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Not so long ago a screwdriver could have beenmeet only in the arsenal of a professional, today this universal tool is purchased by home masters to unscrew and tighten screws, bolts, and also screws. With this tool, you can drill holes in almost any surface. However, before making a purchase, you need to decide what type of screwdriver you need.

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Screwdriver Hammer

In the store you can find household,semi-professional and professional models. In the first case we are talking about an instrument with which you can untwist or tighten fasteners, assemble furniture, hang a picture or change the lock. Such equipment is designed for not too frequent use. The torque in this case varies from 10 to 15 Nm. But as for professional models, with their help you can not only twist or unscrew, but also drill fairly hard surfaces. This device can be used quite often, but the torque in them reaches a mark of 130 Nm.

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Screwdriver Hummer reviews

It is also important to determine the manufacturer,for example, screwdriver "Hammer" is quite popular, because this product has proven itself from the positive side. If you also decided to choose the products of this company, then you should get acquainted with the reviews, because it is from them you can understand what version of the screwdriver to purchase.

Reviews of the model ACD120C PREMIUM

18 Volt Hammer Screwdriver

Drill-screwdriver "Hammer" costs 5000 rubles., the battery has a voltage of 12 V. It should be borne in mind that this parameter in different models can vary from 1.2 to 36 V. With regard to voltage, you can judge how productive the tool will be, how power is judged about tools that eat from the network. The higher the voltage, the more impressive the device will have.

The maximum value of this parameter isthe rule is for cordless screwdrivers. However, it must be taken into account that the voltage is not a constant value, it reaches a peak after charging the battery and falls to a point where the inclusion is no longer possible. According to buyers, the voltage may decrease when the instrument is stored.

The described Hurmer screwdriver achievesof the maximum torque of 30 Nm. This is the amount of screwdriver force. The higher this parameter is, the more work you can do with the tool. Consumers especially note that it is important to pay attention also to the battery capacity, which in the model described is 1.5 Ah. This parameter characterizes the accumulation of energy by the device. On it you can judge how long it is possible to use the unit. We can say that there are limits of indicators, they vary within the limits of 1.1 to 3 Ah. If you have a tool with a high-capacity battery, the duration time will be increased, which, according to the buyers, is very convenient when you are removed from the power source.

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drill screwdriver hummer

Large capacity is recommended for intensiveuse of the tool. If the value is small, it will take quite a lot of recharging, which can lead to deterioration of the battery and the appearance of a memory effect.

Consumers are also advised not to choose a tool with a battery of too high capacity, because in this case the dimensions and weight of the device will be impressive.

Additional feedback on the operational features of the model

screwdriver hammer 12 volt

The above-described Hammer screwdriver (12 volts)works due to the NiCd-battery, which is bundled two. Turnovers can range from 0 to 350 or from 0 to 1200 per minute. The maximum speed is 1200 minutes. Consumers like that this model is able to perform the functions of not only a screwdriver, but also a drill, among other things, the device has a quick-action chuck. The diameter of the latter is 10 mm. Consumers note that the described Hammer Screwdriver has many additional advantages, among which there should be a rather impressive diameter of drilling of wood, this value is 20 mm. There is a regulation of the number of revolutions, as well as an engine brake. The device weighs only 1.5 kg, which does not burden the operator's hands. Consumers note that the equipment is delivered in the case, which is very convenient for this device.

Reviews of the model ACD182Li

screwdriver accumulator Hummer

The above-mentioned screwdriver "Hammer" (18 volts)worth 5500 rubles. The battery voltage is 18 V, but the maximum torque is 24 Nm. Battery capacity is 1.3 Ah, which, according to customers, is a good indicator. Consumers especially note also the number of revolutions per minute, it can vary from 0 to 400 and from 0 to 1200. The number of revolutions is a value that reflects the maximum possible number of shafts per minute. If this indicator is quite impressive, then the tool will better cope with drilling operations. But often the maximum number of revolutions is proportional to the power capabilities. Consumers are advised to consider this before purchasing equipment. The kit includes a quick-action chuck with a diameter of 10 mm, a twisting force of 16 positions.

In the metal with this tool, youcan drill 8-mm holes. As for wood, this value will be equal to 23 mm. The time of full charge, according to the buyers, is 3 hours, which is not always convenient. However, after this the Hammer Screwdriver will be ready for use. The weight of the device is 1.6 kg, but this feature is not the only one. Among the additional pluses, home masters note the presence of a reverse, electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions, as well as illumination of the working area.

Reviews about screwdriver brand ACD142Li

For yourself, you can also choose a screwdriver"Hammer", reviews about it, however, it is recommended to read it before going to the store. For example, the above model will cost the customer 5000 rubles. The battery voltage in this case is 14.4 V, but the maximum torque reaches a value of 20 Nm. Screwdriver accumulator "Hammer" has unique characteristics, according to consumers. Among them, one can distinguish the presence of a quick-action chuck, whose diameter is 10 mm. Buyers also note a rather long warranty from the manufacturer, which is 36 months, as well as impressive parameters when drilling. For example, wood and metal can be drilled with this equipment by making holes of 19 and 8 mm, respectively.

This screwdriver "Hammer", reviews about whichonly the most positive, has two or more mechanical speeds, it has an engine brake, reverse, electronic speed control and illumination of the working area. In addition, it can be noted that the weight of the device is only 1.4 kg.

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