily runoff. For example, with the active use of a toilet bowl, a sink and a bath (or shower) the volume is enough for 2-3 users, but if you spend water more economically and use only the toilet bowl and the sink (the dacha variant), then a septic tank will work for 6 people.

Purses-3000 - universal model for the cottage

The manufacturer stated that the septic tank Purges 3000 is capable of serving a family of 5-6 people.The arguments are specifications:

  • working volume - 3000 l;
  • capacity - up to 1200 l / day;
  • weight - 188 kg;
  • dimensions - 2.35 mx 1.3 mx 1.65 m (LxWxH).

Indeed, the structure with a capacity of more than 1000 l / day. It easily processes the waste of a large family, even if all residents of the cottage actively use the toilet, bathtub and shower, regularly washing dishes and washing.

With economical use of water or the inconstant living of some family members, the installation is suitable for serving 10 people. This should be taken into account by the hospitable owners of country houses, within whose walls large groups of friends often gather.

Installation of septic tank Chitok-3000
Purges-3000 weighs more than previous models, so for its transportation and installation it is necessary to order special equipment, and ideally to assign all the responsibilities for installation to representatives of the company that implements septic tanks

It is worth noting that a professional installation dramatically increases the cost of a treatment plant: instead of 45,400 rubles. will have to pay 87 480 rubles. - almost 2 times more.

Together with a 3000 l model, 1 or 2 infiltrators (purchased separately) or filter wells are often installed. The drainage well installation by the company's specialists will increase the total cost by another 15,000 rubles.

Purges-4000 - modification of 2 tanks

The 4000 l purification plant is designed for 6-7 permanently residing people. Large families are not such a frequent phenomenon, therefore these models acquire for servicing 2 houses or one high-grade property, on the territory of which, apart from the cottage, there are buildings requiring sewage connections: a sauna, a summer kitchen, a large garage.

Installing a septic system of Purges-4000
Design scheme and one of the options for the installation of a septic tank Purges-4000: a typical model + an additional biofilter with a drainage pump + two infiltrators (+)

A distinctive feature of the modification is the presence of two tanks instead of one. Thus, the functions of two chambers within a single container divided by a membrane are decomposed into two outwardly identical devices. In the first, sewage sludge is settled, in the second - further sedimentation of the suspension and double filtration.

The use of two tanks leads to an increase in productivity up to 1800 l / day. The length increases to 3.6 m, therefore, requires a large (elongated) pit. Installation cost without installation and additional facilities - 51 740 rubles.

Purges-9000 - maintenance of mini-hotels and sports bases

For completeness of the review of a ruler we will sort technical characteristics of the most volume model - a septic tank of Purges-9000 consisting of three tanks.

The first two tanks are designed for settling drains, the third serves as a biofilter. Installation capacity - 2600 l / day., Length - 7 m, weight - 496 kg.

Complete set of model Purges-9000 of three tanks
Model features: 3 containers (each with a pair of pipes), 3 rings, 3 plugs, 3 hatches, two types of filters - fabric and “ruff” in a special case with a lock

The facility is installed to serve houses in which 16-18 people live permanently. These are small hotels, country sports bases or groups of cottages. The cost of modification is 86,160 rubles., With installation - 176,220 rubles., With three infiltrators - 211,860 rubles., With a drainage well (1000 liters) - 198,000 rubles.

The nuances of installation and operation

Long work and installation operation without repair ensures proper installation. It includes the following steps:

  • earthworks (digging and backfilling the pit);
  • if necessary - the device and alignment of the concrete base;
  • installation and "anchoring" of a septic tank;
  • setup and connection installation.

All actions are carried out independently or enter into a service contract with company representatives. Maintenance is expensive, but guarantees professional installation of equipment, cleaning and removal of solid waste for 3 years.

Self-care is the regular cleaning of sludge, which eventually accumulates on the bottom and walls of the tanks. It is recommended to leave about 20% of activated sludge so that microorganisms multiply faster and fully process organic matter. If for some reason the bacteria die (chlorine), it is possible to use bioactivators for the septic tank.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What different septic tank modifications might look like:

The biofilter in a section and thickness of walls of the case:

Thus, all models of Purges are designed to clean sewage within the autonomous sewer. Due to the production material - high-strength polyethylene - the plants operate successfully in various regions of Russia, even in the winter season.

The model range consists of a dozen modifications, differing in design and performance, so it is easy to choose a suitable septic tank.

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